Thursday, April 3, 2008

Raw Meat Diet, Day 66- Does Eating Raw Meat Make You Crazy?

People always ask me, 'Stanislaw, does eating raw meat make you act crazy?' Well, I'll give you the short answer: Yes. I'm a wild beast and when I taste goat blood I go into a growling feasting rage to protect my kill from scavengers (like my brother) as I devour it. Post feast I run around barking like the predator that I am, starting fights with my brother and thrashing toys. I guess eating raw meat doesn't make me more aggressive, it's just that I can't contain my excitement. I just love raw cow stomach, dude. I'd never think of biting a human or anything, but I will rip the tail off an ox.Stanley

Hello from brother:
Mom's home! I'm a major momma's boy, while my brother worships our dad. I take it especially hard when mom leaves for a time. I even had an accident in the bedroom... and I NEVER have accidents. Any time I get upset my tummy gets funny. I guess I'm just a sensitive little guy. First thing she did when she got home was take us out to mark our territory and then prepare our feast. We ate our last serving of the prepared food last night and this morning we got to chow down on some delicious rabbit. I missed crunching those bones while she was away! We did just fine on the prepared food -- no changes whatsoever. So if we wind up having to stay at camp again, we can just be fed our premade feasts and our humans don't have to worry. That being said, I'm trying to ensure that we will never have to go to camp and that my humans will never leave us again. I packed myself in the suitcase! I really surprise myself sometimes with how smart I can be. Quite the problem-solver. As long as I'm napping in the travel bag, I'll get to go along, and they'll never be the wiser about it. They'll just open their suitcase at the destination and I'll pop out and surprise them! And they'll be so happy. I am such a thoughtful boy.
Today has been a great day. Along with the rabbit feasting, we went for a run and then came home and snacked on some turkey burger patty, a raw egg, and some yogurt. My brother and I get especially excited when mom opens a new container of yogurt because there's always cream at the top... and that is SO TASTY! Stanley gets so excited about the cream that he winds up wearing most of it. I'm exhausted now but dad just got home and I have to go celebrate his arrival with a good toy thrashing and some serious stretching to show off my muscles. I am one happy boy.

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