Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 252- Tricks are for Treats


Big Pupi's update:

I've got another video update for you! After a grand total of 45 minutes of training I've made some really great progress in my hula trick. "Go in" and "hula" have been smooshed together, and now I have to spin THREE TIMES before mom will give me feasts! I've mastered the double spin but sometimes I forget to go 'round that last time and need reminding. I'm catching on. You'll also notice that mom is standing farther away and her hand signals have gotten smaller so I've got to pay extra close attention to see what's going on. Thanks to Niamh's person, my mom no longer "baits" me with treats in her command hand, so I'm not as focused on getting that tasty and instead I'm working through my trick much more smoothly. My hula leap is still there but I'm phasing it out as I realize that efficiency is key to earning treats!

You'll also see Stanislaw going through his paces. He now must hula 2 times before he gets treats and he's learning that the hula hoop isn't so scary after all. He'll be jumping through it in no time! Stan is also practicing his "go in" but he's still too nervous to spin inside the hoop. He's not very aware of his footing as of yet and when he kicks the hoop it spooks him. Our people think this is a great opportunity to boost Stan's confidence so they'll be working extra hard on him!

Well, my class is today. I'll let you know how it all goes! And next up on the trick circuit is "shake." That one is 3 years in the making but with all the great advice we've received we're hoping to have it down in a week.

Wish me luck!

Big Pupi


Niamh said...

Big Pupi,

You are the Hula King!! You are excellent at that trick and your class is going to be soooo impressed with your brilliance! I love that your tail is wagging the entire time. And you are a good jumper too.

Good job to get so brave about the hoop Stanislaw. It is really fun to jump through and of course the treats and praise are the best.

Now I just have to get my person to get a video camera so I can show some of my tricks on my blog.

Your friend,

chasingsquirrelswithrusty said...

Hey! You guys are good! I do a trick like that but I don't jump up. Mom calls it "spin" and I don't have a hula hoop. Man. I love to spin though, there is usually, but not always, a yummy little treat!

Can't wait to see more!


Mack said...

Oh man,
You guys are hula kings!

Mom has been trying to get Paris to learn how to shake hands ever since she got her! If you have any secrets on that subject,mom would sure love to know them!

Coco said...

WOW! you two are so smart to learn tricks so fast. Stan you are being a very brave boy! Its nice to see that Big Pupi's boo-boo on his paw isn't bothering him!

the 4 Bs said...

wow! you guys are great. we're very impressed. now our mom is getting ideas to teach us how to do the hula spin.


FleasGang said...

Impressive guys! But we know that cockers are brilliant ;-)

Big Pupi, you are a great jumper and Stan, you're coming along nicely. Keep up the great work.


Fenway said...

I'm impressed, and coming from a border collie agility jumper, that's HIGH PRAISE. You hit the mark, Pupi and showed grace under pressure with the exuberant tail wagging.

Nice work on the hoop jump, Stan. I know of some cocker spaniels who are major agility stars and the sky's the limit for you. Tell your mom she can build actual jumps out of PVC pipe. Each one is less than $3.00 to build. Go to: http://members.peak.org/~helix/Agility/
There's even a low "ladder" that she can build that's really fun and impresses the socks off the humans!

How' bout Tek last nigh!!! He 'da MAN!

Biggie-Z said...

Wow, you boyz are inspirational! Momma's getting her hula hoop out this weekend to see what we can do.

I heard she also bought some beef liver this week. yummmmmmm.

Maybe the 2 are connected somehow.


Petra said...

It's so fun to watch you guys do your tricks! I can't wait for more videos.

And guess what? Shaking is the one trick I can do!

Hero said...

That was a wonderful show full of grace and pure talent! Big Pupi, I'm sure you'll be the star of your class and Stan deserves extra belly rubs for being so brave.

Joe Stains said...

That makes me want a hula hoop! wowzers, you guys have skillz!!!

Charlie Daniels said...

Love it :-)

Lorenza said...

Yes, you are the hula kings!
Kisses and hugs

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Big Pupi is so pawsome to do the hula. :)

~ Girl girl

Maggie and Mitch said...

You guys are both doing a great job! We are very impressed!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

duo_disaster said...


Could you teach us please?
So we can have more treats like both of you! This is sure gonna make daddy give us the whole cow!

We're serious...
We mean the hula hula part.

If we can master it before Dad is back (He's gone to LA for work and will be back in a week and half) he will be speechless!

or if your M is sending the mail, then she has my M's email add!

If 2 cockers can do it, so can we!
Goofy & Rudolf