Saturday, June 7, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 131- My New Cousin

My new cousin, who has been officially named Sam, moved in with his human last week.  Things have been going great!  He's a very friendly boy and he loves to play with lots of dogs at the park, but according to Sam those dogs are way too laid back for his playtime style.  He's one young, rambunctious boy.  

Sam has yellow eyes which, according to his human, is a desirable color for herding and working border collies, as they use their eyes to intimidate the tasty sheep.  That's why the folks at his rescue think he's a border collie mix.  Sam also has a very interesting color combo, since his undercoat is brown and top coat is a nice shiny black.
Sam's mom says that he's a very smart boy, which I guess is to be expected when you've got some collie brains mixed in there.  He can open their screen door and then unlatch the gate from the fence that runs about their yard.  Naughty!  He has also begun to feel like he's home, and has gotten a little destructive when his human roommates aren't watching.  But hey, even the best of us have been known to chew a shoe or 14.  It gave my mom an excuse to buy new dress shoes, because I de-heeled all but one pair.  Persistence pays off!
Sam has a special part of the sofa that he loves to stretch out on, and he enjoys snoozeling up to his mom's arm and taking a nap with his chin resting on her.  He is also a serious fan of yogurt (aren't we all?) and will only do his poobles in private, hidden spots while spinning, barking and growling to let the world know that he's taking care of business.  I guess that means he arrived already housebroken which is always a bonus for humans.  I sure didn't!

Well, as some of you might be aware,  Big Pupi and I tend to enjoy the company of border collie-mix breeds (see our report card!) and my dewclaws are still crossed that I get to play with Sam one day.  If those New York City dogs aren't crazy or energetic enough for him, then I'm guessing that he and I will be a good match!  Most of these Chicago pups don't have the obsession with playing chase like I do, and I could use a good playmate.  I am a tad nervous that he will try to herd me, though, and those yellow eyes...  there just seems to be something a little too intelligent behind there.  Not that us spaniels are pea-brained or anything, but seriously.  I get the feeling that Sam can read more than just body language.
If his mom ever finds him in the morning putting a fresh pot of coffee on and reading the New York Times, I'll let you know.  In the mean time, I think the goal is to get him his CGC and then take him to agility.  I wonder if he can fit agility in with his jam-packed schedule of Mensa meetings and tutoring kids for the SATs?


Beckett said...

Hi Sam,

You're beautiful! Sam is what my pup, Beckett, was called when he was at the shelter, but once he got home he informed me of his real name.


Hero said...

Whoa! I can see why those sheep are intimidated by yellow eyes like Sam. He sounds like a sweet and fun loving pup though. Hopefully you two can have a play date together sometime soon.

Thanks for the advice on making the veggie mush more appetizing! My mom has never tried making it sweet with honey and apple cider and will try your recipe on the next batch.

your pal,

Mack said...

It is so great Sam found such a wonderful furever home!

Happy weekend,

Charlie Daniels said...


That last shot is a great pic of Sam.

Hi Sam :-)



Niamh said...

Your cousin looks very handsome and sounds like he is very smart. I hope you get a chance to visit with Sam soon.

Your friend,