Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Raw Food Diet, Day 485- A Daddy's Beast

Heya feaster Dudes! I hope you enjoyed the BBQ meat-feasting weekend. We don't own one of those outdoor meat cookers, but I've heard from other canines in my 'hood that the feasts were deeeeelicious!

I've been livin' large in Stanislaw style since dad's school ended. He's home by dinner every night now and we get to go on fast hunts on the weekends. It's awesome! Speaking of fast hunts, dad ran a 10 mile race on Saturday and did super well. I'm so proud of him! But he totally would have done better if he had a little fuzzy man pacing him along the way. My pace is called Fast As You Can and I run in zig-zags. He would have won the race if I had been there!

Big Pupi and I were trying our best to be Have before dad got home, and to reward me for my good boyness mom gave me some quality bum scritches. My most favorite spot to get scritched in the whole wide world is right between my knobbly hip bones on the top of my rump. I go crazy! I make faces like this:And get what my folks call "electric bum" where my tush leaps and hops about while my front half stays glued to the floor. Here I am in mid electric-bum leap making my grunty bummy scritches face:
What's your favorite scritch location? Does it make you do strange things?

In dull and hopelessly boring news... while dad was out racing Big Pupi was at home being all angel-like and nibbling quietly on some stuffy bunny bum. What a nerdle!
While I, the King of My Territory and Master of all Within It, was hopped up on bum scritches and out looking for something wonderfully naughty to do or chew:
But before I could locate a nice shoe to feast on, dad came home! He smelled like a beast and it was SO AWESOME! I sniffed his armpits and tried to eat his shirt. This is WAY better than BBQ! I was all like "WOW" because my dad is the coolest. Then he showered and feasted on some eggs and he snuck me a mondo-sized piece of cheesy egg deliciousness. See? I told you he was cool. I forgot all about mom and electric butt and became totally possessed by dad's manly beastly feasting awesomeness.

Dad plopped on the sofa and I hopped on pop:
I spend most of my time snoozeling in this spot when dad is home. I like to press my ear on his chest and ear his heartbeat, and his tummy is so warm! Plus, this way I can be certain that he can't go anywhere without me knowing. I'm a genius!
Then I relax and get ready for a solid snoozel. We were both tired after that race. Phew! Time for nappies!
My folks call me a "velcro dog." I wonder if wild velcros eat raw meat too?

Dad is my mostest favoritest.


Mack said...

Hey dude!
Glad you had a great Memorial Day!

I think it is unanimous between me and the sissies: we all like to have our bums scritched the best.

Glad to see you are having some quality time with the pops. Bark at ya later!

Niamh said...


I guess you will have to be your dad's running coach so he wins the next race. I'm sure a 10K would be a snap for an athletic beast like you. Glad you are having quality naps with your dad.

However if it is manly to fart, I am glad I am female. You and Ambrose can get together and have a fart fest.

As to your mom's question, while she has heard of dogs taking melatonim, my person does not know any dogs who are on it. But she will check into it with some of her trainer friends.

Glad you guys had a great weekend.

Your friend,

DCampy34 said...

we have a bbq nd had tons of nummies over the weekend - it was awesome - we run with mommy all the time - you have to get daddy to take you - we make mommy run very fast

woodrow sweetie & MJ

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I like that spot behind my ears near by nekhk!

As fur velkhro, I've heard Mom say I was a bungie khanine - not sure what she means!

Khute pikhs Boys!


Joe Stains said...

I get bum scritches the same place you like. I stick my head way up in the air and lick the air. Its pretty cool!! Your Dad sounds pawesome, and I am sure he would have won if you were along with him.

Beckett said...

My favorite is ear scritches, but I also enjoy a good bum scratching. Oh, and belly rubs are good too.

If by christened the rooms, you mean rolled around on the floor embedding as much fur as possible in the carpets, then YES. Yes, I did.


Louis Reginald said...

Hi Stan!

My fave place to get the scritches is behind my ears....mmmmmm. I press my face to the human paws that are offering such awesomeness and try and make it continue forever. Sometimes when they stop before I am ready, I'll let 'em know using my manly beast voice!

Your dad sounds super duper awesome and I am glad he is spending more time where he should - on the couch with you!!

Your pal,


parlance said...

"Velcro dog" - now that's an interesting phrase.

Ludo van Doggy said...

Great times with your Pop. Well done him on running the race, but you right, he woulda done better with you there.
~lickies, Ludo

Fenway said...

Great post. Yeppers....dad's are much more fun. HE doesn't take me to obedience & handling classes. HE just throws my beloved Green Ball as much as I want.

Hey...did you hear that Francona yelled at Lugo for Lugo'ing a double play? Tito NEVER gets publicly mad at his players, so we can only guess that he's wise to the Lugo Move and a tad fed up.

Guess what? I'm in MA, Red Sox Nation-land, where everyone wears a player's t-shirt, sports Sox license plates and has the B magnets on their cars!

Your pal,

Fenway said...

Stan Man!!!!

I read your plea for info on anxiety & melatonin. I have bouts of that from time to time and weep like a puppy when I go to new places with lots of commotion.

My mom investigated DAP (Dog Assisted Pheramone). We bought a product at PetSmart which I wear when she expects me to act out. It's a little charm-disk that attaches to my collar and emits a very soothing and calming smell. The DAP smells very much like my dog mama's milk and really soothes me. My Alpha also slathers on lavendar scented hand cream and that calms me, too.

You can buy bottles of DAP at pet stores and some wholistic vets. Tell your mom to Google it...it's an interesting idea and even though we didn't expect much it seemed to work.

Also, there is a Relaxation Protocol (RP) from Dr. Karen Overall. Leslie McDevitt who wrote THE BEST book called Controlled Unleashed made this really popular with her training. The RP teaches in 10 exercises to relax. You can go at your own pace. Go to this website to read all about it. There are even MP3 audio files for each day that your Human can download and put onto her iPod. Trust me on this one, Stan. By Day 3 I was One Mellow Dude!!!


Hope this helps....if it can help a hyper BC pup, anything's possible!

Maggie and Mitch said...

Congratulations to your dad! That's awesome!
I love being scritched right at the base of my tail! It makes my rear legs really high-step and I go in circles! It feels so good!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Hero said...

My favorite spot is on the side of my neck, right behind where my collar is. I always arch my back and walk around like a crab whenever my hoomans scratch real deep in there. My best pal, Tagpi, is like you and loves to have his bum scratched. He makes this weird hyena laughing noises and wiggles his bum around whenever someone scratches his favorite spot.