Thursday, August 13, 2009

Raw Food Diet, Day 565- My Scribe Has Been a Naughty Bean

My apologies for the delay in responding to emails and the long gaps between my own postings. My folks have been battling this evil beast named Wedding Planning and they've been drowning in TO DO lists. I don't know why I'm not on that list! Sure, I've been getting morning fast hunts and romps at the park, but my creative outlet - my blog - has lost its rank as these days go by. Mom keeps promising me it will get better. I don't believe her! However, I could possibly be persuaded with a steak or two... rare, please.

I've been keeping up with everyone, but forgive me if I haven't been able to comment. I can't seem to get these dewclaws to function properly on this wee laptop keyboard. I need a BEAST MACHINE! Can we register for one of those? PLEASE DAD??!!

Things should be returning to normal very, very soon. And by "normal" I mean that my bro and I will be back to our slightly bonkers, wild and beastly blogging selves. I guess that is anything BUT normal. Until then I'll be perfecting my best Droopy Sad Man Face to coerce my people into feeding me whatever I want, whenever I want. Guilt can work wonders, folks. I'm gonna milk this for as long as I can!

Mmmm... milk.

Time to finagle a behind-the-ear neck skritch,


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I guess woo have to believe 'em BUT we'll be your witnesses!

They said it will get better!

I guess we'll give 'em a wee bit of time!

I hope woo two handsome boys are well!


Maggie and Mitch said...

We understand all about weddings and preparations and going bonkers!
We miss you guys but we do understand! You are in the wedding pawty, right?!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Guilt is known to be a powerful motivator!

Bae Bae said...

Oh I hope you get lots of treats too

~ Bae

Joe Stains said...

cleary if you are left off the 'to do' list you need to be compensated with MEAT!

Mack said...

I know PR has her "Poor me" sad face down to an art!

BTW, she says she misses you...

Fenway said...

It's time to make your own To Do Lists, Stan & Pupi!
• Feast
• Thrash
• Feast
• Shred
• Feast
• Speed hunt tree rats
• Weeble & Pooble
• Feast
• Wrastle
• Feast
• Chase
• Feast

Your pal,

Eric said...

Well that stinks pals. Especially as you don't feature in the to do's . Though I'm guessing you two will be the guests of honour at the Wedding Feast no???

Wiry wags n kissies Eric xxxx

betty in nc said...

When is this big event called a Wedding??? We weren't around when our parents went through the planning stages but my older, and much wiser Katie was and the stories she was enough to make your hair stand on end!! She's gone on to the Bridge but I still remember her telling me about the endless arrival of the evil man in Brown who drove the big brown truck! Makes me want to tear up something just thinking about it.
Good luck! Milk it for all it's worth! Guilt is an amazing tool...
Love & treats!

andrahyb said...

Looks like we're all on the same boat dude. But unlike you dawgs, we aren't battling wedding mon-sters, we're shifting homes! Oh well, in any sense, milk while you can!!! These golden pawpawtunites don't come by always!

Biggie-Z said...

I like Fenway's to-do list. This is a good thing to do while your humans are gone. Maybe with a few more weebles and poobles and maybe some fart-bles too. I have a feeling that you've been quiet for a while because your humans are having some honey-moo? which is right in line with milking it (with honey) for all it's worth.

I wasn't around for the humans Wedding Planning but my Uncle Boo sends this message from Beyond the Bridge: At least they didn't get all crazy and talk about making silk flower collars and have you walking down the aisle with them! Momma didn't actually do that in the end but the toyed with the idea for a while until she came to her senses. But not before she made us a silk flower collar and made us wear it around the house. Be thankful for what you got away with, dudes.

Momma tells me that she was trying to make a headpiece for herself and it didn't come out so good and that's what the "flower collar" was. I'm not sure I believe her - I think it's one of those lies that Moms tell, like, "no there really are no monsters under your bed or in the closet" Alls I can say is:

1) I'm thankful I don't have any Wedding Planning in my future; and
2) Your "Hi, Ate Us" might give me some time to catch up on your bloggie!

Cheers and congrats, Biggie

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Stan! The main man! How's it hanging my beastly friend?? Long time no woofs.....but our pooter is all better now so we're playing the crazy catch up game (which is fun!)
We totally understand about the "busy human disease" too....ours has bouts of it, even this week when we've only just got our bloggy back.....hmmpph...not fair is it? But you're right about the guilt thing....lay it on thick man, it's all you can do!
Have a behind the ears neck scritch for us....and a belly rub for Big Pupi too...we missed you guys! Hope you're back to normal feastly reporting soon :o)
Slobbers xx

Heather and Walter said...

The big question is, will there be a raw meat buffet for you at this 'wedding" thing everyone is talking about? and how about a front row seat, if not actually walking down the aisle too? come on, you're family!