Friday, June 6, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 130- Inroads and Outfields

Hi folks! I've been walking around with my head held high the past 24 hours because the world has discovered my ridiculous good-lookingness.  You see, Pupi and I went to the bark park yesterday for a good romp with our buddy Hunter.  The combination of the freshly muddied dog run and our au de toilette that we got at camp inspired mom to give us a good scrub down and then attack us all over with the buzzy thing.  She was surprised at what she found under piles of my thick cocker 'do -- a day-glo shiny boy.  I have such a sheen to me I'm almost iridescent, and this gets me lots and lots of attention from strange humans that want to pet the sparkle pup.  Awesome!  It's only been a day since I've been groomed, but people are already asking who my breeder was, what I'm fed, and if I'm a show dog.  A show dog?!  I've decided that I'll make the push for rescue and shelter pups out there, and inquiring humans always drop their jaw when they hear that someone threw me away once and that I, too, was a shelter boy.  My humans always make a point to let them know that I was not this pretty when they first took me home, but some quality nutrition and a little TLC can turn a sickly dog around.  And when they ask what I'm fed... well... I eat raw meat, of course!

(I think my buddy Fenway [an actual show dog] will agree with me when I say that our delicious fish oil has a lot to do with our fancy coats.  If you're interested in adding some to your diet, which I recommend for so many reasons on top of improving coat and skin, please check out my supplements post for dosages and recommendations for EPA/DHA quantities.  Plan on 6 months or so before you see any dramatic improvements, but it's well worth the wait!)

Big Pupi had THE best day yesterday:
Yesterday marked the annual White Sox Dog Day at the stadium.  Dogs could apply for tickets months in advance, and the lucky pups that got one could actually go into the baseball stadium and feast on hot dogs and watch a game of baseball!  Unfortunately Stanislaw did not get a ticket, but I did and I was practically bursting waiting for the day to come.  It was extra special to me because I got to spend the evening with both of my humans all to myself.  Stanislaw can be very needy and so it was wonderful to be lavished with attention for a few hours.  We waited in line with lots and lots of other pups and paraded around the field to show off our handsomeness and scare the Royals with our beastly qualities.  I'm sure you know by now that I'm one serious Red Sox fan, and this may seem a little strange that I attended a White Sox game.  Well, I have been lobbying for a section K-9 at Fenway Park, or at the very least a dog day, and I felt it was necessary to conduct some research.  It was so awesome I can't even tell you, and now I'm practically rabid over the idea of a dog day for Fenway!
I was debating whether or not I should take off my harness and collar and streak across the field.

Watching the White Sox warm up and attempting to sniff some long-distance bums.

Frightening the Royals with my beastliness.  They hid in their dugout!

Dad shared his ballpark hot dog!  (Minus the spicy stuff.)  This particular feast was IncredibleAmazingDeliciousScrumptious, but I bet you Fenway Franks are even better!

Watching the game from the doggy bleachers.

I was one very well-behaved boy and I restrained myself from marking any territory and I even managed to avoid doing one of my excitable poobles that always seem to sneak out when I'm having too much fun.  That was just Big Pupi representing Red Sox Nation for all you Forgotten Fans out there.  To baseball dog fans and to dogs that are ball fans alike...

...Play Ball!!


Beckett said...

Stan, you are as shiny as Superman's hair! I bet you're just as strong, too.

My mom has started giving me fish oil supplements because I have terrible seasonal allergies that make me so itchy. It's only been a little while but I'm hopeful it will help.


Niamh said...

You are one glossy spaniel Stanislaw. I can see why people stop to admire you.

Congrats Big Pupi on your adventure at the ball park. What fun! And nice to see that you behaved so well and had a delicious feast.

Your friend,

Mack said...

Paris Rain here!

My keyboard is shorting out from all the drool my lips are producing due to your excessive sexiness!

You are one handsome cockerman that's for sure!

Hey, next time your parents leave to take Brother to the ballpark, why don't you come and stay with me??


Molly the Airedale said...

You are just too gorgeous for words, Stan, but you already know that!
How cool that Big Pupi got to eat a hotdog at the baseball game! What an awesome adventure for him!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Charlie Daniels said...

G'day Stani,

Wow you are bright and shiny! You look great!

Big Pupi,although those hot dogs look great, I wish they would call them something else! :-)



Amber-Mae said...

Stan, ofcourse you're handsome! I know a friend who is crazee about black cockers so I think if she sees you, she's gonna get soooo excited & squeal about you non-stop! Wow, Big Pupi sure was lucky to watch the whole game going on. That hotdog looks sooo mmmm delish!

Butt shakes,
Solid Gold Dancer

Hero said...

Beautiful coat, Stan!! I guess that buzzy thing is an alright thing if it makes your coat brighter than the sun. My mom mixes my fish oil and vitamin E with that nasty veggie mush she makes me eat. Bleh!! No amount of fishy goodness will ever make me like veggies. Big Pupi is sooo lucky!! That hotdog sure looked delicious!