Sunday, February 10, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 9- Crate Puking

Hey guys!

I'm feeling pretty good lately with all of this raw meat in my belly. My apartment has also been feces-free for a few days. I just threw down some chicken wings for breakfast and did a solid poo outside that froze instantly before it hit the ground since it's negative 25 degrees out. I do have to admit that I had done some late-night puking in my sleeping crate a few days this week. Sometimes it just sneaks up on me in my sleep, other times I make it happen. I've found that hurling is a good way to manufacture a late-night snack. However, my mommy has some kind of supersonic puke hearing or something because she always manages to wake up and take my vomit away before I can re-eat my homemade feast. I tend to get sick at night when I eat a heavier dinner involving bones, but if I just eat ground turkey or salmon with veggies I don't. That's why I'm asking my humans to feed me bone-in meats before bedtime. I plan to work on quietly regurgitating some of this while I'm sleeping so I can feast on it again in my crate without my humans noticing. So far I haven't been successful in my attempts, and the past 2 nights I haven't gotten sick at all! My skills need some work.

Happy late-night feasting,

a bark from bro:
Sometimes my brother and I like to share a crate at night, especially when it gets as cold out as it's been lately. However, his frequent vomiting this past week has driven me to spend the nights alone. I've heard friends discuss in the past how they enjoy one of these re-eating feasts, but I'm just not that into it. Vomit is not on the top of my list, and so when I heard that Stanislaw kept getting sick at night I just wanted to avoid it.

These past two nights I have been reconsidering my decision. He hasn't gotten sick at all and I miss my crate buddy. I suppose he's been feeling better because our feasting schedule has changed a bit. As we've been improving and adjusting to the diet, we've been given different kinds of meats and it's made for some super great feasting. We get our big meal in the morning, which usually consists of delicious raw meaty bones (RMBs), some yogurt, fish oil and enzymes. Up until now our dinners have been another light serving of the morning's RMBs, but these past few days we've been given some lean ground turkey with a heaping teaspoon of veggies, fish oil, vitamin E, and some enzymes. My humans tell me that we can expect larger servings of that scrumptious garlicky veggie stuff as time goes on, and we'll also have stuff like beef, pork, rabbit, lamb and fish added to the list.

I go to bed at night dreaming about that stuff! My tummy has been just great... all I need is for my brother to get his digestive juices in order and we'll be on our way to finer feasting. I'm drooling just thinking about it.

Sweet meat dreams.

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