Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Raw Food Diet, Day ? (We're seriously off track)

So, at some point our counting went completely bananas because January 30th was our 2-year anniversary of feasting on raw meatables. Seriously... get with the program MOM!! Even I can add better than you. Check it:

1 goat
+ 2 rabbits
+ 7 oz. green tripe
+ 1.5 chickens cut into quarters
1 majorly delicious feast fit for a Stanislaw

See? My IQ is 234,003. My friend at the bark park has his PhD and he gave me the test, so I KNOW that number is correct. Don't even try to argue, mom. Your IQ is 7. My friend told me that too.

Anyways, we're sorry for being so absent lately. My humans are so busy with work and school and making sure there's cheese money for my feasts that there just hasn't been much time. But don't fret, I am still a spoiled beast and have been kept in fleece blankies and tasty chewies. I'm really good at not letting stress get to me...

...unless mom appears with the buzzy beard-stealing machine. In the cruelest of cruel acts she removed my manliness. I mean, C'MON!! She said something about "stink" and "matts" and I assured her that I don't give a flying poople about those things if it means I have to end up looking like this:Horrors! Do you see the crazy frowny face I've got going on? But I do enjoy giving my bro a hard time about his shaved dorkiness. I can't even believe that one dog could possess such a high degree of dork!

I mean, my bro is so nerdy he's all about being Good Boy. He even passed his 2010 therapy dog certification test with 152 out of 150 points. Yes, you read that right. He knows so many tricks that he got 2 extra points for it. And mom didn't even have time to study with him! He just did it all and was all about feasting on cheesy bits. I don't get it. To top it off, he was welcomed into a second therapy program that has a 1.5 year waiting list... and he got right in. WHAT GIVES? I'm a fun dude and like to play with kids. You just jump all over them and lick their faces, right? I CAN DO THAT!!! I'm really GOOD at that!!!

We haven't been totally out of the loop and with much excitement we threw our hats into the ring for our first year of Mango Minster. It's totally awesome. I'm in for the Sporty category because that's where the beasts belong and Big Pupi is up for Working because that's where the dorky Good Boy dogs go. WHATEVER! Please vote for us! We're in for some major competition with the other canines in our groups.

'Tis all for now, my beastly friends. Stay toasty, which I would do if mom didn't take all my manly furs. It's time for a dude-like prancing in protest.



Fenway said...

I'm herding myself right on over to the voting booth to paw out my choice votes for you guys.

Hey, that looks like a total Mini Me laying beside BP...I mean, that's enough fur to manage a whole 'nother dog.

Oh and about snow...Yeah, it's a totally convenient phenomenon. I run, play, get thirsty and dip my flews into the cool snow. I call it being One With The White Stuff.

Later dudes..

Dog Foster Mom said...

Oh Stanislaw, you and your brother are so CUTE all groomed!! I know, I know, I'm sorry... but its true.

Wild Dingo said...

Raw rules. it's like christmas every day with it!

Niamh said...

We like your math Stan! But we are sorry about the dog grooming torture implements that were applied to your handsome self. Congrats to your bro on his therapy dog re-certification. He is doing a great job.

Your friends,
Niamh & Ambrose

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I bet he even drove himself to the test point?

Welkhome bakhk woo handsome dudes!

Nice starter kits woo got there!


Schwang said...

Oh, this is so great to see. We've been experimenting with "chubs" raw food and we're thinking about more variety in their diets. It will be good to see what you do. Are you in Chicago also?

kissa-bull said...

oh you cute beasts
we mished you so
good luck in the mango minster contest we are in the bad sport and terrier group
pibble sugars
the houston pittie pack

Finni said...

Yes, I see the crazy frowny face of yours Stanislaw, in fact looking at you is like looking in the mirror because today my mum did exactly the same thing to me ... and it's her first time EVER!
Headrubs from your brother in torture
Finni xx

Fenway said...


Would you accept the post as my Official Mango Minster Campaign Manager? I need someone in the trenches, close to the action.

And please, don't say a word to BP. I just don't think he has the stones for politcs. I need someone who is hard boiled, clever and knows how to break the rules. I know you technically don't have stones either, but you have yarbles. And that means a lot.

Up for the challenge? Ms. Alpha wants me to get that portrait real bad. I've got the perfect setting, too. Right over the mantle. They can just toss out that flat screen and gaze at my lusciousness instead.

Ready to join me in some back room dealing?

Your pal,

Maggie and Mitch said...

Wow! Congratulations to Big Pupi! He's really moving up in the world! Good for him!
Good luck at MangoMinster!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

C.l.o.v.e.r. said...

Hi guys!
You look pawesome with your haircuts!! Stan - you are soooo smart - that is a high IQ. :)
p.s. my word verification is "plumper" ... haha