Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 19- My Meat is Here!

My meat finally came in the mail! I was so excited I ran outside and harrassed the mailman for bringing it late. Then my humans spread it out on the table and packaged it all up for future consumption. The smells of goat meat and tripe made my brother and me go nuts!

My brother turned into a wild animal when a gigantic piece of rabbit fell on the floor and my mommy took it out of his mouth. I went crazy when my mom pulled out a full rabbit for us to feast on... I mean like a whole rabbit that I see on the trail, just without skin or hair. The meaty deliciousness was cut into small RMB bits fit for a cocker spaniel. However, I thought I could handle the whole thing without a problem. Mom set aside some meat in a bowl to defrost for my brother and me to eat for dinner. It was the best feast of goat and ground rabbit that I have ever tasted. Or ever eaten.

Here's what the goat meat and bone pieces looked like. Some were good for eating already, while others had to be cut down to size. I watched the counter to see what was going on with my special meats, but my brother just stared at the ground waiting for things to fall. I guess his plan worked once, but he missed seeing all that tasty goat.

Dinner was so good I scarfed it down super fast. It tasted like I snuck up behind a goat and took a bite. I feel like a wild animal hunting down my nightly feasts and catching them in my bowl.

Dreaming of goaty feasts,



feasting bits from brother:

My humans took a new approach to meat storage this time around. They cut up all of the ground rabbit and tripe into small squares, and because it was still almost frozen when they were doing it, they could toss all of the pieces into containers and just put that in the freezer. This way they can adjust our feeding without taking baggies of meat apart, and they are able to weigh each piece until we have a full meal. I hope that makes it easier on them. I'm all for feasting efficiency.

My mom also suspects that I may be a little allergic to chicken. I've gotten pretty itchy lately. She's not sure if it's from the weather, dryness because of the heat, pollens... or maybe she was right when she thought that I might have an issue when I was eating dry kibble. Well, I'm going off all chicken for the next week or so to see if I improve. I'm in complete support of this experiment if it means that I get to keep eating goat, rabbit, pork, fish, tripe and beef. Regardless of whether or not my itchies go away from food, my tummy will be full and that's what I'm most concerned about!

Happy feasting!

Here's a little video of my brother and me going into a feasting frenzy at the smell of our ground green tripe. My humans covered their noses and kept gagging. I have no idea why it didn't make them salivate. The stinkyness drove us crazy!

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