Monday, October 13, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 258- 26.2 Reasons to Feast

Something crazy awesome and horrible happened yesterday.  The Chicago Marathon came to town and that was sweet, but I was stuck home with dad which was totally uncool.  I was a boof-face for hours and whined while he worked.

Crowds of humans are a little too much for me to handle still and I get stressed and start to shriek.  It's not really that much fun for me so I wasn't invited to the event.  I guess that makes sense but I'm still taking liberties and being a mad boy anyway.  Big Pupi got to go!  That's crazy unfair.

Pupi is super laid-back in crowds so he was out with mom for over 3 hours watching runners come in.  He said he took some notes for me to use in my own marathon training.  The men's winner crossed the finish line in 2 hours, 6 minutes and a couple seconds so I better get my bum in gear so that I can run his bum into the ground come the Olympic trials!  Good thing we went on a training fast hunt this morning.  

Pupi also said that he saw a man pass out just a few feet away from him and he wanted to go lick his face so badly!  The man was caught before he hit the ground and came to right away.  He drank some miracle stuff called "Gatorade" and it made him all better.  I want that magical healing liquid!  I bet it makes you beastly since it's obviously made from alligators and swampy things.  Delish!

Big Pupi wore a special shirt that mom made for him complete with his new best human-friend's name on it.  Kristen (the new best human friend) ran the marathon with her sister and did an amazing job.  Pupi played with her after the finish and she drank lots of this miracle alligator drink.  He said it was super fun and he danced about the whole time.

Mom didn't realize that by putting her human friend's name on Pupi's shirt, that other human strangers would think that Pupi's name was "Kristen."  All people kept calling him a "her" and asking to pet cute little Kristen.  No way!  He made sure to mark some good territory so folks wouldn't mistake him for a girly boy.  He got LOADS of attention from other humans and he even got to lick peanut butter off a little girl's hands who laughed so hard her face turned red.  He was super well-behaved with little kids and never jumped once on any of them, however he insisted on kissing adults' faces and that involved a little jumping.  Mom wasn't so pleased about the jumping but Pupi was otherwise a model citizen during the day.

I could smell pets and small humans and peanutty delicious on my brother when he returned and I let it be known that I was not pleased to have missed out.

I got all crazy-eyed and helped myself to some of dad's socks and undies from the hamper just to make a mess and prove my point.  I didn't realize that later that day I'd go for a nice long walk (without my stinky brother!) to the squirrel park and all around my neighborhood which was super fun.  I made sure to be a very good boy to show mom what she was missing by not taking me that afternoon.  I've also come to realize that I may be calmer when walked at dusk because there isn't as much visual stimulation for me to get wrapped up in and panicked about.  Whatever dudes... dusk or dawn, as long as I get my walkies in I'm a happy boy.

Shopping in the hamper,



Mack said...

Aww man, I would be bummed out too!
But hey, all's well that ends well and it sounds like you had some super fun one-on-one time with mom!

Paris says the first pic of you is...well I can't repeat the exact words, but she really liked the picture!

tad said...

It sounds like your mom is super fair, taking you to the squirrel park to make up for missing the marathon.

And I get mistaken for a girl all the time. I think it must be my delicate frame and flowing, long white hair. I don't think they notice my manly chest hair, for some reason.

BenTheRotti said...

I would have been super bummed about that! I'm guessing I wouldn't have been allowed to go either because I can be a bit jumpy in crowds.
Big Pupi looks cute in his t-shirt, I bet he was peeved people kept mistaking him for a girl!!

I'm glad to hear that you got your very own walkies though!

love and tailwags,

Ben xxx

Biggie-Z said...

Believe it or not, I get mistaken for a girl a lot too. I think it's a sign people think were "beautiful."

Last night my humans left me alone for a while too. Actually they were just busy doing other stuff and ignoring me, so I shopped 3 socks and a golf shirt out of the hamper, as well as Momma's left sneaker and a piece of styrofoam that was had been used to ship wine. It was loads of fun, because it made Momma work with me and I walked through the hula hoop!!

Coco said...
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Coco said...

Undies & socks from the hamper are my favorite too! Mom said that i cant go on these "walks" that you keep mentioning becase i havent seen that man with the steel table that pokes me with needles enough times. What should i keep an eye out for on these walks when i fenally do get to go?

Beckett said...

Mmm... socks and undies. So tasty!


Hero said...

Sorry you didn't get to go, Stan. I never get to go with my family when they go to events with lots of people, because I'm scared of little children and fireworks and there are almost always fireworks in any celebratory event here. At least you got to roll around in your dad's laundry. Stinky socks are the best!

Charlie Daniels said...

Hey I've had some of that alligator juice at soccer! It's strange though, 'cause we don't have alligators here, we have crocodiles instead!

They must have imported the juice! :-)



Maggie and Mitch said...

I can totally sympathize with you, Stan! Mitch gets to go lots of places and I get left home alone! It's no fun to be left out!
I need to get some of that alligator juice!

Love ya lots,
Maggie & Mitch

Niamh said...

So sorry that you couldn't go to the marathon Stanislaw. I think it would be great to run for over 2 hours. Glad you got to go to the squirrel park to make up for missing the marathon. And making a mess of underwear is always fun.

Your friend,

The Animal Doctor said...

stan, that was clever of you! i may need to copy your strategy to drive home a point.

alls well that ends well.


Joe Stains said...

Sorry you didn't get to go, but you sure did let them know you were not pleased about it. I am sure big pupi had fun, but would have rather had you there. right?

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Big Pupi does not look like a girl... he's a handsome boy
Good job on doing the marathon. ;)

~ Girl girl

duo_disaster said...

Big Pupi's growing a mohawk huh?
Coolz buddy!