Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 253- If you are what you eat...

... then I ain't no chicken.

Turns out that Big Pupi may have a big allergy to the bird after all, and I suffer from a touch of post-poultry feast tummy upsets.  That juicy bird has always been suspect especially since we can't tolerate eggs, but it wasn't until recently that mom decided to give us a full month without any chicken, turkey, duck or turducken to see how we do.  We've gone on chicken boycotts before, but they were short term and usually ended up with us feasting on bird necks 2 times per week.  We seemed to do just fine on that and our people are hoping to get us back to that tasty schedule.  

Let's face it... chicken is the economical meat for our humans to buy.  It doesn't cost a lot of cheese money, the necks and wings are perfect cocker spaniel bone-chomping sizes, and it just makes for easy dinner preparation for my folks.  There was a sale on ground whole chicken at the online raw meaty feast store, and my mom ordered 15 pounds of it!  That doesn't even include the 6 pounds of necks that she got.  Delicious!  But this upped our chicken feasting days from 2 breakfasts each week to 4 breakfasts and 2 dinners each week of chicken.  Not only that, but our B-naturals immune blend supplement is flavored with chicken liver and we get that every single day.  It may have pushed us over the edge.

Pupi's ears are itchy.  I've been nibbling on my paws like a beast.  Itchiness one of the main ways Pupi and I respond to food allergies.  My tummy makes crazy noises on days that I eat the ground chicken and I'll gas myself right out of the office and leave mom stuck in there gasping for air.  Pupi's tummy also gets grumbly and he acts a little less spunky than normal.  The chicken's got to go.  At least for a while.  But hey... as long as the feasts keep finding their way into my mouth I'm cool with it.  

My brother and I do very very well on hoofed creatures.  Goat, lamb, mutton, beef and pork are all good in our tummies so we'll have to stick to that menu.  Yogurt, cottage cheese and some canned salmon are always tasty additions to our meals for variety and we may try some sardines soon!  As much as I love my barn yard feasts, I'm hoping that after a cleansing san-pouvre month we can start up on our chicken necks again - only 2 meals per week.  Dewclaws crossed!  Man, I love to crunch those bones.

So if I am what I eat then I think my right shoulder muscle is all bovine beastliness and my hindquarters are made from those powerful goat-kickers.  My stinky brother, on the other paw, is totally and 100% turducken.  He even looks like one!  Have you oggled lately at his big ol' bird-waddly,  goofy-lookin' comb on his head?

Yeah.  Total chicken butt boy.  What a dork!

I'm way cooler and a way better feaster,



Quick class update by Big Pupi:

I performed my tricks in class yesterday and my hula spin stole the show!  The only things the other dogs could do was shake and roll over.  I had my hoop tricks AND I know how to target.  Mom held a little plastic yogurt lid and I jumped around to touch my nose to it.  She even tossed it across the room and I'd go stomp on it and run back to mom for a treat.  I LOVE it!  I was the only pup to earn a round of applause.  Super fun.  

We start on the "shake" trick as soon as this toe of mine is better.  It's healing very well so I'm gearing up for some training this weekend.

I dig it, I learn it, I love it.

Big Pupi


Mack said...

We very rarely get chicken. A turkey neck right about now would be absolutely wonderful!!

Hero said...

I'm intolerant of chicken too, Stan. It took my family a while to figure it out, but eventually they caught on that my tummy was so much better when my menu was devoid of poultry. Now I only eat lamb, pork, beef, and fish. I can handle eggs for some reason, but any bit of chicken slipped into my food by accident has me waking up my mom 3-4 times in the middle of the night for emergency potty breaks.

Congrats on your awesome performance, Big Pupi! I always knew you'd be the star!

Charlie Daniels said...

Hey! Someone else who can't eat chicken! I have blogged about that before.

Maybe we should start a "Chicken Free" club! :-)



Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Well done Big Pupi with your tricks. Sounds like you did great.

We don't eat raw but Holly is not good with Chicken either.
Our person was always under the impression Chicken was a great food for dogs especially if they are ill and not eating well.
She has come across quite a few doggies now though since we found out it affected Holly that don't do well on it either.

Holly & Zac

Momo and Pinot said...

Big Pupi!! We love your photo!!

We rarely get a chance to eat chicken but guess what? Our Thanksgiving is on next Monday! It means we'll have a turkey! Yay!

Please come by and pick up the award! :)

Momo & Pinot

the 4 Bs said...

hi Stanislaw & Pupi, Brody has a little problem with chicken too. we have to limit it and then he's good. mom got him some special anti-fart powder to put on his food and that helps with the tummy quite a bit.


Niamh said...

Sorry that you are having poultry problems. My sister Selkie had protein sensitivities to any kind of poultry which caused her all kinds of tummy aches. Weird for a bird dog huh? Hope you are over the itching soon.

I knew Big Pupi would wow his class with his hula tricks. Good job!

Your friend,

Dewey Dewster said...

Thanks fer stoppin' by our blog....yer diet sounds very interestin'...didn't realize chicken could be an allergy problem. The 3 of us are not on a raw diet but Gram is lookin' ta cut out the grain in our food....she needs ta look at the dog food bags a bit closer.....hope ya find the right diet...

Dewey Dewster here....

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Aw.. so sorry that you're allergic to chicken. Some of our doggie friends also are. Big Pupi's hair look so cool

~ Girl girl

Toffee said...

The feathered "friend" seems to be quite the culprit in food allergies - good thing your mom is so smart!

I still think the comb is handsome!

Biggie-Z said...

Wow, chicken is my staple. But too much chicken skin gives me the upsets. I make slightly runny poop if I have too much skin and fat. But if y'all are eating a lot of wings, that's a lot of skin to deal with. Also, I eat a decent amount of veggies. I love all raw, but pork, funny enough, gives me a little softer stuff and then my mom has to balance it with some fish bones or extra veggies. She swears by canned pumpkin.

P.S. My Momma pulled out the hula hoop yesterday and she's been using raw salmon to tempt me to walk through the hoop. But so far all I will do is stick my head through to get a treat. The paws cannot break the force-field barrier of the hoop. And when she's not looking I go smell the hoop but there is some strange force field around it that keeps my paws away.

Biggie-Z said...

P.P.S. Thanks for the tip about salmon poisoning disease. Big bummer, but good to be aware of it!

Agatha and Archie said...

Well isn't this funny!! We have been chicken free for a month cuz Aggie was having some problems and PL2 assed it and BOOM the problems came back!! Arh is ok with it...We Love sardines!!!! WHo knew??!! Lvoe A+A

Coco said...

On a chicken note: My mommy is deathly allergic to chicken! She said that she feels really bad for you because she knows how horrible the reactions to eating it are! She thinks that I may be allergic to my food too because I am itchy for no reason and when she changed my “Science Diet” breakfast to rice and a little bit of boiled chicken I got better. She wants to try the BARF diet that you are on, but she is scared that it may not be good for a Chihuahua like me because of my size. Do you have any food suggestions for her? This itching is driving me crazy!

My mommy noticed in one of your postings that you two are crate trained (or at least she thinks) so she decided to crate train me too! She got the hand signal idea from paying attentin to your blog!

If you don’t mind; if my mommy gives you our email address could you email her some suggestions?

Thanks bunches!
Coco - The Princess

Clover said...

Hi Stan!
Too bad about that chicken stuff, but it sounds like you are getting a lot of other delicious stuff!!
Congrats Big Pupi on your good night in class!
Love Clover xo

Fenway said...

Sweet Caroline! I think I discovered a SWEET deal that will definitely engorge my feasting stash.

Make sure you send those squawkers my way, Stan. I just gobbled (excuse the pun) a tasty birdy thigh and yearn for more. I will gladly relieve your Feasting Freezer of the dastardly bird.

Your pal,

PS: I just pulled a STAN today and took off in a giant field. Ran through woods, poison ivy, grassy plains and was generally a verybadboy.

Joe Stains said...

sorry chicken is out, because we KNOW how good it is :( We dont get the raw stuff, but we get other kinds of chicken and we really like it. that is a chicken headed dog if I ever saw one!