Thursday, September 25, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 240- Sit Boo Boo Sit

I'm kind of a tired boy this morning because I went on a solo walk with mom. We trained all the way down to the bark park and since I was such a Good Boy I was allowed to stick around and play with my Border Collie buddies. While at the park I only went through my obsessive behaviors 2 times... plus a half of a third time but I was able to be distracted from that one.

The bark park is right next to a commuter train line, and the sound of trains going by is a definite trigger for me. Whenever a train pulls into the station I run a trail around the park's fence and then end amongst a bunch of pots screaming my head off. It's always the same thing in the same order, starting from the same spot and ending with the same screaming pattern. If for some reason I'm not able to run my loop, I'll stare off into the bushes and shriek.

Today, however, was a very good day for me. Mom says that I had my demons under control for this outing. I heeled well and Sat Like Good Boy for treats and wound up feasting on a seriously big bag of tasties and STILL got breakfast when I returned home. Delicious! My folks said I earned it after all those good games of chase with my canine companions.

So now my tummy is full, my body is stinky, and my muscles are tired. It's mentally exhausting for a wee pup to be Have on such a long walk! I even saw a squirrel and continued to heel! I should get a second breakfeast just for that act of Good Boyness alone.

Stanislaw: 1, Demons: 0 (counter starts fresh today).

Your man,



Big Pupi with the 'hawk update:

Pretty sweet, huh? This bad boy grows like a weed! And if you look closely at the photo you'll see that my stuffy goose even admires my 'do!

Well, folks - I started my therapy dog class this week and it was SO MUCH FUN. I totally dig hanging out with a group of pups and their people and earning my tasty treats. We practiced walking on a loose leash, being handled by strangers, and Down-Stay while strange people walked by and reached out to pet me. The first time I hopped up to get a proper pet and greeting from these nice humans, but I figured out pretty quickly that I was to stay put. I did my Sit Stay like a champ while mom walked away from me and learned the command "Go Visit" so I know which humans to steal belly rubs from. I'm telling you... this therapy dog thing is a pretty sweet gig.

If I dare say... I was the best dog in class! In fact, the instructor called me the "Balanced Dog" and used me to teach other pups how to be Have. I had to sit calmly and focus on mom while a big bouncy puppy thrashing about on the floor and learned to also Sit Stay even with another dog (me) nearby. I greeted shy puppies and took treats nicely from hands. I was a little too pumped at the start of class and had some trouble concentrating for the first 5 minutes or so, but even with all that excitement I didn't do a pooble inside! I amaze myself sometimes.

Class is once every 2 weeks, and the next one is all about individual tricks. Mom is getting me a hula hoop so I can put my Agility Skillz to work on a small scale. I think that the kids will like that trick, don't you? Oh... and the mohawk. They've got to like the mohawk.

I got Have, yo.

Big Pupi


Fenway said...

Of course I'm of the opinion that the border collies had a positive influence on you. Of course I'm biased.

I could use some of your balance. What is the path to Calm? Can this be learned? Oh, and I need some Have. When are you coming to Washington, DC? We need to talk.

Your pal,

Hero said...

Congrats on "be having" so well this morning, Stan. I'm so glad to hear that you're starting to nip those demons in the butt.

Big Pupi, I bet that mohawk of yours will make you the most popular pup with the patients. I know it's difficult for hoomans to resist playing with it.

I'm slowly learning to tolerate my snood. Mom thinks my problem is that I'm not at all food motivated so associating the snood with food isn't all that exciting for me. Maybe cheese might work, but I don't think my mom would let me have cheese everytime she puts that thing on me. If the snood was matched up with my tennis ball or garden hoses then I'd probably think better of it.

Clover said...

Stan! Congrats on being such a good boy! I am proud of you, and glad you got lots of treats.

Pupi - your class sounds so pawesome! I wish I could be in your class with you! Hope it continues to go well. :)

Love Clover xo

Sen and Tom said...

Hi Stansilaw! It sounds like you had quite a morning!

Pupi - we love that Mohawk!

Tom (and Sen-Chan too!)

Niamh said...

What a great training session you had with your mom, Stanislaw. More training, more treats!

Big Pupi - I'm so glad that you are enjoying your Therapy Dog class. And you are the star! Well of course you would be with your mohawk. I like doing tricks with the hula hoop too. I'm learning to run out to it, when it is lying on the floor, and do a spin inside it. The kids will love to see you jump through it.

Your friend,

Mack said...

Mom wants to know if she can trade you Paris for Big Pupi....

Joe Stains said...

Dang sounds like a good day to me, I wish there was something cool by our dog park, but there is nothing fun around.

the 4 Bs said...

hi kiddos, life is interesting with you guys. Stanislaw - we're proud of you buddy, for getting that OCD behavior under control and for not chasing a squirrel when you are in a heel. dude, that takes some serious concentration. good on ya'.

and Big Pupi, we're happy that you are doing so well in your class and you like it. you're a smart guy and we love your hair!


Charlie Daniels said...

G'day Stan

I reckon if you bark loud enough the train will just vanish .. keep trying!

Good job with the squirrel .. you should report that one to Rusty!



Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Hi Stan!

Sorry this is so late, but it's so cool that you got to go on a long walk with your Mom and got to enjoy loads of treats! Mom says I need to work on my be Have too...since she was gone for a week, I have not done any training, and I am back to losing my focus on her. eep!

Congrats to Big Pupi on his lessons! They sound really cool,and he's doing so AWESOME in it! Can't wait to hear what tricks he will be doing in his next class...*wink*