Monday, November 10, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 287- Going Nutty

Holy Feasting! Today mom had to go to a human vet to get some skin pricks before she's able to volunteer with my brother at hospitals. I got all depressed and upset that she was totally abandoning us and leaving us at home without any humans around for entertainment. Where were my people to provide me with feasts?!

Well, when she returned she pulled a jar full of some of the most delicious treats I have ever laid my tongue on. PEANUT BUTTER! I would trade all of my bully sticks for a spoonful of the good stuff. When that lid was popped and the fresh peanutty aroma of goodness reached my spaniel nostrils I lost all control and began to vibrate from schnozzle to bum.

IsThatForMe?!!?? I couldn't keep my thoughts straight. I saw a human feasting tool swirling about in that magical jar and when it appeared it was dripping with buttery feasts!My mom, (who is usually dorky but on rare occasions like this she is totally cool), took big globs and smooshed it into Pupi's and my treat balls. Pupi gets the Everlasting Fun Ball because he's a gentle jawed boy:
And his manly beastly brother (me!) got the mondo-sized kong for mega chewers.
After mom let us lick off the spoon which took a while and lots of nose licks because it's so sticky, and then it was fabulous peanutty tasting time! My eyes bulged from my face in pure delight.
My dorky brother, in his usual dainty way, gingerly lapped at his feast-filled treat ball.
I wonder if I could hunt down these peanut butter creatures outside and eat them! Do you think those tasty squirrels are responsible? I know they're up to something.... maybe it's making peanut butter!
Mom set out towels for us to lie on and play with our treats, but we just weren't having it. Big Pupi went straight to the carpet.
I zoomed to the sofa. Mom made me jump off while she put the towels on there and then I was allowed to resume my tasty snacking in comfort, which is how I should be allowed to eat all the time.
Aw man. It was SO GOOD! I refused to believe that the toys had been emptied and I kept digging at them for hours after the tastiness had been eaten. My tongue-polisher licked them both to a nice shine. Even then I kept looking for more. I couldn't stop myself! I'm starting to think that I need a program to help me with this new addiction. I've got peanut butter on the brain and just can't seem to shake it. I'm totally cool with 12 steps, as long as they each involve finding me some more peanut butter. I need to feast!

Big Pupi enjoyed his tastiness so much, he kept winking, and I lost complete control of my tail.

You guys have got to get yourself some of this! And I've got to get myself some more!!


Hero said...

My mom tried to get me to like peanut butter, but as usual I disappointed her with my complete lack of enthusiasm for feasting or snacking. I licked my peanut butter stuffed kong maybe twice then trotted away to play some more ball. Now my Kong lies buried and not at all missed at the bottom of my toy basket. It's cool that you and Big Pupi love it so much. It looks like your eye is going to pop out in that one picture. I hope that's not a side effect of eating too much peanut butter.

Mack said...

Oh man do we love peanut butter!

Stani, your eyes look so much like Paris'!!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Stanislaw!
I know it! Peanut butter is one of the best treats in this world!
Glad you two tasted it!
Kisses and hugs

The Animal Doctor said...

oh stan, now you make me want to eat peanut butter! you are so passionate about your food, i enjoy reading your posts especially if its about feasting. :)

the Secretary

Maggie said...

my mommy did that tooooooooooooooo
its abit annoying but
i love it
i love peanut butter :D

Niamh said...

Peanut butter is dog heroin! I am addicted too. I can forget about squirrels when I smell it. Glad you guys enjoyed your feast.

Your friend,

Beckett said...

I love peanut butter! My mom has it on her toast in the morning and I think that is torture. Doesn't she know peanut butter is for DOGS?


Petra said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE peanut butter! I'm finally learning how to eat it out of a kong, too. I used to only eat it off of a spoon.

PB drives me crazyyyyyyyy!

FleasGang said...

Um, I've yet to partake of this creamy treat. I am going to have to bring this up with my mom and pop at our next meeting. It looks extremely messy and I'm kinda "girly" and don't like to get all sticky but I think I would like to give this a whirl.

peanut butter dreams,

P.S. Stan, you kinda look like a cyclops on speed when eating your PB treat. Is that a side effect too?

Fenway said...

Today I bow at your mom's feet. Mine read this most instructive post and immediately slathered my Kong with some peanut butter...


This morning I played ball Like A Good Boy and didn't go tearing after all the other dogs that went by.

I'm learning that when I FOCUS, I get rewarded!

Coco said...

Peanut Butter is the bestest! My mommy only lets me have the 100% natural like the one that your mommy buys. It is right up next to the cheese on the yummy scale! I loose control of my but wiggles too...the tail just completely takes over!

Tail Wiggles and schoozle licks,

Coco - The Pricness

Amber-Mae said...

Oh gee, I would not trade all mah bully sticks for a spoonful of peanut butter! I don't like peanut butter at all. I like meat & stinky pee pees! Gosh, your eyeballs were about to pop out when you were licking peanut butter away, Must be so good!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Biggie-Z said...

That's some good eyeballs-out-on-stalks face you got going there, Stan!

I love peanut butter too, but you know what's really pawsome? Peanut butter and liver sandwiches.



Toffee said...

...if you get your mom to freeze it the treat lasts a lot longer...

hope you are both well!

btw we have an everlasting green ball thingy and my mom never once thought to put PB in there! Sheesh!

she's going to do this now
(having said that she does treat us with PB in the kong...if she could only find where Riley put the darn thing!)

Agatha and Archie said...

PEANUT BUTTER RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We take ours right off of the towel also..I mean you have to really enjot it right? and you just can not on a blanket...Thankyou for the hot spot concoction...PL2 ran right out and bought the stuff.. then she tried to putit then she remembered how the Vet did it..she gently put a stocking sround Archies snout .PL2 did that, Archie stood still and let her do it.. and VOILA!!! Here's hoping it works for him...We will keep you posted! Love A+A+PL2

Maggie and Mitch said...

We both LOVE peanut butter! If we even hear the jar lid being unscrewed, we are in that kitchen pronto! We thoroughly enjoyed your video!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Anonymous said...

YUMMMMMMMM! Peanut butter! That is THE best. You are lucky!


duo_disaster said...

PB feasties rules!!!

Nothing beats the au-natural, straight from the bottle itself!

But hey Stan, yours look so much more tastier. Prolly we should get M to go to the mart and look for smucker's!

Just 2 days ago. M was lazy to fill our 'hollow' bones with PB (apparently she finds Kong hard to wash off even thou' we always lick it shiny) anyway we were fed direct from the spoon.

Rudolf came dashing & grabbed off the whole spoonful of PB without sharing with me!!! Argh!

To make things worse, Mum said no more because Dad eats from the same bottle too & he aint wanna share saliva with us!

It sulks!
Will you share with me Stan?

(and PB snatcher Rudolf)

wally said...

Hi Stanislaw! I saw you over at my lady Sophie's place and we do raw, too so I thought I'd drop by and say hi! My ma ape is always curious how it's working out for other dogs. We LOVE it! And we get stuff from Hare Today Gone Tomorrow, too!

It's very nice to meet you and drool over your tasty blog.

wally t.

the 4 Bs said...

hi Stanislaw and Pupi! oh dogness you are making us drool. that peanut butter looks so darn yummy that we are just about ready to jump into the jar of it, if we had one. we are gonna write this on our mom's shopping list and have a little feast of our own.

it's perfect that you were allowed to eat your treat on the couch. that's where food tastes the best & a dog has to be comfortable so you can concentrate on your tasty treat!


Sophie Brador said...

mmmmmmmmmmmm PB is yummy. I don't get enough of it. Mom is off PB for the moment. She's trying Cashew Butter. I haven't tried it yet myself, but I do love cashews.

You have some pretty giant eyes in those pics. Whose that white and black doggie dude?