Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 142- Of Feasts and Fun

What's going on dog-bloggerinis?!  I am one happy boy because today was a super fun day for me.  I saw my buddy Hunter while out for my morning weebles, and he's always a chill guy to bump into.  Then I feasted on some chicken necks and crunched those bones like the master bone cruncher that I am.  A little after that, my female human put on my halti and we were off on a medium hunt.  It wasn't slow like our usual relaxing excursions, but it also wasn't fast like those days we run while hunting for rabbits and pigeons.  We chugged along at a nice bouncy pace and the movement made me concentrate and prevented a little bit of screaming.  I'm not saying that I didn't have any thrashing meltdowns, but it was far less than usual.  Plus, after trotting for more than 4 miles I found myself a little more relaxed with being outside.  I even laid down outside!  I've never been comfortable enough to do that before.

When we got home I realized I was one hot boy and I sprawled out on our lobby's marble floor (thanks mom for shaving that stripe in my belly fur!).  I looked like a misplaced frog.  When we finally got back up to the apartment I didn't feel tired or hot anymore... I felt HUNGRY and insisted that it was, in fact, time for a morning snack feast.  Mom brought our frozen yogurt/peanut butter treats out of the human meat locker and in moments I was possessed by the chilled deliciousness.
Mom tried to take the treat away at one point but I amazed her at how I, too, am able to walk tall on 2 legs if it makes me treat-feasting height.  I always amaze my people with my magical ability to perform stunts when food is around.  What they don't know is that I've been practicing my biped skills because there are lots things that I want to chew on that are not within my reach... unless I balance like a human.  Silly, simple people!  I'd like to see them try to walk on 4 legs!
Big Pupi also dug the frozen treat, but he feasts much more gingerly than I do so his treat lasted much longer than mine.  
I stared at him somewhat cockeyed hoping he'd tire of this peanut tastiness and I could get in there all sneaky-like and take it for myself.  I was not so fortunate.  What was lucky, however, was my sexy treat beard that made for some post-snack tasting.  It's an excellent way to save some deliciousness for later.
Big Pupi also sported a feasting beard, but he managed somehow not to get any deliciousness on his ears, eyebrows, and hind leg.  I'm not entirely sure how I was able to pull that off, but I happen to look good when I'm wearing my food.
After the snack, mom went to work in the office and Pupi and I passed out for... I don't know how long.  I curled up on the carpet and snoozled, dreaming of frozen feasts and medium speed hunts until there was a KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK on the door.  !!!  I sprung from the floor like an electric spark, making all the noise I could so that mom would realize that there were THINGS that were HAPPENING right on the other side of our front door!  !!!  What joy!  What excitement!  And just when I thought that it doesn't get any better than a knock at the door... pulled in 2 big boxes filled with our feasting supplies!  !!!  There was mutton, beef, turkey everywhere!  Blocks of chicken necks defrosting in the sink!  Packages of bully sticks and.  WAIT.  WHAT DID I JUST SMELL???
No way!!  TRIPE!!!  That's my all-time favorite!  As soon as mom pulled that out of the box, Big Pupi and I started fighting and we had to be put in Time Out until we calmed ourselves.  Are you kidding mom?  Why aren't you this pumped about tripe?!  Big Pupi the brown-noser kept peeking over the counter and asking mom if she needed help cleaning up any scraps.  He's such a bum-head sometimes.In a whirl mom weighed and packaged months worth of feasts and before we knew it our meat locker was jam packed and all we could smell was bleach (which is a smell I happen to like, much to my humans' disbelief).  For dinner I feasted on old ground beef heart but tomorrow I saw a package of ground duck make its way into the fridge.  Sweetness.  I'm almost positive now that when I explode out of my crate tomorrow morning, it will be the best day of my life.

Is it tomorrow yet?


Tadpole said...

Ohmydog - that post captured the full range of emotions involved in living a perfect doggie life. *sigh* Even though I can't eat TRIIIIIIIPE I can vicariously enjoy it. Could you possible take a video so I can dream about it in full, perfect, technicolor detail?

Anonymous said...

Hiya Stani!
Louis needs some spaniel advice, maybe you could help him...

Also, don't tell him I told you, but he stays cool because he doesn't grow hair on his tummy. Its completely BALD!! hee hee

You look great wearing your food...I had some tripey tripe for dinner...yum...

Ella Bean

Beckett said...

I too can go bipedal when food is involved. Isn't it fun? You look almost as tall as me when you do that!

andrahyb said...

Woahwoah! We're all pumped up JUST by looking at your feasting pictures! Now how we wish we were your 'house-mates'... Sigh!

Alright, we're getting M to buck up a bit for us. Hopefully our feasting will start soon, like REAL SOON!

I see you get whole lotsa frozen stuffs! M forgotten to ask yours in email cause in weekends BARF-ing we used to have, she got us fresh ones which were erm she said: "Bloody Expensive!"

Yogurt + PB sounds interesting!

Paws Up!
Rudolf & Goofy

Charlie Daniels said...

G'day Stan

Wow I have never seen that much food in one place before? Are you able to get into the human meat locker when they aren't looking?



Mack said...

Hi my yogurt covered Stani boy!

Those pics of you (and Brother too) are simply awesome!
And the ones of the meat are fab as well!

So glad you had a great day - you deserve it after your bad tum episode.
Today my mom is giving us a PB & yogurt treat at lunch but this time it has dried apricots in it, Yum!
Take care guys!
-Paris Rain

Fenway said...


You've got to be applauded for your absolutely brilliant solution to the fact that we canines are pocketless. The idea of WEARING the food for snacking at a later time smacks of billiance.

I love how you stashed it all over your body, too.

Can you share your Feasting Mail Order Source with Ms. Alpha? She wants to get even more serious about my diet and I've indicated I'm intrigued with tripe....specifically, the message about it containing some spleen!

Fenway said...

Sweet Caroline!!!!

Ms. Alpha just read through your raw food adventure and all the raw feasting web sites you cleverly posted...and immediately went to the freezer to retrive a lovely lamb bone she was saving for stock.

It's mine, all mine!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for all your raw food help. I'm going to feast even heartier now.

Fenway said...

Sweet Caroline!!!!

Ms. Alpha just read through your raw food adventure and all the raw feasting web sites you cleverly posted...and immediately went to the freezer to retrive a lovely lamb bone she was saving for stock.

It's mine, all mine!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for all your raw food help. I'm going to feast even heartier now.

Molly the Airedale said...

You're just as cute 2-legged as you are 4-legged,Stan! Can you reach the clock hands to push them forward about 12 hours! shhhhhhhhhhhh hehehehe

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Petra said...

Oh, I'm dying to have one of those frozen treats! You guys couldn't look happier!

I'm glad you're feeling better --- stay well!

Fenway said...

Dear Stan & little Stringbean Friends--

I'm not even in the novice realm of raw feasting, but Ms. Alpha put her thinking cap on to come up with tasty & healthy ways to pile on the pounds.

LOTS of peanut butter was her first thought. It's high in calories and she can attest to a few extra ounces from her snacking.

Another thought: I am feasting on 1/2 raw and 1/2 kibble. Since I'm a growing puppy, Ms. Alpha wanted to make sure I got ALL my nutrients. She will only buy Solid Gold Hundenflocken food. It's all natural HUMAN GRADE stuff, no corn or crap, and has tons of veggies, fruits and all the vitamins and minerals to keep me in fighting shape. Perhaps mixing in some of this might help your skinniness. Another brand that gets high marks for the safety and human grade components is Canidae. If you go this route, DON'T let your Food Sources buy any other brands, okay?

We also hear that whole milk yogurt—specifically that expensive Greek variety—is high calorie. Ms. Alpha can swear to that, too.

Hero said...

I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling better, Stan! It's a good that you recovered just in time for the arrival of your frozen feast!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Woh.. It is tomorrow now on my side. I hope you get some of those yummy food

~ Girl girl