Saturday, July 11, 2009

Raw Food Diet, Day 532- Ouch x 10

Big Pupi has a few boo-boos:

- about 10 boo-boos to be exact. I was being all Good Boy and stuff at the vet on Thursday, and despite my manners and mellow attitude my doctor shoved a needle into my bum and I got totally woozely and wobbly and I DID NOT like it! Everything was kind of a blur from then on, but I can vaguely remember small needles going into me all over my body, some crazy machine thing that burned away my tumors and cauterized the area, and a set of those buzzy things that stole my fur in random patches all over my body. I couldn't even protest!

By the time mom came to get me I was still all wackadoo on sedatives and I kept BEGGING her to carry me. I've NEVER done that before! She said I sat all crooked in the car on the way home and despite the fact that I was crazy sleepy and couldn't really keep my balance, I INSISTED on sitting up so that I could see out the windows. I hate missing out on anything good. And I super-duper love car rides!

When we got home, mom plopped me in my crate then left to run some errands with Stanislaw in tow. I snoozeled hard, and by the time they returned I was a little more with it and totally queasy feeling and full of ouches from my head to my tail. I refused food and water until late that night. So unlike me!

Instead of taking only the 3 trouble-causing tumors, my doctor took them ALL from all over my body... even the one growing INSIDE my ear!! Each of those mean tumor guys was burnt off easily, except for the one on my shoulder. I hate that one the most! He's the whole reason this happened to me. That meany tumor-butt got infected and healed improperly, creating a spot that bled all the time and oozed all day long. Because he was attached to a blood supply, the vet had to go in super deep to make him go away. She applied liquid skin to the area to seal it up, and it was all neat and tidy and looking wonderful.

But then something happened, and I found myself in this:
Turns out that using your hind legs to go at an incision isn't the best idea. Late that night, I went to TOWN with the scratchies and tore the liquid skin right out of there leaving what looks like a bullet hole. Mom spent forever that night stopping the bleeding, and cleaning up the clear oozing mess that kept leaking from it. It was angry and irritated, but seemed to be cooperating and my wound sealed itself up. Mom put some sterile dressings on it and wrapped it all up in a thick cotton bandage to keep my teeth and claws away.

Once it was all clean and under control, we went to bed... with me in the human crate!!! IT WAS AWESOME!! I wedged myself in between mom and dad so tightly and buried myself under the covers. I kicked them the whole night through and shoved my back against mom's belly so hard she could barely breath. Despite their constant checks on me during the night, I had the BEST sleepies of my life! Now I know what I'm missing when I'm exiled to my stinky crate. No fair!

Anyway, a day has gone by since my shoulder fiasco, and I heard something about me going back to the Place of Tile and Steel this afternoon. I guess the incision that I destroyed was healing up quickly and beautifully, but it started looking a tad oozy this morning so my people want the vet to make sure all is as it should be. ICK! I totally don't want to go! What if they make me all drunk and woozely again? I hated that! It was so embarrassing.

Otherwise, the rest of my removal sites are healing at lightening speed. Here's the one from my bum:
That's what all of the removals but my shoulder one look like. The fur growing around it is a tad itchy, but otherwise I'm acting like nothing happened. In fact, I've even been taken off the painkillers as of this morning because I don't seem to be in any discomfort whatsoever. Now my folks are having a tough time stopping be from wrastling with Stanislaw and thrashing on my toys. HA! I'm a wild beast!

So... wish me luck again at the Place of Tile and Steel. Hopefully my shoulder incision (we'll avoid posting any photos of that one!) is doing well and I can continue on my merry way. My folks say that I'm a super good healer, and if I hadn't damaged that big one I would probably be as good as new in just a few days. Poo! Now I'm regretting that shoulder itch-fest. What was I thinking??! Now I'm stuck being a bandaged-up boy.

I miss thrashing.
Big Pupi


Just got back from the Place of Tile and Steel. Turns out that I did a number on my shoulder, and not only tore the liquid skin sealant out of there but also made a pocket under about a 1/4 inch of skin as well. I'm now on a course of antibiotics for it and what's worse... I'm stuck wearing my Big Pupi t-shirt to keep the area clean. Also, to add insult to injury, it turns out that I have an eye infection. The sedative made me snoozel with my eyes open and the dryness allowed some germy monsters to take hold. Not fair! I had no control over that one! Grrrr....

The doc says that I'll be totally fine. The rest of my incisions are looking fabulous, and the naughty one on my shoulder will take a while but it should heal up as well. As for the eye infection... within 24 hours my body pretty much had it beat, but just to be on the safe side I'll be on ointment for that too. It's all so stinky!

Did I mention that my vet put some neon green stuff in my eye to check for a scratch on my cornea (there wasn't one) and the bright green liquid DRIPPED OUT MY NOSE??!!! She said that was NORMAL!


I need a nap.


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I'm glad woo got to sleep in the khomfy human khrate!

I like to sleep there but ONLY when the human isn't in it too!

I'll khross my paws and such fur all your boobooouchers to heal up okay fur woo!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Big Pupi!
Be a good boy and you will be like new in no time!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Mack said...

Wow you got to sleep on the human crate!??
That is pawsome!

Good luck with your big boo-boo, and be sure and don't mess with it anymore cause you don't wanna be a lampshade head!

Hero said...

I'm so glad that everything went well at the place of tile and steel. I hope you recover quickly and don't worry about wearing the t-shirt. I think it makes you look super stylish.

Was Stan insanely jealous that you got to sleep in the human crate?

Eric said...

Hey Big Puppi.My gob is smackered- you got to sleep IN the leggeds crate???? Yeah???. Boy oh boy that was worth your scratching number even if you did go back to the tile and steel. But beter not do it again might not work another time. Wagging you are healing well and Stan is doing good and not needing more medication. In fact i'm so happy for you both I might do my happy jig - want to join me?

Wiry wags n kissies, Eric xx

Maggie and Mitch said...

How awesome that you got to sleep with mom and dad, Big Pupi! We're sending you lots of AireZen! Heal up quickly so you can ditch the shirt, even thought it looks pretty cute on you!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Joe Stains said...

wow, when you are all done you are going to get SO MANY BABES telling them you got shot with that bullet hole scar! You are going to have them lined up around the block!!

the 4 Bs said...

oh Big Pupi, you have been through some TRAUMA! you poor little fellow. we hope you get to sleep in the big human crate ALL THE TIME now.

you look kind of cool with your bandages on and we think that is stylish. Benson used to wear a t-shirt when he had his shoulder surgery and he liked it!

that's so cool about that green eye stuff dripping out of your nose! we've had that eye stuff too, but it never dripped out of our noses. pawsome!

we're gonna rev up some of our B-power to get you better real fast, okay?


River said...

We have been so out of it lately that we didn't know all this was going on! I'm so glad to hear you will be okay. It's tough not to scratch something when it's healing because it gets real itchy. Stay cool and rest a lot--with your eyes closed!

love & wags,

betty in nc said...

So glad to hear that you are feeling better!! Although maybe to be on the safe side you should sleep on the human crate for a little while longer...just so they can keep an eye on you. :)

We would like to see a picture of you in your handsome Big Pupi T-shirt!

Petra said...

You have been through quite an ordeal, Big Pupi. I'm so glad you are home and feeling better, and I'm praying that you will heal quickly. Maybe you can sleep in that human crate for a few more nights? Weeks? Months?!

Stanley said...


Now, I'd like to see a video of you getting green drops in your eye and then blowing htem out your nose. That would be fantoobulous!

Glad the ouchies are healing and not too itchy, and that your mama & dad took you back to the vet to make sure everything was okay. Tell Stan I'm also glad to hear that the melatonin seems to be doing something for him. He deserves as many good boy walks as he can take!

Give your mama a big juicy congratulatory goober smooch for landing the new job! Hope she likes it.

Goober love & smooches,

Fenway said...

Oh, dear, BP....

Could it be possible? I had one of those sebaceous cysts growing out of my neck when I was a mere 6 month old strapline. Same as you, it got all icky and bullet-hole looking and I had to go have a chunk of me taken away (see my post on March 26, 2008 for the hideous aftermath). Do you think these things are catching? Did I spread it to you over cyberspace????

The BP tee-shirt and/or bandage is way better than my fate. My vet sent me off looking like a satellite dish. (Again, see the pics) I was mistaken for an Elizabethan courtier or a conehead!

Good healing to ya, dude. Go with the flow and your hide will get tidied up in no time!

All the best,

Agatha and Archie said...

Whew...that was a lot....We agree with Joey tell everyone it is a bullet hole..what a chick magnet you will be!! Glad you are feeling better..Love A+A

Biggie-Z said...

Yikes, BP! I'm just back from camp dealing with my own yucky bum issues, and catching up on your adventures, only to find out that they are some rather unpleasant ones! What happened to all the meaty feasting? Have our humans gone insane?

hope you are feeling better soon.