Sunday, January 30, 2011

Relax? Me? What?

I have no idea what "relax" means. Seriously. No clue.

Because of my folks' work-thingy that they seem to love so much and spend so much time on, they put my bro and me in daycare last week to give us a break from the monotony of staying at home all day and all night. They can watch us on webcam while we romp and play, and mom noticed a black cocker spaniel there spending much of its time lying down and chillin' on the playground. At first she thought it was me and became super worried that I was sick. I never sit down! I never hold still! What could be the matter?! But to her relief I went zipping across the screen in a blur of noodle-ish spaniel wiggles and hyper energies.

Sitting still just ain't my thing.

Something about this weekend's weather made my folks want to get outside and play, so Big Pupi and I got to go on some really nice fast hunts and long walks. One would think that a 90-minute run/walk would tucker a little guy out... but there's just no way. When we get home I looked like this:
I lied in the sun trying to be all relaxed-like, but it didn't last long before I had wiggled my way across the room.
What can I say? Those awesome post-exercise feastings of cottage cheese, yogurt and tuna make a boy all happy inside.

Big Pupi, on the other hand, knows how to turn it up on a run and then get some major snoozels when we get home. He feasts and his eyelids get heavy. All he needs is a little patch of sunlight and the snores begin.
Mom topped off our feast-snacks yesterday with a bully stick. I snarfled mine down right away, but BP wasn't hungry enough to eat it and fell asleep with it in his mouth. This is what he looks like when he's all disgruntled because mom woke him up with her flashing toy.
The whole time Big Pupi snoozeled, I took my post by the window watching the comings and goings of the neighborhood dogs and squirrels and birds and stuff.
I prop my front feet up on the arm of my humans' sofa so that I can more comfortably see out the window. I've just about ruined that part of their couch. Awesome!

This is the nerd-butt bro holding his bully right before mom discovered a humongous tick in his mohawk.In fact, she's still not certain if that was a tick or a gerbil up in there. Totally gnarly dude.

And this snapshot is called "Mohawk en Fuego."Humans are so weird. But their food is mighty tasty, so I put up with it.

Later dudes!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Magic Beastitis

'Sup my favorite fuzzy friends? Stanislaw here, staring out the window at the tasty niblets that scamper by.

Big Pupi and I have been B-O-R-E-D lately. My folks haven't been able to take us on our fast hunts thanks to a bazillion and a half hours of work they are forced to do so that they can buy my feasting materials. You'd think that I'd be okay with the situation since it's for my general good, but I'm not. So in lieu of fast hunts, I've been hunting for some seriously naughty things to keep myself occupied. I am in need of metal stimulation, and how can you blame me if those leather strappy things on mom's boot happened to be the item of my occupation-ism?

To avoid any more leather feasting, we've been kept busy on our balance ball. My bro and I LOVE IT. We try to push each other out of the way to get on it and then run around and wait in line for our turn. IT IS SO AWESOME. And delicious. We get to eat little gobs of cream cheese off of mom's fingers when we're good balancing boys.

I've finally figured out the art of actually balancing on the ball instead of just sitting my rear right down on it. My nerdalicious brother has actually learned to stand up on his hinders while balancing on the ball. Sheesh. Show off much?? Mom thinks it's hysterical that BP has learned a whole manner of circus tricks but in the 5 years she's had him, BP is has never learned how to shake. No joke. But you know who's got that whole shake-thing down pat? THIS GUY. Heck, I'll put my whole torso in your hand when you ask for a shake. I'd like to see the dorkus do THAT! His standing ain't got nothin' on me!

Here are some videos for your immense enjoyment. Try not to be distracted by the massive amounts of beastliness. I know I do sometimes.

Later dudes!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

An Old Dog's Discovery of a New Food Group

Big Pupi makes a reintroduction:

Hello my feaster friends! It's been quite some time since we've made note of our beastly goings-on. Too long! And with that thought I have a very important announcement to make.I have discovered a new food group.It's called Smoked Salmon, and it's THE MOST tongue-dance-y, tastebuddy-swirling thing I have ever had the pleasure of feasting upon. Now, I've heard that smoking is not good for you, but I'm sure glad these fishies took that risk because it made them DELICIOUS. Mom only lets us have little tastelets of the goodness, but I will be Supreme Good Boy for any scrap I can wrap my lips around. Mmm Mmm Mmm. Fishies.Due to the extreme amounts of nutrition and feastingness that this new food most definitely possesses, I have decided that it must be its own food group. I could live on it!! Because of this, I demand that my folks begin moving this into my normal meat rotations. Like, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday shall be Smoked Salmon feasting days. As well as the occasional Tuesday, Thursday and weekend. Sounds balanced to me. I just made a weekly meal plan. Other canines: take note of my vast nutritional knowledge. I have prepared a PowerPoint in case my humans need more convincing.
In other news, Stanislaw and I are doing quite well and we're enjoying our new home and warmer climate. I don't have to wear clothes nearly as often and I haven't seen my rubber boots in almost a year!!! Stanislaw does miss the snow but finds that mud is just as much fun to roll in. We're adjusting just fine.

The only downside of living here is that mom just can't seem to find a vet that she likes nearly as much as our Chicago doctor. I especially dislike this one doc that muzzled me and then declared me to be 9 years old instead of the my previously presumed 7. (This was after I thrashed and sufficiently kicked her behind and made her a sweaty mess. AWESOME!) Dude, that's like 14 years ahead of schedule. Sure, my teeth are a titch worn down and I've just about lost all my hearing, but have you SEEN my beastly attitude and rippling running muscles? Whatever lady. This spaniel-o-manliness shall never reveal his age. You just keep guessing.

Speaking of age... some folks say that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Well, I've successfully proved them wrong. My mom got a trick idea from our buddies Mango and Dexter. For Christmas, Dad got us a blow-up peanut exercise ball and mom has been teaching us to balance on it. (By the way, do you like my carpet decorations??!!)Mom usually says that I make her look good and she actually has no clue how to actually train a dog. From my perspective, I can tell you that is absolutely true. She timed me from my first introduction to the balance ball to when I got the trick - 2 minutes. Yup. You read that right. The lazy human barely lifted a finger.
In the video (at the bottom of the post), she's both talking to me and using hand signals (off camera). I can't really hear her anymore, so I run off body language. But mom has learned that Stanislaw learns both the verbal and non-verbal cues by watching me to the trick and then copying what I do. He still doesn't quite get it, (he sits on the ball instead of balances and mom has to help him), but it's mostly there. Here are a pic of his manly rear placed on our balance ball.That's about all from us for now. It's about time I made my salmon presentation to my people. They have such short attention spans that I need to strike while they're focused in my direction. Sheesh. Some day I'll have them appropriately trained.

Your friend in feasting,
Big Pupi (and his brother, Stanislaw)