Monday, February 11, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 10- My Dad is a Slow Poke

Now that I eat raw meat, I have become a stronger, more agile boy capable of snagging squirrels out of mid-air. But due to the fact that my dad is too slow, I haven't actually caught a squirrel yet. You see, every other day we go running around the lake and I am tethered to my slow daddy and his lack of speed prevents me from eating tasty wild animals. And the opportunities to feast on live creatures are aplenty.

I don't really think of this as running, it is more like fast hunting. First, we run through the park where there is good squirrel and rabbit stalking. Then we cross the street to the lake shore where we chase some geese. When we make it to the beach, I hunt some waves. We then turn around past the monument of Polish astronomer Copernicus, speed by the statue of Polish military general and American Revolutionary war hero Thaddeus Kosciusko and back into the city where I attempt to bite pigeons in the face and eat off their wings.

My point is that my dad is cramping my style by running like a wimp and letting all the wild animals escape my jaws. I am an energetic, raw meat-eating boy and I was bred to hunt. Maybe my dad should start eating some raw turkey necks for breakfast to make him stronger and faster. Either that or I'm going have to whip his bum into shape. There is feasting for the taking out there and I can't let my dad keep holding me back. I'm going to go bite him.


speedy brother says:
Exercise is as important as diet when it comes to keeping yourself in tip-top shape. A nice long walk or a good hard run can work wonders in maintaining a strong and healthy heart and lungs, providing mental stimulation, and it can even help stop any bad or nervous habits that you might have. It's just as necessary for us dogs as it is for humans for get our daily ration of movement in. We weren't made to be couch potatoes!

The amount of exercise we are given should be determined by our current physical condition, our personality, and our breed. Different types of dogs are better suited for that great game of fetch in the lake, while others would do best on a leisurely stroll around town. Generally, working breeds like sporting and hunting dogs need a lot of exercise, and it's a common misconception that small stature dictates a small need. I'll use myself as an example. I'm just a little 20lb cocker spaniel, but I can easily log in 3 miles of running every day, plus swimming in between. Sure, my legs are little but I love nothing more than rolling out of my crate first thing in the morning and sprinting my little heart out -- all before coming home and getting a great big running boy's breakfast. I live for it!

My humans love to go for a run with my brother and me, and they built us up to the task over the course of a few months to make sure that we weren't pushing ourselves too hard. They also spoke to our doctor to make sure our joints and hips were up for it, and once given a clean bill of health we were off! We are a super high-energy duo with crazy gung-ho personalities. If you're not that type, you may enjoy a nice game of fetch in the yard or a walk to the market with your human. Exercise does not have to be strenuous for it to do you good. In fact, a nice slow walk can work miracles in keeping your muscles and mind in working order... especially as you get older. You just need to find what works for you by judging your physical ability and energy levels. I promise you'll love it. And if you're a lean boy like me it makes for more feasting on those hard working days!

a note about weight maintenance:
Since we've started this new diet, my mom keeps calling me to her so she can pet my rib cage. I know she's checking to make sure that my weight is keeping at a healthy level. Well, things must have changed recently because I've been feasting harder than ever! She said that I've been getting too skinny, and since I was a lean boy before I couldn't afford to lose any weight. She did another calculation and has increased my food up to 2.5% (it was 2% previously), and if this isn't enough it will go up to 3%. Although I'm always fed extras on those running days, she says that my metabolism is pretty quick and I burn through those meaty calories. I'm not complaining! I'm always looking for excuses to eat those additional wings.

This just goes to show you that starting your raw feasting at 2% of your weight is just a general measure. As time goes on, your human will have to tailor the meal plan to suit your needs.

Happy feasting!

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Emily said...

Great pictures! =D

I learned today that because BARF is raw, there are enzymes and stuff that are very good at preventing/improving arthritis. If we cooked their food, those enzymes would be lost.

Our Henry is either running 45 miles an hour, (he's a greyhound mix)or he's fast asleep on the couch. Riley our american eskimo is not nearly as fast, but has a much longer endurance, so you are right that some of it certainly does depend on the breed!

~Emily from The B.A.R.F. Blog