Thursday, March 20, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 51-A Belly Full of Tripe and A New Meat Locker

Today is the best day of my life since yesterday! I have a belly full of my favorite meat, tripe, and my own personal meat locker came in the mail and is fully functioning. It's packed to the brim with all my favorite raw meats and bones and now my humans can use their locker for their own stupid non-raw meat. Apparently they think my tripe smells like puke and they want to separate it from their food. Well, here's some news for my humans- tripe is puke (cow stomach with digested plant matter in it) and it smells and tastes delicious! Actually, one bad thing did happen to me today. I hurt a muscle in my foot because I slipped on my hardwood floor and now I have to wear a bandage. I'm telling all the dogs I see outside that I hurt my foot hunting buffalo and eating their tails off because that's a better story. I'm one bad puppy.

Feast hard,

brother has a meat locker!:
Our freezer arrived yesterday! My mom almost had a heart attack when the delivery human arrived with the biggest box I've ever seen on a magic wheeling thing. It could barely fit through our little apartment hallway! She was terrified that she had measured wrong or ordered the wrong freezer. Fortunately, when she opened the first box there was a smaller one inside and then packaging inside that, so the freezer only wound up being moderately bigger that she expected. Because of the probable tipping and jostling during shipping, we had to wait 24 hours before plugging it in, and today we finally got to give it life. It gurgled quietly and got cold right away, so she loaded it with our meat and emptied out the human meat locker.

My brother and I couldn't believe all of the meaty deliciousness that we saw being carried to the new meat locker! We happened to be in our feasting cages at the time working on some stuffed femur bones (recipe below). But I couldn't contain myself and in a single leap I escaped my cage, femur bone in tow, and joined her in the kitchen. She took my femur away from me, but I didn't care... our freezer was packed with meat!!

Stanley and I immediately began sizing up this meat locker and made a few attempts at breaking in. To our absolute dismay we were unsuccessful, and the mighty meat locker was able to keep us at bay. We tried to make our saddest eyes at it but it was immune. We tried sad eyes on our mom but she wasn't giving in either. Instead, she took a picture of us looking pathetic with her annoying flashy box. How embarrassing!

I need to give this whole situation a little more thought if I'm going to figure out how to break into that box of feasting possibilities. I think I'm going to do what I do best and sleep on it. After all, I did go for a long run with mom today and now my belly is full of femur snacks, so I'm going to take my stuffed marmott and snooze on the sofa. Hopefully the answer will come to me in my dreams.

Stuffed Femur Bones
Once you're finished feasting on
some delicious meat and marrow in a femur bone, tell your human not to throw it away! My humans like to take it away for a time and keep it in a zip-lock in the fridge for the next day, when they make this to stuff inside:

3/4 cup ground raw meat
1 tablespoon yogurt or 1 raw egg
1/4 cup parmesan cheese
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder

Mix together, adding parmesan as needed to thicken. With a spoon or your fingers, stuff the contents into the bone. This can be served right away, or frozen to make it more of a challenge. Save any remaining meat mix for another day.

That's some mighty good snack feasting, especially if you've gotten a lot of exercise and need to get some protein and calories. I can't wait for more tomorrow!

Happy feasting!

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