Sunday, May 3, 2009

Raw Food Diet, Day 462- Polish Constitution Day!

Big Pupi reports on his event:

Oh my feasting, my fellow canines. Thursday was a big day for me!

The day started off a little iffy, as it was raining cats outside and mom was none too happy since my yellow-ish fur had been scrubbed and groomed to fluffy white perfection. As we geared up for a wet walk to the AwesomeMobile, mom snuck up behind me and slipped this horrible, rubbery contraption over my head~
I've seen this so-called "rain coat" hanging in the closet, but I've never had to actually put it on. It was a little embarrassing for us both to be seen about town with me in that ridiculous get-up, but it kept my back and neck dry and clean for my therapy show debut.

When we arrived at the school I was CRAZY pumped and wiggling like a mad man. I saw my therapy lady friend Daisy and we said our bum-sniffing Hello's and made our way to the library. It was going to be a smaller crowd than we had geared up for, but that was okay... I hadn't figured out how I was going to get belly rubs from 200 people! Boggles the mind.

Here was our set-up:

Mom and I walked a few laps around the room so I could sniff EVERYTHING and get into the right mindset for the event. Then we did a few practice tricks and before we knew it, the room was flooded with people all speaking in high voices to me and getting me all snarzely and crazed again.

Once the room was full (very full - there were humans in the seats, humans on the floor... people everywhere!), we made our introductions and took some volunteers to the front of the room. We had a mock therapy session with the volunteers and explained the purpose behind certain tricks and how different types of interaction help people with different illnesses and special needs. We were even able to slip in some real therapy work, and had 3 girls take part that were TERRIFIED of dogs. They each said that they were bitten or attacked by large-breed dogs and haven't been near another canine since. I focused a lot of time on them, and by the end of our 30 minute presentations one girl was walking me around the room on my leash and another was letting me take treats from her hand. At the very end of a session, the first girl even snuck in and gave me head scritches! It was a very successful day.

Daisy and I did two 30-minute presentations and each time the room was overflowing with humans. We both were very good dogs and earned lots of treats and even more pets and belly rubs. At the end of each show, every single human rushed the front of the room and I was drowning in hands and pets. It was SO AWESOME! At one point I jumped on to a chair so the folks in the back of the pack could reach me too. That was the BEST reward of all.

Although we weren't able to get photos during the event, I can tell you that my tail was waggling at super sonic speeds - so fast the camera couldn't catch it!
After the event I was POOPED and snoozeled in the car on the way home. All together we were at the event for 4 hours, and it's EXHAUSTING having to be 100% Good Boy for that long! I snored like a beast in the AwesomeMobile, and was so happy to see my comfy sofa snoozel spot when we got home. Stanislaw was kind enough to keep it warm for me while I way away, and I kicked his skinny bum out of it and went down for nappies. I needed my rest for Friday's fast hunt and the big event on Saturday. I'll let my bro fill you in on that one.

Later Feasters,
Big Pupi

Stanislaw chomping on pierogies:

Yesterday was a big day for me - Polish Constitution Day! It's a day for celebrating my namesake and the co-author of the Constitution, Stanislaw, and the day the document was adopted - May 3, 1791. There's a huge parade in honor of that event, and folks fill my territory wearing red and white and speaking a language that I don't understand. But I love it!

Big Pupi - the Irish son (note the freckles and greying hair) - donned his festive harness and a blinking red light for the parade~
~while I got to wear my totally awesome Polish Eagle shirt with my name written in bright red letters underneath. My bro and I couldn't wait to hit the streets and be the center of attention like we were last year.
It was a gorgeous sunny day. Absolutely perfect for parading. Big Pupi really enjoyed the show and lots of people on the parade floats called out to us and got us really excited.
We saw the Flag of Poland everywhere~
~and there were tons of human puppies performing dances and wearing the country's colors. I even got to wipe my slobbery tongue all over one of the kids when she was done parading and she laughed and spoke to me in Polish. She tasted just like human puppy!
Eventually we had to leave the parade because the horsiffers (police officer horses) came in and made Big Pupi get all Naughty Boy and start screaming. He really HATES those stinky beasts!
But before we left I got to see the awesome Feasting Goat of Poland (I'm almost positive that's what it was there to represent)~
So many people took photos of me and got crazy excited when they heard my name. More often than not the humans would point to a man in the crowd and say "He is Stanislaw too!" I had no idea that people liked my name so much! The whole day made me really hot but really happy.
As if my day couldn't get any better, on the way home I found what I'm certain would have been my new BEST BESTEST BETTEREST friend in the whole wide world!!!!
I became possessed by his awesomeness and couldn't move or take my eyes off his fuzzy face. My annoying parents said that I wasn't allowed to hold him in my mouth (he told me he wanted me to hold him!) or even get close enough to give him a good sniff. NOT FAIR! I could tell he was lonely lying on the streets and I would have taken such good care of him if I were only allowed to bring him home. Parents just don't get it. I LOVE animals and I just wanted to play with Mr. Ratbutt for a little while. They dragged me away and I will never forgive them for it.

Neither will Mr. Ratbutt - I'm sure of it.

But at least I got my parade and chance to party with the Polish humans. That was pretty awesome! And boy was I a tired beast when I got home. I joined Big Pupi on the sofa and dreamt of feasting on pierogies with Mr. Ratbutt. I had mine with cheese on top, but he ate his with a nice garbage sauce. That's my kind of guy!

I am planning a parade in Mr. Ratbutt's honor.


Niamh said...

You boys must be ready for some extreme napping after all your adventures!

Good for you Big Pupi. I knew you would wow the crowd! I'm sure those kids will remember you for a long time and of course you will remember the awesome amount of petting you got.

I'll bet it was good to be with all those guys with your manly, beastly name! That parade sounds amazing. I love parades. Too bad about your rat friend though. People have no sense.

Your friend,

Mack said...

What a weekend you guys had!

My peeps will eat these things called pierogies, but I have yet to be lucky enough to get a taste!

I had to go to the V.E.T. yesterday and there was a tiny miniature Stanislaw there!
His momma was holding him the entire time and he didn't even try to escape. He was about 100% Good Boy.

Have a great week of feasting!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I'm woozly after reading the post!


Woo have been one furry busy boy!

Tank woo fur sharing!

PeeEssWoo: Have they tried Pledging that khonstitution?

Lorenza said...

Hi, Stan!
Sure you two have been busy!
I need a nap now!
Kisses and hugs

Mason Dixie said...

wow so much going on, very busy you two are. =)

Suzuki said...

WOW! You guys must be super tired and in need of a furry long nap!
Big licks to you

parlance said...

This is an amazing post!

You and your family have done some Very Good Work. You must be all exhausted.

Joe Stains said...

BP I know you WOWED that crowd, we are real proud of you. Glad you could maybe convert those three gals into dog lovers, or at least cure their fear. Stanislaw you were the picture of Polish doginess. I sure wish you could have brought that Rat home to live with you. DWB needs some rats!

Ludo van Doggy said...

Wow! You has both beed so busybusy! What fun you had, but I thinks I would be ascared of that many children.
What a shame you couldn't play with ratbut!
~lickies, Ludo

Maggie and Mitch said...

You have mom sniffling, Big Pupi! Bless you for making those girls love doggies again!
ewwwwwwwwwwwwww, a rat! You don't really want to hold him in your mouth,Stan! Right?

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

GSD Adventures said...

Awesome adventure! Way to rock the streets!!!

Pruett and Daphne

GSD Adventures said...

We do have lots of pics on our site so maybe that is it because I haven't heard any other barks about problems. :( Sorry pups that you can't see!!!

I hope you don't mind but in tomorrow's post we are going to bark up your site because we think it is so friggin awesome and hilarious:

Life With Dogs said...

What a day on the town! Next time you see Mr. Ratbutt, sneak him home and hide him in the kitchen. And let me know how that works out for you ;)

Eric said...

Woah! You are back!! Mom has been in the naughty work corner. Could of missed your flash card
practising and the squirel dude sweater and those comfy butt beds.

Now I've caught up, thank dog. BP I'm so wagging proud of you pal you are uber smart doing all that therapy stuff. Bet your had the audience eating out of your paw and helping those 3 little leggededs was pawsome. High fives!

Stanislaw. Well blow me down. Leggededs called after you? Wow -exciting day.Hope you got to feast on that goat? Send me an Invite to Mr Ratbutts pawty parade k?

Wiry wags and kisses. Eric xxx