Friday, June 27, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 151- Deep Thoughts by Stanislaw #6

Regarding Bugs
One of my favorite past times is eating bugs.  Mosquitos, spiders, crickets, lizards... basically any bug that moves or is dead.  What confuses me is that I'm just starting to see these tasty crunchies out and about again after not seeing them for almost 6 months.  I was seriously starting to think that last summer I had eaten every bug out there.  But alas, the bugs are back and tastier than ever.  

So where did they go?  

To answer this question, let's explore what I know to be true about bugs.  They live in the grass.  They live in the air.  They live on walls and sometimes on floors.  They come in many different shapes and sizes.  Some accept their fate and go right down my throat when I eat them, while others struggle a bit.  Some are gooey and some are crunchy.  When my fur is long, I'm less likely to encounter bugs.  That must be it!

Bugs must be able to detect my long fur and send out a signal to their friends to clear the area.  Now that I've got my summer 'do, they have no idea I am coming to eat them.  

Stupid bugs.


Petra said...

Do you like lightning bugs, Stanislaw? They're my favorites right now, but they're hard to catch.

Better stay away from eating bees cause they might make you blow up if you eat one.

Mack said...

Do you guys have June bugs where you live? I think they are the tastiest!

Stay sexy!

Fenway said...


What do you know about a flying insect that carries around a lightbulb? My 'rents call it a lightning bug. The other evening, one followed us into the house and did a crazy lightshow around the dining room. I did NOT approve of this interloper, and to be frank, I wussed out major.

All this proved to me that sometimes things are not what they seem. As a border collie, I need everything to act like it's supposed to act and then be in it's place. This is peace.

This GE-powered flying bug is a freak of nature. I am too startled to even think about catching it in my mouth like a fly.

PS: I once licked all the ants off a hotdog bun...and left the bun. I am a gluten-free dog.

Princess Patches said...

We like to catch flies in mid-air. Then we EAT them! Mom and Dad say that is a GOOD thing! It's also very THEM, not us!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Niamh said...


I always enjoy your Deep Thoughts. It is important for us dogs to contemplate the canine condition. I am fascinated by flying bugs but not too interested in crawling ones.

I am having a dreaded grooming next week and I will have to test out your hypothesis on hair length and bugs.

Your friend,

Charlie Daniels said...

We live near the ocean ... there are lots of cockroaches here ... they are fun!



Molly the Airedale said...

Mitch and I love bugs too, Stan - especially flies! One accidentally flew into our house yesterday and Mitch and I were both bashing at the window to see who got him first! Aren't bugs just the BEST?!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

The Zoo Crew said...

Ohh, I love bugs of all sorts; crawling, flying, name it, I'm after it!!!


Hero said...

I've never tried eating bugs before, but maybe I'll give one a try if it seems particularly juicy.

Tadpole said...

You are SO SMART! I never would have figured that out!

But... I don't have hair, and I experience the same symptoms. Maybe they send the "Stan's hair" signals all over the NATION?!?!

Agatha and Archie said...

Must be a dog thing as we too LOVE them....we like to paw them around alittle before we eat them!! Love A+A

andrahyb said...

We had a baby lizard in the bedroom last night!

.. It had Goofy so excited that we all spotted dark circles this AM.

Rudolf & Goofy