Friday, June 13, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 137- Fun Everlasting

Total awesomeness happened yesterday.  We got one crinkled, broken, squashed, crushed and pulverized box in the mail, and mom said it was for us DOGS!
Our humans found that they can save some serious cheese money by ordering our Frontline in the mail, and they put this extra cash to good use.  They got us some treats!  In this particular squishy box, we had some venison jerky, beef pizzles, birthday toys for Big Pupi and me (we haven't seen those yet), and the ultimate prize:
Our buddy Fenway turned us on to the Fun Ball, and we had to give it a whirl.  Despite my iron-clad cocker jaws that have chewed through all rubbery toys in the past (even those made for big dogs!) I am yet to make a dent in the Fun Ball, and it's not because I didn't try.  Mom put a jerky treat in there, and boy, did I gnaw and nibble.
I took the Fun Ball immediately to my most favorite place to chew - the sofa.  You may notice the sofa is again without its slip cover, and that's because it's also Big Pupi's most favorite place to vomit.  Our little bodies are kicking that tummy virus in the bum, and we're feeling so good today that we were back in playing (and fighting) mode.
I was busy being Good Boy and having lots of Have working on my Fun Ball.  I really dig it's kind of gooey texture and I can actually work my jaws on it.  The downside is that I haven't yet been able to break any pieces off to eat, because I'm sure it would be mighty tasty.  Another major downside of this toy is that Big Pupi, my bully of a brother, caught a sniff of the venison-infused Fun Ball cavity, and immediately stole my new play thing away from me.  I was one disgruntled boy.
Big Pupi stole my venison jerky and refused to give the now-empty Fun Ball back to my mouth, which is where it belongs.  To make matters worse, the Ball has good holes and grooves in it which make for great tooth-grips, rendering my Fun Ball a permanent fixture in Pupi's face. 
Mom gave me some jerky to try and console me after my recent meat robbery, and she also put another piece back inside the Fun Ball and that kept my awful, terrible, no-good brother out of my fur for a while as he tried to work it out.
I stole some belly rubs from my human and he didn't even know!  Usually he's a belly rub party crasher, but he was OBSESSED with the Ball-O-Feasting-Awesomeness.
The Fun Ball also has some quality bounce to it, and just as Fenway promised it hasn't left its mark anywhere on the walls or furniture.  I guess it has realized that I'm the only one allowed to mark this territory.

As for the rest of that wonderful smashed box's contents... we're not allowed to play with that stuff for now.  No more treats until our tummies are totally better, and we still have no idea what those birthday gifts can be.  Again, I found myself less than pleased at the thought that I would have to be Patient to get presents.  
I don't like to be Have, and I certainly do not enjoy being Patient.  Those are not qualities of a kingly cocker spaniel!  I also have to wait for my new collar to arrive.  Since the box of goodies had such a rough trip finding its way to my home, my collar escaped and ran away.  The nice folks at J-B Wholesale Pet Supplies said they will send another one right away.  I am so pumped for a leather collar!!  I'm obsessed with leather, and Big Pupi has a matching one that looks swell and has held up really nicely.  I have a cool nylon collar now, but I pull so hard on my leash that my humans get fearful the plastic buckle will break and I'll be a free roaming boy once again.  Plus, now that I'm a big boy my humans say that I can get a fancy big boy collar -- just as long as I don't eat it.  Right.  Me not eat something leather??

I'm willing to bet some cheese that my shiny new bling-bling gear would look even better if I had a Fun Ball in my mouth.  I'm just sure of it.

*Note: My humans found an ENTIRE LINE of Fun Ball products at Triple Crown!!


Beckett said...

I love my Everlasting Fun Ball! I also have the Everlasting Treat Ball, which is also pleasingly squishy, but I can't eat the treats that are supposed to go with it because of my corn allergy. Also, those treats aren't really everlasting. :(

Clearly you need TWO EFBs.

Cool collar. I'm lobbying my mom for an official Red Sox collar.


Ella Bean said...

Hey Handsome Stan!

That ball looks amazing. My humans were discussing procuring one for me, but then they realized, much like you and Big Pupi, the toy wars between my big brother and I would rage on.

This is why we have two of everything. I am awesome at the Having and keep to myself with toys and chews, but Louis always poops on my party and steals them.

I bet you will look so handsome in your new collar! I am still rocking the puppy nylon, but Louis has a leather one and I was promised one too for my birthday.

Ella Bean

Petra said...

Hum....I think I may need one of those everlasting fun balls! You guys sure had fun with yours.

I can't wait to see your new leather collars!

Charlie Daniels said...

I think I'll have to tell my Bi-Peds about this ball thing. If you guys have road tested it and given it the thumbs up, it must be good. Thanks for the tip!



Mack said...

Look at that big box of goodies! Man I love it when Mom gets a box from Foster & Smith or Pet Edge!

We three would have soooo much fun playing with that green day glo ball!!

Your lady,

Amber-Mae said...

Hmmm, I think my mommy should order me this ball! It looks like you guys are really digging it so I'm sure I'll dig it too. But I get very frustrated if i can't get the treat out & that makes me give up almost immediately. Hehehe!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Anonymous said...

Hi Stan! I came over here because I saw the name of your blog. I like this place. I read your dog jokes and they were really funny! I'm glad you are feeling better now, that must have been yuck!

I think you have sold me with the fun ball. Mom says she can't let me have anything to chew but a nylabone. I chew chunks off everything else then mom digs around in my mouth to get the pieces out.

Have a great weekend. I hope you are all the way well!


Fenway said...

I'm getting stock in the EFB company!

Way to score, Stan. Isn't The Ball awesome. Finally...a toy that WE love and doesn't ANNOY the humans.

I discovered HEAVEN yesterday. A whole new concept for The BARF diet. Check out my blog. Let's plan a tactical assault on this place.

Maggie & Mitch said...

Nice looking ball, Stan! It matches your existing collar! We can't wait to see your new collar! Mitch is into leather too!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Snowy & Crystal said...

Hello guys,

Nice meeting you :) It is so nice of you to start a blog mainly to talk about your experience on RAW MEAT

Mommy is thinking of switching to raw feeding the two of us..She is just not sure on how to begin or whether this will be a good idea for us

Any advice will be appreciated

Maltese Paws,


duo_disaster said...

Toss the ball over!!!

Aww! Mummy says your coats are so pawsomely beautiful... My coat is getting a little dull. Any tricks to teach?

Rudolf & Goofy