Thursday, June 12, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 136- Everything in My Apartment is Mine

My humans don't seem to get the point.  Everything they think they own that is kept in my territory is, in fact, MINE.  That means shoes, chapstick, socks, smelly gym clothes and tupperware.
If you put it out of my reach, I'll climb and get it.  If you close it behind a door, I'll push that door open and take what is rightfully mine.  If you hide it behind a shower curtain (like your soap), I will go in and lick it.

In My Territory = Mine

The only exceptions to this rule include all of the stuffed toys, which my brother has claimed as his.  Sometimes I am told that I'm Naughty Boy after shredding a new magazine or de-soling a pair of shoes.  But I have perfected the sad puppy face.  
My humans can't stay mad, and it's belly-rub city and right back to overtly claiming all that I own in this vast kingdom.

Give it,

Big Pupi likes to get in on the Naughty sometimes:
How can a boy resist a good stolen tupperware chew?  Only I don't hide like Stanislaw does when I'm Naughty Boy.  I put it out there for all to see and admire.  I am living proof that you can be ballsy without having any.
I am asking all of you to send some good mojo our way.  Stanislaw and I have caught a little tummy virus that has been plaguing pups in our area.  We've been temporarily turned into canine volcanoes, with hourly eruptions.  Part of the excitement is... you never know which end it's gonna come out of this time!  I felt so sickly yesterday morning, that I DIDN'T EAT BREAKFAST.  Can you believe it?!  I turned down food!  I have NEVER done that before.

After a little fasting and a bland diet (overcooked white rice and boiled meat), we've been feeling much better.  And today we get the test results back from Stanislaw's... um... SAMPLE that was dropped off yesterday to make sure we didn't catch any sort of infection.  That crazy Stanislaw - always picking things up with his mouth and then slobbering all over my water bowl.  

Our humans think that we must be feeling better since we've been looking for trouble again, and they know that two cocker spaniels without exercise are mischievous boys.  So, here's to happy bellies and a good tupperware chew!

PS - If you live in IL, stay away from the dog parks for a while!


Petra said...

Oh, I understand that "in my territory = mine" philosophy. Yes, yes, yes!

About the leather couch...well, I'm working on a little area in the back at the bottom, and it's making my mom very nervous (hee!hee!).

I hope your tummies are feeling better and that you'll be back to your bouncy selves again very soon.

fenway said...

I'm doing my best Mojo Dances for you and Stan. Ms.
Alpha wonders if either of you drank from a puddle, lake, stream or one of those common water bowls placed outside stores for all us canines. You can pick up nasty little germies from the. An interesting one is Giardia, which is also called Beaver Fever. Is that cool or what? Stan's little "sample" should tell the story.

I won't even mention the possibility of coccidia. I know you eat raw meat, and seriously doubt that you've "expanded" your cuisine in that direction.

On the issue of ownership, I've just discovered that I have a whole other 3 floor den and contents to my name! The Alpha's call this a vacation house and I've quickly learned the best napping spots. Life is good.

Get well soon.

Fenway said...

I hope you get that new EFB away from Stan the Toy Hog.

When he's throwing up, seize the opportunity to mark it. Maybe he'll get the message.

Hey...did you Ms. Human get the large size? It will save her a ton of work getting up and retrieving it from under the sofa.

BIG EFG BENEFIT: Humans don't mind throwing his against the den walls and furniture. So far, no marks, nicks or smashes. And it's got some awesome bounce to it.

Mack said...

Hey guys,
So sorry your tums aren't treating you right. It sounds like you are on the road to recovery again though.

And that sad cocker face is just about more than I can take Stani! Do you want me to come over and make it all better??

Beckett said...

Excellent points, Stanislaw. I, like Big Pupi, prefer to misbehave right out in the open. I even have a little butt-wiggling dance I do when I'm being bad and am so excited about it. It's like the Marley Mambo, but I call it the Beckett Boogie. I too am particularly fond of Tupperware.

Feel better soon!

Fenway said...


About that coccidia thing. I have to confess I tasted some deer, racoon, rabbit, skunk and most delicious goose leavenings.

Charlie Daniels said...

Hey if they leave it where you can get it ... that's all I'm saying !

I am sending you the good stuff ... hope you are feeling lots better soon.



Amber-Mae said...

That rule is implied in MY household too! Whatever is on the floor, on the shelf, or whatever is MINE! Even the scraps of food that my hoomans drop on the floor when they eat like pigs, is mine too. I'm like the rubbish collector & I will clean up the floor for them. Hee!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Woh. I think whatever you doggies can touch should be yours.
Hope you're better and not having tummy virus anymore

~ Girl girl