Saturday, March 29, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 61- My Bracket is Busted

As you may already know, I picked my NCAA bracket this year based on what animal team names I thought would taste the best (raw of course). Well, my strategy didn't work out so well and teams like the Oregon Ducks and Wisconsin Badgers busted my bracket. Luckily I still have the Kansas Large Pigeons and the North Carolina Angry Goats, so I'm beating my brother. He picked all dogs to win such as Georgetown and UConn and that didn't really work out. He's more of a Red Sox baseball dog anyway, so no wonder his bracket stinks. Today my bracket runs into a little conflict as the Angry Goats take on the Louisville Cardinals (both very tasty). Even though I'm a bird dog, I had to go with the Goats since raw goat meat is my second favorite after cow stomach.

Hanging out with my dad today,

by brother:
Well, as I mentioned previously, my mom will be out of town for a while leaving my dad home alone to take care of Stanley and me. Our mom thought that it would make dad's mornings easier if he could just give us a prepared raw food in our bowls. This allows them to test out a prepared diet and see how well we tolerate it. Our humans plan on using these pre-made meals the next time my brother and I have to stay at "camp" for a few days, so they need to make sure that we do okay on them.

I think we'll scarf down the deliciousness and be just fine! We picked up Nature's Variety Raw patties -- the ones made with venison meat. They were located in a freezer at the local pet shop, and were available in a variety of meats and 2 meal sizes: medallion and patty. The small medallions would have probably been more handy for dogs our size, but those bags were too small and wouldn't have lasted us the 6 days that we'll be fed this food. One bag of the big patties measured out to a perfect 12 meals (AM and PM) for my brother and me. Stanley is getting 1 full patty per day, and I will be eating 3/4 of one. Cutting the thick patties into quarters wasn't easy, and so next time we'll probably get the smaller-portioned medallions.

This food nearly quadruples our food costs (to almost $4 per day), and so it's not something that we will be eating on a regular basis. But I do have to admit... it sure looks easy to feed! And I'm all about feasting efficiency. All of our protein, bone, veggies, apple cider vinegar, oils and supplements (kelp) are already included in the extra stinky patties. We will still probably need our enzymes and a little yogurt added, but that's about it. Our dad will have an easy time filling our bowls so feasting can begin.

I will let you know if it was a feasting success. Until then...
Eat some meat!

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