Monday, January 5, 2009

Raw Food Diet, Day 342- Holidaze!

Happy holidays my fellow feasters! It's been a super crazy mondo busy time here for us so we've been lazy about our blogging. We really hope everyone had a great holiday and a tasty 2009.

Big Pupi and I had a SuperAwesomeAmazing time over Christmas. We celebrated a little early since our humans were going to be away on Christmas day and Pupi and I were going to camp. In our pre-Santa-Day festivities there were loads of delicious paper presents that Pupi and I were given to shred.We worked diligently and carefully, and made sure that all of the wrapping paper in the apartment was reduced to bite-sized morsels.
Mom couldn't get any photos of me shredding paper since I'm more of a whirling dervish and all the pictures were blurry. Whatever mom! One of us beasts had to teach that paper a lesson it will never forget, and we all know that Pupi wasn't going to do it.
We got some awesome stuffies from our people, including this rainbow colored, bacteria looking thing that I found especially tasty. I would have liked to see what was inside of it but Pupi is too protective of the stuffies in this house and he won't let me gut them. No fun! Why would they put all that squishy stuffy stuff IN there if you're not supposed to take it OUT? Big Pupi is such a dorkus.
After our shredding fest and present thrashing extravaganza, we packed up our feasts and heading off to camp. My brother and I spent a long long time there and I missed my dad's stinky socks, but it was kind of awesome getting to wrestle all day every day and being able to pooble wherever and whenever I pleased. I think we should enforce those rules in my home! I thoroughly enjoyed weebling any time a good smell came along... and there were lots of good smells!

I may have overdone it at camp, because when my people came to get me I was a pound lighter and could barely keep my eyes open. I was out cold for the entire ride home in the puke-mobile, then I continued to sleep for the next 2 days - waking up only to do Good Boy outside and feast on some garlicky pork mom had cooked up. I could barely find the strength to play sock tug with dad and all I could do was nibble on the sock and then sleep on it. Man, I was pooped! Good thing camp makes us take nappies for a few hours in the afternoon. I might not be able to walk otherwise.

So, when we got home after camp, 2 thing happened (aside for some serious napping):
1. mom shaved us into proper cocker spaniel cuts (lame-o!!); and
2. we got more presents (awesome-o!!!).
Our amazing buddies Rudolph and Goofy sent us gifts all the way from Singapore. We couldn't believe it! We got fancy new feasting snoods, a wooden bone, a bungee tug toy (my favorite!), a set of antlers on a headband (which mom made me wear on my back - uncool), a tasty chocolate-flavored nylabone and a handsome bow tie.
I look smashing in it, don't you think? I think that "Christmas" is my color. Big Pupi tried to wear the new bungee toy but he just can't model as well as I can. Geesh. Does he always have to be such a doofus?Thanks a million trillion times over Rudolph and Goofy! It was such a sweet surprise to come home to and it made the holidays last into 2009. There's no better way to ring in the new year than with some fresh stuffies and treats! We are the happiest beasts in town.

And the snoozeliest beasts in town. Man did I overdo it at camp!

Sweet dreams,

P.S. My sweet cousin Paisley is undergoing surgery today to correct a luxating patella that's been giving her all sorts of problems. Wish her luck! She'll be spending the night at the hospital and then heading home tomorrow. I sure hope she feels better soon!


Niamh said...

Happy New Year Stanislaw and Big Pupi! I'm glad to know that you had such a good holiday and got lots of stuffies. I did too. I was at K9 Kindercare for a week so I know how exhausted you must be. Playing all day is hard work!

Hope you cousin has a very successful surgery and that she doesn't have to wear a satellite dish on her head.

Your friend,

Mack said...

We are so glad you two are back! Camp sounds like it was a blast! Mom says Paris is getting a "proper" cocker cut this time - She is sooo fuzzy right now.

Hero said...

I'm glad the both of you are back. I've missed reading about your adventures. You look very handsome in your bow tie and that bungee toy on Big Pupi is an interesting look. I hope your cousin's surgery goes well.

Agatha and Archie said...

We missed you!! You both look smashing in your new things and Pupi did a fabulous job with the paper!!!!! Good luck to your cousin( Archie is very queasy about this as that is what he has but his chiropractor has been keeping it in line!!) Love A+A

Biggie-Z said...

Doesn't camp just ROCK (even though we miss our humans)? I guess yours feeds you all your raw yummies too? Momma had to make and take 30 lbs of raw food to camp for me. Yowzah!

By the way, WHAT are those things on your heads in one of those middle pictures? They look suspiciously like belly bands...

You gotta keep your humans from making you wear silly stuff on your heads!

Alex said...

Stanislaw, did you have to wear those thingies on your heads to keep your ears from getting in the way of your shave?

Lorenza said...

Happy New Year!
First of all, paws crossed for Paisley!
Glad you had a great time these holidays and getting pawesome presents!
Kisses and hugs

Joe Stains said...

You really slept for TWO days?? Omdog now Mom wants to send us to Camp. You guys got some pawesome pressies!!

duo_disaster said...

BIG WELCOME back & GREAT 2009!

We were actually so afraid we might got the wrong address. Thank GOD he heard our prayers to reach your paws! We hope you like it, since M said we can't send treats over, neither can we send anything raw (it might just stink by the time it reaches you, lol!)

Included 2 hand-made snoods, glad they fitted well! =)

Together, we pray that your cousin Paisley would have a smooth surgery! May GOD mighty hand heal & remove all nasty inhabitants in her!

Be wonderfully blessed in this year, Rudolf & Goofy

Maggie and Mitch said...

We hope you're able to snag and destuff that bacteria toy soon, Stan! We want to know if it's tutti-fruity flavor!
What nice pressies from Rudolf and Goofy!

Stanley said...

Sounds like you had a FAB time at camp, and cleaned up on some amazing presents for Christmas!

I'm thinking you look particularly sex-ay in your new snoods!

Goober love,

Swathi said...

Puppy looks like a Doll.Its very cute! I hope you will be exhausted Playing all day, good holiday! I will pray for your cousin to have a very successful surgery and get well soon.