Thursday, September 3, 2009

Raw Food Diet, Day 581- We're a Family!

Dudes! Crazy things have been happening in The Territory of Stanislaw!

First, my folks dropped my bro and me off at camp for an ENTIRE WEEK! Really, I didn't mind it since I'm a party animal and I get to play with some pretty awesome canines all day, every day. That part really wasn't that strange, since we've been there plenty of times before. The weirdness began when we were picked up and mom had all of our camp files changed to a different name. WHAT? Isn't all my paperwork filed under "Beast"??? That still seems correct to me!

Whatever. I let that one slide since I got to return to the House of Feasting (otherwise known as Stanislaw's Sweet Pad) and the snacks and treats came pouring on. Delish!From what I gather, my people got Hitched. I had always thought that was sort of like when my folks and I go on fast hunts, and I'm hooked from my harness to a leash to my people. But no - apparently with humans it means that you are attached by the ring finger. Seriously dudes... I've always said that you can't trust a breed that doesn't sniff bum during introductions. Humans are just too unpredictable. They are totally bizarre!!

Anybeast, on to more important things...
My folks got this totally awesome wedding present and my mom has been using it like a crazy bean. It makes these wonderful warm, creamy smells and any time my bro and I see my people approach this Machine o' Feasting we have to make certain that we're not missing out on anything.
It will rouse me from my slumber and disrupt Pupi from his stuffy nibbles.
On some mornings it will produce the most wonderful, fresh yogurt you have EVER TASTED!!! And what's better is that my bro and I get the first serving of this heavenliness on our breakfeasts!! AWWWW MAN! Big Pupi has taken to removing all of his meat from his bowl to get to the yogurt first. It is THAT good! We'll even make frequent checks on Captain Sir Majesty Yogurt Maker during the cooking process, just to make sure everything is turning out okay. We are OBSESSED. I'll tell 'ya... your people have got to get you one of these!

Feasting stories aside, when we returned from camp Big Pupi was seriously stuffy deprived and crazy pumped to see his old friends. He piled a load of his toys on to the sofa and had a stuffy nibble party for about 223,453 hours straight. Mr. Pelican got the first stuffy-love-fest of the day, which started with a bum nibble~
Which then became a careful belly nibble~
And finished with a relaxing tongue facial and under-beak massage.
As for me, I was totally party-animalled out and I snoozeled like a naughty boy on the sofa with a toasty sun blanket poured over my beastliness.
It was so relaxing not having all those other dogs up in my spot making me all feisty-like. I finally got to rest!
I was so out of it that I accidentally let mom get this really humiliating photo of me dreaming about running after squirrels.
I was certain to make time out of my supremely busy snoozel schedule to mock my brother for all of his jowly flesh. He didn't take it too kindly.
I mean seriously - do you SEE all that neck/jowly flesh?! It's CRAZY!! It hangs down like a waddle! HA!
Big Pupi assumed that I was just being brat because I was jealous of his brand new New England Collar~
Nope. I was just shocked by his extreme jowliness.

Later on that day he got revenge on yours truly, when he spotted me all snuggly and snoozeling with his Easter Bunny Stuffy.
Bro! C'mon! I am so not a weeny boy just because I like to do some snugs with a stuffy! I find it rather comforting and manly.
It helps me dream about feasting on those bunnies I see in the Grant Park Potter's Garden. They're so fat and tasty!

And speaking of manly beasts, I guess my mom and bro have realized the error of their ways and the cool-dudeness of dad's and my ways, and have officially decided to cross over to our side. Hence their name change and consequent increase in awesomeness. Dad says that we're officially a family now and like him, I have to adopt Pupi as my legal brother. WHAT?! I never signed on for this!! I am SO NOT related to that old jowly man! But Food Mommy is cool. I guess she can stay as long as she continues to fill my bowl with feasts. Plus, I really like to snuggle with her. She says that when I'm sleepy I become a Professional Squencher and I absolutely adore snugging in her lap (do NOT tell anyone I told you that!!).
Living the family life, yo.

Big Pupi throws a comment in the mix:

Hello to our feasting friends. We are in the process of catching up with all of your blogs. Little by little we'll make our way through!

I just wanted to leave a quick update - since it's been a while since I've clued ya'll (I'm from Texas, remember?) in on Stan's progress. Unfortunately, the news isn't good. The melatonin stopped having any discernible effect, and he stopped getting it about 2 weeks ago. His compulsive problems have shifted again, with a few disappearing and others getting stronger and new ones slowly creeping in. His caving (where he stands with his head under something and freezes) has gotten significantly worse, and he will spend 30-40 minutes at a time under dad's legs while he sits at his computer. Stan is still unable to function well enough outdoors to do his Good Boy Business when it has rained, as the puddles and reflections send him into a tizzy of whines, freezes and twitches. And speaking of twitches - his fly-biting continues and the leg-scratching behavior from when he was first adopted is starting to come back.

I could go on and on about his symptoms, but I'll wrap it up by letting ya'll know that my people have made the decision to try medication. His appointment at the Place of Tile and Steel is tomorrow afternoon. It may take up to 3 weeks before the medicine has any effect, but we are all praying it helps sooner. It's been over 2 years of behaviorists, training, exposure, hugs and kisses and we just can't allow him to suffer any longer. My little brother is an AWESOME dog when he's doing well, and a very sad boy when the demons take over.

Wish him well, and we'll keep you posted on the progress!
Big Pupi, the family man


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I had wondered if the aliens OR THE KHATS had gotten woo!

ANYWAY, khongrat on this Sister Sledge Festival!

Did all of woo get new mikhrochips?

Seriously, we are sad to see 'the news' but we'll spread it in hopes the vibes and khrosses will help!

Welkhome Bakhk!

NOW, please pass the yogurt!


Auntie LuLu said...

Hi guys: congrats to mom and dad and the 'family'. Cool yogurt maker, I bet you both are good boys when yogurt is cooking, yum! If you can wait..have the food providers freeze some--that would be good too !!!

Keeping paws crossed for Stan, we know you can overcome the demons, you just need a little help.

Older look-a-like:

Sally said...

Great yoghurt maker - we love the stuff too! We were happy to hear about the 'family' - it is definitely celebration time

We are so sorry to hear about Stan - we are keeping our paws crossed too and sending all the wirey zen we can - we hope the demons can be kept at bay

Lots of licks
Sally and Paddy

Life With Dogs said...

I am seriously pulling for Stan. This is not a good surprise. But medication can be miraculous in some of these cases. I had a Border Collie with compulsive behavior, so I can relate...

Biggie-Z said...

OH. MY. DOG. YOUR VERY OWN YOGURT MAKER?? How do I get me one of those? Is it hard to use? Do my humans have to get hitched to get one? Because I think they got hitched over 300 years ago, and I am not seeing any yogurt maker around!

Heck, I come running when they open the cheapo store-bought kind! (and yes, sometimes I move all my meat out of the way first, too)

Tell your humans congratulations, and wow, I hope Stan is doing better SOON. Poor dude.

Maggie and Mitch said...

Our paws are crossed that these meds work for you, Stan!
Mom was making all sorts of positive noises while looking at your new yogurt machine! We're hoping that we get one too!
Congratulations to your mom and dad!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Mack said...

Congrats on the new last name dudes!
And whoever gave you that yogurt thingy really knew what Feasters like!
We sure hope Stani does well at the evil V.E.T.
Keep us posted!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Poor Stan! I hope they find a treatment that works for him.

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Congratulatins on the happy news about your humans. The yougurt maker is way cool. Please tell Stan to have faith, the meds WILL help him feel much better! We are sending positive energy and healing thoughts to him.

Junior and Orion said...

We will be purring for Stan to be able to overcome his demons with a little helpe from some medicine.

Keisha said...

Woof woof. Good luck, Stan. {{{Stan}}}

Lorenza said...

Congratulations to your Mom and Dad!
A yogurt maker?? Wow!
Paws crossed for Stan! I hope the meds work for him!
Kisses and hugs

Canine Aficionado said...

Congrats to the humans on tying the knot!

Great news.

Stan, Louis, Ella Bean and I are thinking of you...Hope that this unlocks the path toward your wellness. Some doggies and some people just need a little help - and your humans definitely tried everything to avoid medication...I think their hard work is a testament to how these drugs SHOULD be used...with judiciousness and as a last resort. And we are all rooting for this to be successful. Keep us posted!

Hilary, Louis and Ella Bean

parlance said...

Congratulations to the whole FAMILY!!!

Somehow I had overlooked this wonderful news!!