Thursday, July 31, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 184- Treats, Please!

During her lunch break yesterday, mom took me on a quick obedience walk to work on my anxiety problem and my manners. We strolled down to the Place of Treats and Toys and picked up some Companion Natural Pet Food freeze-dried salmon treats. They are a little cork-like and a little spongy, and they are mighty mighty tasty. There's nothing in them but salmon so they're like the transportable version of my raw feasts. They look like this:
They make me smile like this:
They smell so strongly like fishy goodness that my eyes bugged out when mom first opened the package. She broke some up into training-sized bits and gave Pupi and me taste tests.

Holy fishies. These were SO GOOD. I became possessed by the feast and actually barked at mom for more... a big Naughty in our home. Pupi was sitting nicely and so he got another treat, and when I witnessed this favoritism there was only one thing that I knew I had to do: copy him. Totally worth it. Scored another bit of deliciousness.

On the website for the treat, mom came across a picture of their freeze dried green tripe snack patties. Ooohooo! Gotta get me some of those! But mom said No because those salmon treats made her hands stink like fish all day, and she doesn't even want to imagine what the tripe treats would do. This confused me. Why not use them as perfume? She'd be the most popular human at the bark park!

If you get anything dehydrated, mom warns against feeding too much in one go. On the web page for the tripe, it says that 4 oz of the freeze dried stuff is equal to 1 lb of the real thing. This stuff expands when in water... and stomach juices. Big Pupi and our pal Fenway learned this the hard way when feasting on some dehydrated liver treats during agility class. Oops. Despite what the side effects may be, it sure sounds tasty to me!

Dehydrated feasting,

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 183- Too Much Fun Is Not Enough

Our mornings generally go like this:

Mom leaves the human crate bright and early in the morning.  She does whatever she does for a few minutes until Pupi and I are released from our crates.  Before we know it, we're outside to empty "the tanks" and work out our beastly muscles.  Then it's back to the apartment for our biggest feast of the day, which always tastes melt-in-your-mouth-meaty after working up a good appetite.  Pupi washes down breakfeast with some serious thrashing of the SingingChristmasTreeMouseToy, while I bark, butt-herd him, poke mom, pull socks from the hamper and otherwise look for trouble at a hyper-kinetic pace.  This goes on for about 30 minutes before Pupi and I plop into our snoozel spots and we're out cold for the remainder of the morning.  Mom usually waits until our morning zoomies are through before she leaves us to shower, but yesterday she disappeared into the Room of Bathing before we had fully exhausted ourselves.  Well, I found myself some trouble, and there was no one there to stop me.  
The paper shreds started on my side and continued through 2 other rooms.

The only issue I ran into was that my need for sleepies kicked in strongly and suddenly, and as usual I passed out where I stood.  Unfortunately, at that moment I happened to be standing amongst my mess, surrounded by evidence of my toy tossing and paper shredding.  She knew I was guilty!

I couldn't be bothered to make my tired beastly muscles move, or get my furry rear as far away from the wreckage as possible.  So I did what I always know gets me in mom's good graces... I made her laugh.  It's a great trick:  When she comes around acting all mad-like, don't move from your sleepie spot.  Keep your body perfectly still and pretend to be sound asleep, and when she comes real close... so close... swiftly lift your knee and expose your groin.  Hold it up there proudly, but pretend to still be snoozeling.  Seriously guys.  This one works.
Stanislaw, knee in the air, groin exposed

Humans are a simple creature,

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 182- The Magic of Raw Feasting

Health Update by Big Pupi:

Stanislaw and I have been on an exclusively raw diet (no processed, kibble or canned food) for over 6 months now, so I felt that it was time for a health update. We've also been getting lots of emails from other pups interested in our feasting habits, wondering how, or if, we've really benefited from eating raw. For starters, I'll give a quick recap about why we started this diet in the first place~

I suffered from severe food and seasonal allergies which made me itch until I bled. My food allergies caused me at one point to lose 50% of my body weight and made it difficult for me to gain healthy fat and muscle. I also was having blood tests every 4-6 months to keep track of my kidney function, which was only heading downhill with every check. My breath was stinky and my teeth all browned and yellowed, and I was headed for anesthesia and a teeth cleaning.

Stanislaw came to us a little over a year ago at about 15 pounds. He spine was visible and even his jaw bone could easily be seen as he ate and played (the body will usually try to keep fat stores around the head for as long as it can, using the rest of the body first). He had no muscle to speak of and zero stamina. He also suffered from 5-7 bouts of diarrhea per day, and could barely keep food inside long enough to get any sort of nourishment from it. Constant ear infections were another issue that required more medication, on top of all of the antibiotics, de-worming and anti-parasitic meds that he was constantly prescribed. The vets finally decided that he suffered from a "malnutrative disorder," which basically means that his body just wasn't able to properly use his food.

We were put on Canidae, which is a super good kibble and canned food, but it didn't help Stanislaw's case any and my allergies were still out of control. Desperate, my mom talked to a Rhodesian Ridgeback breeder from my agility class, who had gorgeous, muscular dogs and found out that she fed raw. Well, the quest to learn about raw began, and a few months later (there's LOTS to learn and my humans were quite overwhelmed and nervous about it!) we were feasting on our first raw chicken wing. We've never looked back.

It took a few months for the diet to completely work its magic on us, but right away my humans began to notice some differences. Stanislaw's doggie-smelling, oily stinkhead was gone and his diarrhea stopped. He began to make normal bowel movements and only twice per day. That was a first! Our teeth became sparkling white and clean after only 4 weeks of working our way through bones, and I no longer need to have my dental appointment. My seasonal allergies disappeared and my kidney function numbers swung in the opposite direction and now I fall WAY within the healthy range and have remained stable. I no longer need blood tests multiple times per year, and can get away with seeing that yucky needle at annual appointments only. Stanislaw's once brittle, dull and brown-tinged coat grew in to a thick, shiny, blue-black. There has only been one ear infection between the two of us since, and that was only in one of Stanislaw's two ears. Does it count as 1/2 an infection?

It took a few months, but eventually we both began to put on some good muscle and healthy weight. Stanislaw went from a shelter weight of 15 pounds to today's 23 pounds of beast! Mom kept photos of his progress, and after his first 6 months with us with very little change, he suddenly began to pack it on after the switch to the raw diet. His middle used to be so tiny that mom could wrap her small hand around it and her fingers would touch! You can also see his funny rib in the early photos (from an old break that healed crooked). Look for the lower rib on his right side - it catches the light just a tad. You can't see it anymore!
As for me, I've finally put on that 2 pounds the vet wanted... well, it's more like 1.75 pounds, but I'm close! That puts me at a total of 21.5 pounds. I'm a small cocker boy, but I'm one lean, mean, playing machine.
So, all is well in feast-ville. This whole diet thing couldn't have worked out any better for us, but keep in mind that it's not for everyone, including my buddy Henry who is now giving a cooked diet a try (Henry suffers from epilepsy). Every dog is different and your humans need to find what works best for you. And no matter what you're feasting on, I think it's pretty safe to say that all of us bloggy doggies are very loved and very spoiled. We are certainly a lucky bunch.

Big Pupi

Stanislaw here, and I want to send love to my dearest Paris Rain for this lovely treat. I feel the same about you, baby... and your blog. How lucky am I? Who would have thought that a beast like me would get such a nice award? Things like this you just don't take for granted.


Monday, July 28, 2008

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Birthday Feast, Part Dwa (Two)

My humans left Pupi and me alone in the apartment for a while today, and man was I one grumpy pup when they returned.  It's my birthday!  Thou shalt not leave the birthday king home!  It didn't take long for my bitter attitude to fade into swirly sweetness when I saw what they had done.  They had purchased supplies for the birthday celebration!
Mom began spreading some scrumptious vanilla ice cream onto the bottom of two bowls, and then she scattered some BBQ-ed chicken chunks on top.  When the candles appeared on top of one bowl, I just knew that it was mine!
I totally would have eaten the deliciousness candles and all, but all I was allowed was a sniff until the tongue-burning bits were removed.  Then it was feasting time!!!
I made certain to get myself as coated with the cool creaminess as possible.  Vanilla ice cream happens to look lovely against my black coat.  I am one fashionable boy.  Once the feasting was over and after Pupi and I began to work on chewing up our paper bowls (not allowed, apparently), our humans presented me with another gift.  
Sure, I think it's kind of lame that Big Pupi has to get feasts and presents on MY special day, but I try to remember that his birthday is only a few days away and he MUST share his feasts and presents with me.  I can deal.  After all, today has been pretty awesome so far.  
I am one happy, ice cream-covered boy!  And the celebration isn't over yet.  Dad is doing his laundry later and I get to thrash to my heart's content.  I LOVE laundry parties!  

Give it your best thrash,

Raw Food Diet, Day 180- Birthday Feasts

I'm writing a super quick pre-birthday bash post.  Thanks to all of you that have already wished me a good day!  I have a feeling that it will be... after all, the city of Chicago held a parade in my honor on my street this morning.  They even blasted my favorite song: We Like to Party by the Vengaboys!
Okay, so maybe it was Disability Pride Day, but the floats were nice!  Today also happens to be Saint Stanislaus's birthday, which is why my dad decided I should share this exciting afternoon.  (Dad is really into Polish history.)  I don't really know who that guy is or what it means to be the Patron Saint of Poland.  What I DO understand, however, is that this human must have been one cool dude because he has his very own feast day!

Anyway, I'm super excited because I've never before had a special day of feasting and celebrations just for me.  In fact, my last owners never even bothered to feed me, let alone give me a birthday!  So today is my second(ish) birthday and my very first celebration.  Mom cooked up a special dinner for me of raw green tripe which I totally love, and I also heard something about ICE CREAM with chicken sprinkles that's supposed to happen later on this afternoon.  Weeeeeee!  I'll post more pictures of my birthday feasting celebrations as the day goes on.  

Thanks again for the wishes!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 179- R-E-S-P-E-C-T

My mom was appalled yesterday when she found Big Pupi and me going to town on her little Madeline doll.  My mom is called Madeline, and so people always give her toys that share her name.  But she doesn't chew them!  Instead, she keeps them packed away and in drawers, instead of in my mouth where they belong.  Well, yesterday there was some cleaning going on, and one particular doll stuffy escaped the drawer and wound up with its rightful owners.
This wee stuffy has all these delightfully floppy legs and arms, spit-absorbing yarn hair and a little bow that's just begging to be removed and consumed.  Big Pupi did his usual, gentle, stuffy nibble with his front teeth, but I made sure to give her a good thrashing.
Pupi and I worked diligently on this doll, and when mom came out to check on us she found our new toy buried in the sofa next to a very important part of her dainty little outfit.  Stuffies just don't get any privacy around here!
Well, mom just couldn't believe the violation that had ensued.  Do we have no respect for our stuffies?  Especially ones named after mom?  I mean, who would do such a thing and steal unmentionables from a doll??  Pupi and I had stripped our Madeline stuffy of her dignity, and then buried her face-down in the sofa cushions.  Cruel.  Just cruel.  I have to admit that those stuffy knickers were terribly fun to toss about and thrash.  I also made the discovery that I'd look good in a pair of my own, but only if worn as a teeny beret:
In the end the undies found their place in the trash - something about them looking too tasty for a pair of naughty boys who like to feast on stuffy bits.  It didn't make the doll any less appealing though, and we took turns carrying her around the apartment and introducing her to her new home - our jaws.  
I really think she likes it here!  She hasn't stopped smiling yet!

Stuffies.  Sweet.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 178- First Flight

Hello bloggerinis.  Don't Big Pupi and I look handsome?
Just kidding.  That's our aunt and uncle (cousins?) Jake and Paisley.  I know... the four of us would make quite a troop marching our way through downtown!  But I've actually never met them since they live a few days of riding in the puke-mobile away.  I've only heard stories.  One of these stories, as fate may have it, is about raw feasting.

My grandhumans put Jake and Paisley on the raw diet shortly after Pupi and I started to notice all of the health benefits from fresh feasting.  They eat mostly a pre-made ground raw diet, but this past weekend they got to chow down on their first bone-crunching chicken wing!  Jake, who is normally the speed-feaster, oh-so carefully chewed his wing into tiny portions and broke it to bits before sending them down to his tummy.  Paisley, on the other hand, stood there frozen with her eyes moving wildly, with a nice juicy wing waving goodbye from her jaws.  She wouldn't eat it!  She also didn't want anyone to take it.  She watched Jake make his way slowly through his meaty deliciousness, but she remained statuesque with only the occasional glance in her brother's direction.  Thinking that she would eventually feel the beast inside and go to town on the wing, her humans let her be.  They thought wrong.  She remained unmoved and drooling, with an in-tact wing still dangling from her lips.  It wasn't until her mom came and grabbed hold of the protruding wing that Paisley began to fight for it.  She began to tug at the meat and chew on the bone and before she knew it she was feasting!  There was no turning back once those tasty juices hit her tongue!  Paisley pulverized the bone within the wing, and then swallowed the gelatin-like bit of bird whole.  It was gone in a belch!  

Jake and Paisley were totally fine after the their first bone-in meal.  They wrestled with joy for the remainder of the morning and then ended the day with some tasty ground beef.  Yum!  This bone crunching will help to clean years of kibble yuckiness that has built up on their teeth.  It sure worked for Pupi who was about 4 months away from scheduling a teeth cleaning at the Place of Tile and Steel.  Now he has sparkling white choppers!  In other news, Jake's stinkhead has magically disappeared, just like mine did!  He even had it way worse than me, and after being fed raw he no longer has that "doggy smell" that would get on the humans' hands and clothes.  It's been a few months since Jake and Paisley made the switch from kibble to raw, and they've both kept a healthy, lean weight, have not had one single ear infection, suffer from no allergies, and are full of energy and a love of the feast.  Now that's tasty news!

Talking about tasty news, I have discovered a new talent.  I can catch birds!  I got myself a juicy little house sparrow while out for a walk with dad last week.  I am a master hunter!
Mom is not too thrilled, however, and I just can't imagine why.  I can provide for our family!  In the true spirit of all things Stanislaw, this new-found ability has become an overwhelming obsession (add it to the list!) and now I only want to hunt birds whenever I'm outside.  And they're everywhere!  It's so great.  I'm so focused on bird hunting that I forget to do my Good Boy in the Good Boy Spot, and since I've been getting pretty good at avoiding Good Boy in the apartment, I wind up not going at all.  In fact, I held it for over 12 hours yesterday because I couldn't get myself to focus and was forced to mom before dawn with one serious potty emergency.  She was so happy to see my smiling face!  But man, I barely made it outside before I exploded with weebles.  It was some excellent territory marking.  Sometimes not even I can believe my own beastliness.  

Catch birds & mark territory,

Big Pupi has a request:

If you've been reading our blog for a while now, you probably know that Stanislaw has some.... um.... mental issues.  He is indeed a special boy.  He's prone to developing obsessive behaviors that control him to the point that he can't even focus long enough to lift a leg.  While he's improved dramatically and has lost most of the compulsions and ticks that he had when first adopted, he will still develop new obsessions and still suffers from generalized anxiety when away from his home and familiar territory.  We've been working with his "therapist" to help him get over his anxiety problems, but it's been slow going - especially when it comes to his screaming about town!  Well, mom has emailed his therapist about his new bird hunting obsession, but I was hoping to get some advice from my fellow dog bloggers!  Anyone have any ideas how to get Stanislaw out of these habits?  My humans try to treat and distract but absolutely nothing breaks though.  And if feasts don't get through to Stanley, you know that you've got one major obsession issue on your paws.  He loves the thrill of the hunt!

Thanks guys!

The obedient son,
Big Pupi

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 177- From Rewards to Awards

I want you all to know that I have been working my furry little bum off, helping mom unpack her bags by removing her unmentionables and parading around the apartment with them.  I do what I can, you know?  Good times.  Good dog.  

After getting some good sleepies in my crate last night, I woke with the sun, filled to the brim with explosive energy and a terrible craving for meaty feasts.  Big Pupi, mom and I all rolled out of our crates and strapped ourselves together for an exciting fast hunt!  I kept my eyes peeled and watched for rabbits and squirrels as my beastliness ran through downtown to the bark park.  Sitting there, so quietly in the middle, was my beloved baby pool!  I was freed from mom's tether and ran as fast as my manly legs could carry me to the cool, crisp water when... WHAT WAS THIS?!  There was another DOG in MY POOL!  He was big and hairy and looked like Fenway with lots of freckles and he soaked his stinky belly in MY belly-soaking water!  I wanted to take that tennis ball right out of his evil mouth!  Thank goodness there was a sudden game of chase that distracted him and I had my pool returned to me, nice and dirty - just how I like it.

I was soaking my belly and taking stock of the park and folks inside of it, and I realized that there were many Fenway-esque dogs there!  I got so excited!  I shot out of the pool and assumed the play-bow, hoping for a solid game of chase.  But no!  These dogs were NO FUN!  Every time I got up some good "chase me" speed they would surround me and force me back to where I started!  No matter what I did, I just couldn't get anywhere without one of those stinky pups cutting me off, pushing me away, stalking me down and forcing me to play their games.  Grrr.  One got so annoying that I actually snarled in his face and I have NEVER gotten snarly-faced at another dog (bitey-face games excluded).  Big Pupi was having similar problems.  As he was trying to busy himself weebling on his territory, he kept being knocked over and pushed around by one of these herding dogs.  Double Grrr!  We didn't stay at the park for very long because there just wasn't much fun to be had with no running about and no craziness allowed by these silly dogs.  I'm a grown beast and I need my freedom!  You're not the boss of me!

We had a fast-hunt on the way home, then feasted on some ground lamb pre-made raw food (got to finish the bag we bought for our trip!) and then I continued work emptying out mom's suitcase.  Helping myself to socks and undies is way better than being herded around at the bark park!  To thank me for all of my hard work, mom took out my favorite treat -- STRING CHEESE!  I could hardly believe my good fortune and jumped all over mom like Naughty Boy.  But I can't help it, I'm a cheese addict!  This stuff clouds my mind and makes me act all crazy-like.

Big Pupi would fetch the moon for a taste of the cheesiness.  He magically transforms into a momma's boy of gargantuan proportions.
So that's been my morning so far: fast hunts, herding games, and cheesy feasts.  Good stuff.  We're glad to be back and can't wait to find out what everyone has been up to!

Cheese please,

Big Pupi is honored:

I consider us to be fairly spoiled boys.  Stanislaw and I are treated like beastly kings by our humans (as it should be), but what did we do to deserve this treatment from our blogging friends?  
We are so thrilled to be honored with this award!  It was a treat that's even better than cheese from our friends Fenway (please don't herd me!) and Charlie.  

Alrighty now, I need to:
1. Post the award on the blog
2. Link to the generous folks that gave it to me
3. Nominate 7 of my favorite blogs and link to them
4. Leave a comment to let those pups know they've received an award

How tasty!  Thanks guys!  This was super cool of you to think of Pupi and me.  I would like to pass this award along to Mack and Stanislaw's lovely Paris Rain, Louis Reginald and the fine Ella Bean, the Sox-loving duo Agatha and Archie, and my hamsterrific buddy, Girl Girl.  Hope you get extra cheesy treats for being so special!

Big Pupi

Friday, July 18, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 172- Feasts, Friends, Friday

Today is the day after some major partying at the bark park and boy are Pupi and I suffering from dog park hangovers.  
We exploded out of our crates as usual, gave our neighbor mini schnauzer Riley an enthusiastic "hello!", did our weebles and poobles in the Good Boy spot and then feasted on some crunchy chicken necks for breakfast.  Then we passed out.  Normal mornings include a post-feast thrashing of SingingChristmasTreeMouseToy by Big Pupi, while I play bow and yip at him, spinning and crashing into him with my bum.  Nope.  Not this morning.  We're just too tired.  I didn't even have it in me to beg for a chunk of mom's breakfast banana (which I'm no longer allowed to have since my little banana-induced episode).  Today will be a relaxing day.
Later mom will take Big Pupi and me for a little walk down to our local Place of Toys and Feasts to pick up some pre-made raw food.  She didn't get enough last time we went.  Oops!  We don't usually feast on pre-made raw, but we're going away for a few days and it's way easier for traveling.  We'll be gone starting tomorrow through next Tuesday, and that means no blogging while away.  Sorry guys!  I'm sure we'll have lots to say and loads to catch up on when we return.

In other news, there's this little game of meat locker tag going around and I've been tagged by Beckett.  Game rules say that we must post a photo of the front of our meat locker, and write about one thing you keep on it and one thing that's kept inside.

Well, Big Pupi and I happen to be very lucky pups and we have a meat locker of our very own!  Our humans have the one in the kitchen with all the stupid stuff stuck to the front of it and all the stinky stuff (like lettuce and pickles) inside of it.  Pupi and I like to keep our locker in slick feasting shape and packed to the brim with canine-appropriate deliciousness.  One thing we keep on it would be Big Pupi's paws.  He always has to stand up against the meat locker and wedge his schnozzle in the crack where the door opens.  Smells like feasting!The reason we have our very own meat locker is because our people like to save cheese money and that means they have to buy our meat in bulk from co-ops... so we wind up with shipments of 80+ lbs of feasting supplies about 4 times a year.  Our folks need to keep it fresh and frozen and their teeny weeny freezer just won't do!

As for what's inside of our meat locker...
Meat!  Of course!  And a frozen container of canned pumpkin (for use if our tummies ever get sad), some frozen batches of veggie mush (mom makes many months'-worth in one go), our moo tube treats and marrow bones.  See those baggies of chicken necks in the basket?  Yum!

I need to tag other folks, and I want to see what's in the meat lockers of Rudolph & Goofy, Petey, and my lovely Paris.

Finally, I'd like to thank Petra for giving me this award!  And now I must follow these rules (by Arte-y-Pico) and pass it on...

1.  You must pick 5 blogs that you consider deserve this award for creativity, design, interesting material and which contribute to the blogger community.
2.  Post the names and links of the award recipients.
3.  Each winner should post the award and link to the blog that has recognized them.
4.  Link to the Arte-y-Pico blog so everyone knows where the award originated.

Alrighty, here goes - I pass this award along to Fenway, Beckett, my brother Big Pupi, Rudolph & Goofy, and Mack & Paris.  Sorry for the doubling-up on there guys!  But what can I say... I think you're fabulous!

We'll miss you folks while we're away.  Have a delicious weekend and we'll see you on Wednesday!

Have feasts, will travel.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 171- Barkin' in the Park

Today was another early AM wake-up call for Pupi and me, and again we were off to the bark park.  Once there we were surprised to meet a small group of pups whose people get them together every Thursday morning before they have to leave for Work.  I didn't even bother to say my "Hello's" to these dogs because right there before my beastly eyes was the kiddie pool!!!  I thrashed in there like a deep sea monster and did a few spins and belly-soaks to warm up for a morning of play.  

There was this particularly awesome black mini schnauzer that made the most ferocious growly noises but turned out to be an excellent chase and wrestle buddy.  We got to stay at the dog park extra long today since we got there so early, and this pup and I played together the whole time!  I tried my best to challenge him into a water wrestling match in the pool but he wasn't having it.  In fact, none of the dogs liked the pool so I always had it all to myself!  (It also made for a great way to escape the pups when they got to be too much for me.)  Big Pupi doesn't like it when dogs play too rough and breaks up the fun, and mom had a tough time trying to keep him away from the schnauzer and me while we were playing bitey face and tackling each other.

I was in full-on sprinting and splashing mode when all of a sudden I saw a rabbit run across the lawn just outside of the park!  I began to go ballistic and screamed and screamed my special high-pitched rabbit/squirrel scream and attracted all of the dogs in the park to the gate to yelp along with me at the moving bunny feast!  I caused quite a commotion!  Eventually our people were able to move us away from the fence and get us back to playing, but I kept glancing over to make sure that rabbit didn't tempt me again.

A male human showed up with 3 of his show dogs that looked just like Fenway.  One was a puppy and I thought he was pretty cool because he was my size, but his teeth were awfully sharp and I'm just not into that.  The man-human was talking all about the raw diet and how his dogs ate turkey necks for breakfast (!!!) and how his 2 most successful show dogs were on a ranch herding sheep 65 miles to their new pasture.  Wow!  I think I totally have the energy for that!

The group of humans all knew each other (except for my mom) and they all started chatting about certain dogs that are out of control and their owners who bring them to the park anyway.  I should have listened to this conversation because a new dog came in and I greeting him with my usual sniff and wiggle, and before I knew it I was pinned to the ground and he was biting my face!  I shrieked until that bad boy was pulled off of me and made to leave the park.  Phew!  I paid my pool a little visit to calm myself after that attack.  Water is just so zen, especially when it's good and dirty.  

The strange humans continued to talk about naughty dogs, and they said that one particular dog always preys on the little guys in the park, and when it went for one of the man's very-special show pups he actually picked the meany dog up and locked him in the entry holding pen!  The dog's person wasn't being responsible and wasn't policing their dog like they should.  Turns out that this man has also called the police on irresposible folks with really evil dogs!  No sooner did he finish this line when Big Pupi went for his puppy.  Pupi was sick of those needle teeth on his bum and after many ignored warning growls he taught the puppy a lesson.  Boy did that baby squeal!  Mom was so mortified that she yanked Pupi off and took him to Time Out for some Sit, Stay and Watch Me until he calmed down.  Naughty boy!

Anyway, it was almost 2 hours of ball-chasing, pool-soaking and general craziness before we went home.  Pupi and I were starving for some breakfast and feasted hard on some ground whole duck and yogurt and we plan on finishing the other 1/2 of our bully sticks later.  We were too exhausted for our usual, post-breakfast 30 minutes of zoomies and lunatic antics, and we crashed on the sofa for some Animal Planet and nappies.
My most favorite show, The Endless Feast, is on later today and I have to remember to set my DVR for a series recording just in case nappies lasts through my programming.  Usually I'd set my alarm but this morning really took it out of me.  I need to recharge for more fun, feasting and a game of sock-tug when dad gets home today!

Eat up,

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 170- Water + Stanislaw = PARTY!

This morning was a morning of awesomeness.  It's been super hot in the afternoons lately and so today mom got us all up and out of our crates early in the morning for some exercise and a slow-hunt.  We were treading along our usual trail when suddenly mom changed her mind and we veered off in another direction.  Little did I know that this was taking us to the back entrance of the bark park!

We haven't been to the bark park in what seems like forever because of the dog flu that had been going around.  That seems to be under control now, but we still avoid the park when it's crowded.  Mornings are usually quiet times and so we decided to pay it a little visit so Pupi and I could run about like beasts and not have to be Have like we do when we're on a leash.  It was great!  The moment we zoomed through the gates we were greeted by our friend Keagan who we haven't seen since his humans moved.  Every time he sees us he weebles a little bit on himself (oops!) but then it's super fun chasing time! 

My chasing concentration didn't last long before I noticed something new and absolutely wonderful sitting in my park.  It was a kiddie pool filled with icy cold hose water!  I sprinted towards it with all my might and from about 6 feet out I became airborne.  While hurdling my gangly body through air I assumed the belly-soaking position and landed with an enormous splash in the incredible coldness!  This was my very first time in one of these body-sized water bowls and man, was it just the best ever!  I spent the next 30 minutes crashing into the pool and exploding out of it over and over again, with a little Keagan-chasing mixed in.  It wasn't until Keagan left and a big guy named Bull Mastiff came in, that I realized the full potential for my pool.  (I call it "my pool" but I had so much respect for the pool that I didn't even weeble in it!)  Mr. Mastiff kept coming up to the edge my pool and would assume the play-bow position.  I would mirror his bow while barking my head off, and then spin myself like a whirling dervish creating a tornado of liquid that soaked Mr. Mastiff and me from schnozzle to tail.  Oh how fun!  I'm currently working on my humans, trying to convince them that we need one of these things in our home.  I would be Good Boy if we had one!  I promise!

We spent quite some time playing in the park, but before we got ourselves too exhausted mom made us leave and be Have on our walk home.  We were about half way through our return trip when we saw a black and white cocker spaniel just like Big Pupi!  We exchanged sniffs and got to know him a little.  Turns out that his humans adopted him just a month ago!  What a lucky boy.  I hope I get to see him again soon.  It wasn't long after that introduction that we met ANOTHER cocker spaniel, only this boy was black like me!  Well, he was mostly black... his face was awfully grey.  His mom told us that he is 14 years old and almost blind now, but he still looked like a super fun guy!  All of those cocker-owning humans said something about Big Pupi and me being rather "active" and "busy" dogs.  I wonder what they're referring to?  

After all of these adventures (and admittedly, a few meltdowns by me on the way), we finally reached our front door.  That's when I realized that something was missing from my day:
Big Pupi noticed the same thing:
It was feasting time!  We hadn't had our breakfast yet!
Mmm!  Ground turkey and yogurt!  Kelp deliciousness!
Mom said something about us either getting bully sticks or some tuna and yogurt as a snack this afternoon since we burned so many calories running like beasts at the park.  Yay!  Fun and feasting is always a win/win.  Except I also heard something about needing an ear-cleaning after splashing like a maniac in that pool... 

I hope all of you who have a massive splashing water bowl of your very own enjoy it enough for the two of us!  I'm jealous!

I so need a kiddie pool in my crate,

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Raw Food Diet, 169- Jaws of Steel

My folks tell me that I have Jaws of Steel.
They say that for a 22 lb dog, I can get mighty destructive.  They had become so accustom to my brother and his wimpy-boy chewing skills, that they were completely unprepared for my feasting abilities.  As soon as I figured out the toy bin when I was first adopted, I went to town on all of Pupi's rubber bones and chewy chew toys.  I tried my best to de-stuff all of his stuffies, but Pupi is way too protective of those and he'd beat me up any time he heard a stitch pop or fabric tear.  But man, did I do some work on those chew bones!  I guess it was when my folks saw millions of blue bits from Pupi's flexible dental chew appearing in my Good Boy business that they determined they need to get me some more Big Boy bones.  

They ordered me Nylabone toys made for "strong chewers" and large breeds.  Did that stop me?  No!  Did my determination to feast on these toys make my jaws stronger?  Yes!  The tough toys I liked best were my T-Rex Dinosaur dental chew and my chicken flavored bone toy.  In no time at all, I reduced those silly toys to this:
Yes, that dinosaur had a head at one point - a big T-Rex head.  He also had feet.  I'm sure you know what that silly Nylabone looked like, but I gave them both a face lift!
Personally, I am proud of my work.  That dino was tough enough to hammer nails with!  It sure took concentration, determination, and some impressive jaw muscles.  I am a beast!  I have also turned toys made for Rottweilers into feasting nubbins and gave them an up-close and personal tour of my digestive system.  I like to hide my serious chewing skills behind a facade of innocence and puppy-ish-ness. 
People would never suspect that I can devour a leather shoe in mere minutes!  My girly brother, on the other paw, spends hours each day nibbling on his stuffies with his very front teeth, and licking them all over like they are his puppies.  He's such a girl!  He will only de-stuff a toy if I've already managed to tear a good hole into it... and that's a rare occasion.  Pupi has stuffies that are years old, and even though he has removed the right ear off of each of them, they have suffered very little damage otherwise.  
As for my Big Boy chewing bones, Pupi tries his hardest to copy me but he can't!  He'll work hard on those Nylabones and never make a dent.  Ha!  What a momma's boy!  
He goes about it all wrong, holding those toys in his dainty little shaved paws.  He doesn't quite grasp the art of violent feasting and thrashing your toys an inch from their lives.  I am the master!
Okay, so maybe I'm not the master.  I mean, Big Pupi bosses me around on a regular basis.  But at least I know that I've got him beat in feasting skills.  And if you ask me, I've also got him beat with my beasting skills.  So in the end that means I win, right?

I am an animal,

Monday, July 14, 2008

Raw Food Diet, 168- Frosty Schnozzles

It was a toasty Sunday but our humans always make it a point to get Pupi and me outside every day.  I don't have a problem with this and so when I see my blue harness coming my way I oblige and slip my head through.  I'm a guy that likes to gamble, and despite the fact that I don't really know if the harness is going on so that I may be strapped into the puke-mobile or if I'm about to go on a fast hunt, I'm willing to take my chances.  It was well worth the risk yesterday!

Our folks walked us down to Baskin-Robbins, and we waited outside with dad while mom did some human stuff inside the sweet-smelling store.  I have no idea what goes on in there but whenever the people go inside they work their bi-ped magic and emerge with ICE CREAM!  I heard somewhere that this magical ice cream place has 31 flavors of deliciousness, but for some reason my humans only get us vanilla.  But I'm not complaining!  We walked to the park and Pupi and I were leashed to a bench while dad prepared our treat.  It was creamy cold feasting on my hot tongue.

First mom made us eat nicely off spoons and made us wait our turn for the tastiness, but Big Pupi kept trying to push my face out of the way and steal my feast!

Eventually our people gave up trying to make us feast with manners and got rid of that silly spoon.  Pupi and I polished that paper cup to a pearly shine.

It was when I actually tried to consume the cup itself that mom took it away and we made our way over to the water fountain to wash down (and rinse off) our sweet stickiness.  Our people have this handy Outward Hound bowl that comes with us every time we venture out in the summer, and when Pupi and I see it we know we're in for fun!  I hog the bowl and drink most of the water - Pupi isn't a big drinker like I am so he doesn't mind.  When I'm done with my water feasting I lie on top of the bowl to get my belly nice and wet.

With tummies full of icy water and ice cream, we made our way back home.  Boy am I thankful to our buddies Maggie and Mitch for inspiring our people to make an ice cream trip today!  Summer is a delicious time of year.

Hoping that ice cream is in my bowl tonight,

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Raw Food Diet, 166- Vote for Big Pupi!

Hey guys!  Big Pupi here.  As you might know, last year I ran for President of Red Sox Nation - the MLB team's fan base.  I made it all the way into the final 9 but eventually lost to RemDawg, who is not actually a dog like he claims to be.  Sure, this was a competition for humans, but who doesn't love cute cocker face?

Well, they are holding another election, and this time it's for the role as Governor.  I'll be running to represent Illinois and have my paws crossed that you'll support my cause!  I have always taken a stand for the Forgotten Fans of baseball, and I promote feasting and quality time with the humans watching the game.  If you're a ball fan please vote for me!

-My email address for the vote form is:
-Voting takes place on the Red Sox Nation website
-You may vote up to 10 times per email address
-Voting closes on August 5th!

For more info on my life as a Red Sox candidate, my platform and how I tackle the important issues, check out my website.

Thanks guys!  I always know I can count on you!  Have a tasty weekend.

Notes on voting & answers to questions

-Click this link or the Red Sox Nation link above to go to the vote page.

-Pupi's gmail address (above) must be used in the vote form, under "Applicant's Information."

-If you're voting yourself -as opposed to your human voting- you have to be at least 18 years old.  So for some of you that means your doggie age.  For others, well, it may be time to get creative with your math (wink wink).