Monday, December 8, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 315- Keeping Toasty

Big Pupi is warming his little bum:

Heya folks! It's the Pupmeister here trying to keep warm in chilly Chi-town. Despite the negative degree wind chills that have been blowing through, mom has been trying to get Stanislaw and me out for some booty-movin' exercise. The key word there was "trying." It's not easy to get yourself outside for a romp when your schnozzle freezes before you can sniff out a good weeble spot! We got a few inches of snow a few days ago which has since turned into piles of wet, salty, melty-chemical-laden paw-ouchies. No good. StanMan and I have been walked separately because we usually need to be carried home thanks to severe cases of ice-paw and wet bellies. It's a massive pain when it's freezing cold outside but the sidewalk salt turns all the ice to water, which soaks our legs and bellies and then we're just too cold to continue. Our folks are yet to find a good solution to this, so if anyone has any ideas please pass them along! We can't seem to keep ourselves DRY and WARM. Even our coats get soaked through.

Since there's been some major down-time, and since our folks just couldn't keep holiday treats from us any longer, Stanislaw and I got some of our presents a little early. I got a totally sweet new SingingChristmasTreeMouseToy, only it's not a mouse... it's a deer that sings "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer." It's totally confusing to me. My mouse sings "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" and I like that waaaaaaay better. I've been trying to thrash SingingChristmasTreeReindeerToy to his senses but he just won't change his song. Stubborn dude. Despite his blatant lack of intelligence, I find him rather enjoyable to nibble and roll on top of.
Stanislaw got a rattle and squeak Christmas Octopus with nice long legs that are good for tug games with the humans. Aside for a few abusive swings about, Stan lost interest in his new toy and planned only to resume play once there was a human stuck to the other end of it. He made tantalizing eyes at the camera, hoping to seduce mom into a good thrash-about game.
So that's how we've been keeping occupied at home. We've also been getting our usual breakfast yogurt servings frozen into our treat puzzle toys to keep us quiet in the mornings while mom is working. We suck that yogurt out of those toys in about 30 seconds and we're bouncing off the walls again. Humans just don't get it. I don't want puzzles I need exercise!

When we do get to go outside, we've been bundling up in our toasty fleece-lined coats. Since Stanislaw has outgrown all of his winter clothing from last year, mom had to place another PetEdge order for new winter gear. Here is Stani in the one coat that fits us both and that we have to share.

I HATE sharing with that butthead beast! All he does is toss his belly into snowbanks and he gets our nice fuzzy coat all salty and wet. Ack! He's so not a gentleman. Good thing mom got another one. I hope the new one is mine since it won't have Stan-stink all over it!Image from
We also have some super soft and cozy fleece jackets, but silly mom shrunk them last year and so they don't do such a good job at covering our bellies any more.
So along with the new coat we placed an order for 2 of these big and squishy sweatshirts.Image from
Mom is thinking that she'll cut the hoods off since the sweatshirts have to fit under our coats. Layering is the only way we've been able to keep warm on our walks! People laugh when they see super furry spaniels all bundled up and waddling down the road, but dudes... it's the only way to roll when it's -2 degrees outside.

Thanks to PetEdge, where everything is crazy cheap, Stan and I also got a set of our very own fleece-lined boots to protect our delicate toes from the salt and ice. I'm not so sure I'm going to enjoy these things, but if they keep that salt burn away they might not be so bad. I just hope I don't get my bum kicked at the bark park for wearing these sassy booties!
Image from
We'll let you know how the quest for toastiness goes. Speaking of toastiness...

I walked with mom, my buddy Hunter and his mom to the downtown Chicago Christmas festival yesterday and I saw the awesomest thing... At the Eternal Flame memorial in Daly Plaza, there were a bunch of pigeons warming their bums! One even burned his little tail feathers off and he smelled like BBQ deliciousness. We didn't get to enjoy the festivities and sausage smells long before Hunter and I began to shivvvvvvver and we had to head home. This is when I found the most magical thing parked next to my territory....

A truck hauling GOATS! LIVE GOATS! They were coming from some serious kids' party where they had a petting zoo inside a swanky hotel. Oh my goatness. I want a party like that! I was so pumped at the sight and smell of goat that it left an everlasting impression on my brain and I check where that truck was every single time I step outside to do weebles. I want it back!

'Til next time - keep toasty and keep an eye out for winter goats.
Big Pupi


Fenway said...

Nice to see you back and blogging. Ms. Alpha had a serious talk with my paw and we are also newly updated.

Chi-town sounds even more frigid than D.C. The ground is so crunchy hard and my ball fun has been limited to only 20 minutes. That's because I slobber up Ms. Alpha's mittens and she complains she can't feel her fingers when they get soggy and cold.

As for your paws—check out a product called Paw Wax. It's sold in most pet stores and it just the thing for protecting our salt-sensitive pads!

Your long lost pal,

Ludo van puppy said...

ooh, I am glad it not so cold and snowy here! I eat raw meat too (not right at the moment though as we has had to move) so I will come visit your blog lots.
~lickies, Ludo

Coco said...

i'm glad it doesnt snow in California! I bet your goig to love those booties just as much as i love my socks!

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses

Coco - The Princess

FleasGang said...

We've been thinking long and hard to come up with an idea to keep warm. And we think we have an answer. You and Stan can come live with us for the winter!

We'd have a blast and it hardly dips below 30 degrees and that only lasts for MAYBE two or three weeks. Then it starts to turn into spring by late February. We sometimes grill meaty goodness outside on New Years day cause it seems to always be warm that week for some reason :-)

Keep your schnozzles warm
Shelly & Tommy!

Maggie and Mitch said...

Mom came home to snow today but we don't have as much as you do - we just have a dusting!
Mom keeps mentioning the fact that maybe we should have booties too! We hope she banishes that nasty thought very quickly! YUK!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Biggie-Z said...

Wow, it never occurred to me that you dudes could get cold! Me, I looove the snow and howling wind! I go out nekkid in it.

It must be really hard to weeble where you are. Is there anyplace that doesn't have the evil chemical pain stuff that you can walk around in a little? A little bush or snowbank that needs a little Stan-and-Pupi pee-mail?

Stay warm, little dudes!

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

I have no idea how to keep warm on snowy days, but your bundling up and the shoes seem like a cool one! Your coats and sweatshirts look really spiffy...I especially like the green one that Stan and you are supposed to share. *wink*

Let us know if the plan works for keeping dry and warm...=) Hope you have a great day!


Lorenza said...

Hi, friends!
Winter coats, sweatshirts and booties! You will be very well equiped for this winter!
Kisses and hugs

River said...

I hope all those coats and sweatshirts and booties keep you dry and warm. It's warm down here compared to you all.

love & wags,

Niamh said...

Hi Big Pupi

Your mom has picked out some nice outfits for you (although I'm not too sure about the booties). You will look very stylish as well as being nice and warm. I wish it would snow here but not if they will put down chemicals that will hurt my feet.

Ahh! The smell of goat. It is wonderful.

Your friend,

Bae Bae said...

Oh you doggies have cute xmas toys. ;)

~ Bae

DooseyMac said...

Hey guys, just think of it this way..those boots are worn by those tuff sled dogs. I use them too. Keeping my paws warm lets me play in the snow longer with the little humans!