Sunday, October 5, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 251- Recall What? Come Here Who?

Does this look like the face of a naughty boy?

What about the face of a boy who almost got himself hit by a car on a 6-lane road?

I gave mom the scare of her life on Friday when a walk home from the bark park turned into a bird-chasing half-hour of horror.  I spotted a critter in the trees and yanked myself free from mom's hand.  I then sprinted full-tilt for 30 minutes, doing ever larger and larger circles in the garden at the side of the road looking for that tasty niblet.  Folks tried desperately to get my attention by getting to the ground and acting all fun and awesome and stuff, but I was deep in hunting obsession mode and would not respond to anyone.  I even had a sidewalk full of people watching the event!  Mom started out by attempting to lure me with treats and fun and calm but I was too crazed to even see her.  So it turned into a full-on chase with mom screaming and a bunch of other folks diving into the bushes for me.  No luck!  I came dangerously close to the road quite a few times.  I would have been free and racing in downtown Chicago.

Mom and Big Pupi ran after me until mom thought she couldn't sprint any more.  As it turned out, I had scooped up a piece of fruit while on my mad dash and when I accidentally dropped it I quit running to find it again.  That's when mom dove for my leash and I was captured.  She didn't say a word as the audience applauded and I was ignored until I was Heeling Like Good Boy on the way home.  The silent treatment part was not cool.  However, my lunatic sprinting was a great time!

We caught up to the very nice man that dirtied his sweater making a dive for me, and mom said thanks many many times.  He said that he couldn't believe how fast I was (YES!) and that I would have gotten tired eventually (NO!).  He didn't know that I had been running like that for a full hour at the bark park before the event!  I don't get "tired."  The only reason I nap is because I'm bored.  Seriously.

So I've heard mom say that was the last time she will walk Pupi and me together until I have better manners.  In the mean time, we'll stick to running where I am attached to mom's waist with a carabener so there's no chance of dropped leashes.  Walking will only happen when I'm alone and mom can use 2 hands on me at once.  Geesh.  She has no sense of adventure!

While on our super fun game of chase, Big Pupi got a toe caught in between 2 slats of wood on this make-shift platform they had in the garden.  Being the super hero that he is, he didn't stop zooming around even though his toe was bleeding quite badly.  Despite his state, we all had to walk the last 1/3-mile home and Pupi never complained once.  When we were finally home he got his paw trimmed and cleaned and wrapped up nice and tight.  My silly brother's toe was swollen like a marble but thank goodness it isn't broken and the nail doesn't appear to be fractured or pushed into the nail bed.  He still doesn't limp and it seems to be healing well.  In fact, despite the swelling mom can move his toe about, tug gently on the nail and press on the swelling without so much as a flinch from Pupi.  Dewclaws crossed it continues to improve!  She just needs to prevent him from nibbling on it as much as he'd like to.

Your very own Stanislaw, The Troublemaker himself, came out of the whole event without so much as a scratch.  It was my oh-so well behaved brother that took the beating!  But still... my parents wouldn't have known what to do if anything had happened to me.  I don't really understand what the big deal was - I was just playing!  They said that I was one lucky boy.  Duh!  I eat raw meat!  How lucky is that?

On major lock-down,



Maggie and Mitch said...

OMG, you had one exciting weekend didn't you, Stan?! Thank doG you're okay and unharmed! Poor Big Pupi! We hope his toe heals fast for him!
We guess you're the one that had all the fun!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Mack said...

Naughty boys need love too!

Barbara Long said...

My goodness Stanislaw!! I almost had a heart attack reading about your "adventure". I will say that for us dogs, almost nothing is better than running around like a lunatic after a bird but it takes years off of our people's lives. I'm so glad that your mom caught you before you ran into the street.

You should check out Leslie Nelson's website at and get her video on the "Really Reliable Recall. It is terrific. Leslie is a lovely lady, excellent trainer and is heavily into positive reinforcement and big time feasting for dog training. I know you will like this - I do, and for a silly setter I have a very good recall.

Your friend,

Petey said...

Hee hee - Stannie, your antics really take the cake!

No seriously, that was very scary. Mommy never taught me but when she's accidentally dropped the leash or slipped out of the collar, I get nervous and just sit down. Now, we've never tested this theory with a bouncing tennis ball or another dog across the street...and I don't think we ever will!

Hey, do you know Toffee and Riley? Their people just got married outside Boston and they may have lots of local bakeries to recommend to you.

Your pal,


FleasGang said...

not only are cockers gumby-esque, we're also escape artists like houdini!

Happy for you for having a safe and semi-productive run and totally feeling your mom's super duper anger with you. That's a good way to loose park privileges! Hope your toe is OK, Big Pupi


Hero said...

Thank goodness you weren't hurt, Stan! At least you'll be getting some one on one time with your mom during your hunts.

My mom is afraid that something like that could happen to me so just in case my mom has spent a lot of time training me to stop/sit/and stay even if I'm in the middle of racing after a bird or a cat. It's taken me longer than usual to learn this command, as you know how obsessive we spaniels are while on the hunt, but now that I've mastered it it gives my mom some peace of heart.

I hope Big Pupi's toe heals quickly.

Coco said...
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Coco said...

My gosh! Your one quick puppy! Maybe i can learn some hunting quickness from you because Mommy has 2 big birds in the breakfast room and they are starting to look interesting!

Is Pupi doing ok? I hope his paw is ok. Give him a kiss for me!

Beckett said...

Maybe your Mom could convince someone to give you a belated blessing... I'm sure St. Francis wouldn't mind - he wouldn't want you to get hit by a car!


Charlie Daniels said...

Stan ... Dude .. what were you thinking !!!!

You ran so fast Mum didn't even have time to video any of it!! ;-)



Lorenza said...

Hi, Stanislaw!
I am so happy you were not hurt!
Sure that was a big adventure!
Kisses and hugs to Big Pupi toe too!
Have a good night

Joe Stains said...

BEST DAY EVER! That sounds like SO MUCH FUN!! I hope Pupi's paw heals up nice, then you can do it all over again!!! LOL!!

Asta said...


My Mommi waps the leash awound hew hand a gillion times, cause she knows if I got loose..I'd be half way to New Jewsey befowe she could catch me, plus she's quite suwe a caw would hit me ow something..hoomans suwe awe wowwy wowts..I'm glad you awe safe though and youw Mom didn't have a heawt attack(Mommi says shw would)
Give a hooge healing smoochie kiss to Big Pupi fow me..and stay safe
smoochie kisses

duo_disaster said...

Goofy says:-


... I did that once too on a 4 lane, busy buzzing road.

Mummy nearly killed herself too!

Thank GOD all cars came to a screeeeeching stop somehow!

You can imagine the scene, but you cant blame me, it was the stoopid sparrow that got me into that crazy mode =(

But we're so thankful nothing happened to our wonderful pal!

Be safe,
Goofy (and Rudolf)