Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 57- A Note to Lilly

A love note from brother:
I remember the time when my girlfriend was allowed to visit, and we would chase squirrels in the park and snooze on the sofa. We loved sharing a back seat during car rides and I would lick her ears and protect her from big scary Labradors. Oh how I miss my Lilly.
Last night I received news that my beloved lady Lilly has not been feeling well. She's been having little chihuahua accidents on her mom's bed, and because Lilly is usually too lady-like to mark her territory, her mom decided to take her to the doctor. It turns out that she has an infection and crystals in her urine... I went through the same thing once! I came out the other side just fine, and my paws are crossed that Miss Lilly will do the same. I know she's at risk for bladder stones and surgery, but we're all hoping that will not be the case. Leave my lovely Lilly's belly alone!
We found this article by Lew Olson today which addresses urine crystals and bladder stones, symptoms, and ways to prevent and treat the condition. My humans tell me that she needs some antibiotics, but I think she needs some quality time with yours truly and a little raw meat feasting. I never thought I'd say this but... I'd be willing to share my feast with Lilly. Yes, share my feast. I hope Lilly likes venison!

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Walking By Faith said...

Poor Lilly. =( I hope she feels better real soon.