Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Raw Food Diet, Day 550- Because 3 is 21 in Dog Years

DUDES! Apparently it was my birthday on Sunday and I had NO IDEA because I don't have a calendar and I can't write! It was total awesomeness!

First, dad said that since I'm 3 and therefore 21 in dog years, I can legally purchase "special beverages" in the stores that sell feasting materials. He told me that there's this totally wacky right of passage for many American frat boys and since I'm a party animal I should experience it. So, dad gave me this this empty aluminum beer bottle~~and then he made me sit next to it for pictures. I was all like WHAT? What's so fun about this? Why do super crazy college boys like these things so much? Big Pupi decided that since he made it through all 4 years of college and never heard of such a tradition, he needed to investigate.
He checked inside for meat and found none. He said it smelled an awful lot like this place that's a short jog from home. It plays annoying music and always has the door open. He couldn't tell me what went on in that place because it's so dark inside, but he said it stunk like this beer bottle mixed with bad cologne. Humans are SO WEIRD!

I tried to tell my people that in MY world there's a tradition that on a dog's third birthday he gets to feast on roasted squirrel butt. Since my rather dense humans don't speak Stanislaw I had to do a little interpretive dance for them to explain the situation. They still didn't seem to get it. DUH! Didn't they get that on their third birthdays? Shouldn't they KNOW???

I did get to feast on some vanilla ice cream and dad and me played lots and lots with my favoritest squirrel log stuffy. That was SO AWESOME! (Here's a photo of my dorkus bro with the funnest toy in the WholeWideWorld:)
Dad holds the log and I shove my face into the holes and yank out one of those little squirrel nerds. Then I thrash the poobles out of it and go high-stepping into the office for some more quality thrashing and a few paw pounds and some manly prancing. Then I zip back to dad and YANK!!! Another squirrel is ready for the shaking of a lifetime. Once all the squirrels have been emancipated, I stare at dad until he goes to the office and puts it all back together. I LOVE THIS GAME!!

Speaking of games, mom ordered Big Pupi and me puzzle toys for our birthdays (BP's big day is August 8). My bro got this crazy cool tornado treat toy:
It has 3 layers each with 4 treat compartments. It spins and has white bone "locks" that increase the difficulty-ness. It is one of Nina Ottosson's "Advanced" level toys and it took Pupi all of 3 minutes to empty on his FIRST TRY - WITH the locks in place! Mom didn't even show him how it worked!
That blue treat dispensing puzzle in the background was my puzzle birthday toy present. I hate it. I barked at it for while and it did nothing, so I left to take a nap. Face it folks - I only like toys when they're attached to my dad. Otherwise I couldn't be less interested. So that means dad has to be home all the time to play with me. How's that for a birthday wish!

Paws crossed for next year,
Stanislaw da Birthday Manislaw


Tadpole said...

Oh Stan....

"I barked at it for while and it did nothing, so I left to take a nap."

That is why I love you so much. You may be my summer bromance....

And by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and your brother!!!

Niamh said...

Happy Beastly Birthday Stanislaw!

Now that you are 3 does that mean that you get to stay out late at the dog park? Glad you got some ice cream - those aluminum cans don't look that tasty. I have to get that squirrel toy. It looks great.

Your friend,

Lorenza said...

Happy Birthday, Stan!
Kisses and hugs

Hero said...

Happy Birthday, Stan! Hmmmmmm... that beer bottle thing is a strange tradition. Over where I live there is no legal drinking age so I don't think I'll have to do the same thing on my 3rd barkday. Big Pupi's birthday is coming up real soon. Maybe the two of you can have roasted squirrel butt then.

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Happy Birthday, Stan! Your toy sounds really fun! I love mushing squishy toys too! Mom likes the idea of puzzle toys, but I don't think we can find them here in Malaysia...oh well, at least I don't have to think so much to get treats right? *wink* BP is sure good at the puzzles!


Scout 'n Freyja said...

What a wonderful birthday you had! Our momma said to tell you that she's well over 21 and she never did like the smell of that stuff ta drink. But, your new toys are really cool☺

Maggie and Mitch said...

Happy birthday, Stan! Those stuffie squirrels in their log looks like lots of fun!
We're glad to hear that you got ice cream!
Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

parlance said...

Happy birthday, Stan. Penny loves her Tornado, so I think you will get to liking it also. She only plays with it when her people are around, because she sometimes needs help staying cool when it's hard to solve, so I guess you'll be doing the same.

Ludo van Doggy said...

Happy birthday dude! Glad you had a pawsome day!!
Yeah, I dunt get it. Mum says it 18 over here anyway. I much prefer the squirrel toy, I gots one like that the other day.

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Happy Barkday!
Happy Birfday!!
Happy Birthday!!!

Skhwirrels and Suds!

Perfekht together!


Paris Rain said...

We hope you had the bestest birthday ever!

Eric said...

Happy Birthday Stan. Looks like you had the bestest time apart from no roasted squirrel butt. I love all those puzzle toys too. Get half my breakfast in the wobbler everyday. Guess it might be kind of hard for your Mom to stuff a porkie chop in there though!!

Wiry wags n kisses Eric xx

Joe Stains said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I sure wish I could have a cool log stuffed with squirrels but Tanner would just shred them all. We have heard about that beer stuff, our Dad seems to like it. Anyway, I hope your wish for next year comes true buddy.

the 4 Bs said...

it sounds like you had a pretty good birthday, Stanislaw! happy happy!!! bark bark!!!! that squirrel toy sounds like a lot of fun. your dad is really good to play it with you. that beer can thing is silly though. humans have strange ideas sometimes.


betty in nc said...

Happy birthday Stan!! My Mom says you are a lucky dog to be drinking a Miller Lite...she said something about thanks for supporting us. I think my Mom works there because she's always bringing that stuff home and even though we don't drink it we know that it pays for our kibble. So she was extra glad to see it so nicely displayed on your birthday blog!!
Too bad you don't live closer or I'm sure my Mom would give your parents lots of that stuff.
Hope you had a great birthday!!! We are still using the yogurt like you suggested and it is really helping with our mouth staining!

Coco - The Princess said...

Happy Birthday Stan!

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess

C.l.o.v.e.r. said...

Happy belated birthday, Stan!! You are SO cute! And guess what? We have the SAME favourite toy!! I loooove my squirrel toy and my dad and I play with it together a lot. I like when he stuffs extra toys in there, then I spend time pulling them all out and then he stuffs them all back in again!
P.S. I had the same birthday wish as you too! Actually, it is my every day wish.