Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 12- I Need to Eat Some Goat

Howdy fellow BARFers! Sorry I am a little late blogging today, but I was busy eating raw chicken livers. My BARF diet has been going well for almost 2 weeks now and I have sampled some delicious raw meats including oxtail, lamb, turkey, beef, and chicken wings. I think I am ready for the big time, that's why I'm telling my humans to go get me some goat meat. And rabbit meat, duck carcass, pheasant wings, pig's feet, quail hearts, buffalo leg, ostrich head, unicorn horn, and liger liver. Being a professional hunter, I always thought I had to hunt my own meat, and ostriches don't happen to live in my neighborhood. But apparently there is this thing called the Internet where you can order just about any raw meat you want and in a few days it comes directly to your mouth. What a great idea! So I stole my dad's credit card and placed an order for a full goat and a meat rabbit, which I plan to fatten up and then feast on. Delicious.

Waiting for the mail,


brother's wise words:
There are many places to get your feasting supplies. Some get what they need from their own farm, some make a trip to their local meat packer or butcher, and others will order what they need online. My humans like to do a mix of things, and they'll supplement their meat supplies from the butcher with a few online orders of more exotic treats. It all depends on how varied your person wants your diet to be. If you are at risk to develop a food allergy as I am, keeping the proteins in your food varied is an important aspect of your diet.

There are many prepared and frozen BARF foods available. These can be expensive, but they make your feedings a snap. They usually contain ground bone and arrive in frozen patties or blocks. Already made foods can be extremely useful if you're traveling, being boarded or watched after, and they can come in handy if your human has a very busy day or is in a rush. There are many online retailers of prepared foods, and many of these also sell their products in stores. Here are a few ready-made BARF foods:

Complete BARF foods

Sometimes finding a variety of meats is difficult, especially if you live in an area that doesn't have a large choice of butchers and shops. Sometimes it's difficult for your human to transport all of the meat you need, because they don't have a car or live in a city. No matter what the situation, there are online retailers that will deliver to your door or meet you at a pick-up location every month. These retailers also make great resources for meats that can be expensive or tough to come by, like rabbit, goat and venison. This is of special interest if you are a dog with a protein allergy. For example, if you are allergic to chicken, which is a staple of most BARF diets, it is possible to continue eating raw and instead have your main RMB source be rabbit, pork or duck. Also, if your human wishes to offer you a greater variety of meats because they believe it's an important thing to do, these online shops are a good way to find what you're looking for.

Please check the retailer's site, as not everyone is able to deliver to your area.

RMB, Muscle Meat & Organ Retailers

Happy exotic feasting!

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