Sunday, February 24, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 23- Gaining Some Weight

As you may already know, one of the main reasons my humans put me on my delicious BARF diet was so that I could gain some weight. When they adopted me about 6 months ago, I weighed 15 pounds. A lean, healthy cocker spaniel of my size should weigh around 25 pounds. I wish I could tell my humans what I was up to before I came home with them, but they figured out right away that it was a time of feastlessness for me. My hunger forced me to go to the streets and try to hunt my dinner, however I wasn't a very good hunter when I was a little pup because I was weak and slow from being malnourished. And, as you know, squirrels are fast. I mostly ate bugs that I found on walls. An occasional lizard or frog was a big treat, as was garbage. I admit that I still like to eat garbage, just because it smells so delicious - kind of like tripe.

It wasn't very long before I was arrested for lifting my leg on private property and put in jail. Luckily, cocker spaniel rescue came and bailed me out and I went to live in a house with 20 other cockers. My humans came and adopted me about a week later, and I was soon feasting hard on kibble, wet puppy food, and puppy weight gainer. I got up to about 18 pounds, but my body just couldn't process all this new food, so 99% of it got rejected out of my bum in poo explosions right after feasting. My muscles just couldn't get the nutrients from this food before my body got rid of it.

About a month ago, I was surfing the Internet and I came across some info on the BARF diet and presented my findings to my humans in a Power Point. My humans decided to give BARF a try and my brother and I started feasting on delicious raw animals like rabbit and goat. I now weigh 21 pounds and I'm faster and stronger than ever. I fly past my dad when we race down the hallway. I now think that I am ridiculously good-looking, and because of this I've made more human friends than ever. I'm glad that I found a family that not only feeds me, but feeds me raw rabbit liver.

Happy feasting,

This is what I looked like the first day home with my humans. I was learning all about the meat locker (fridge), and couldn't believe the feasting potential in this new place. Back then I could fit into a harness that was made for baby dogs, and you could see all the vertebrae in my back and watch my shoulder blades move as I walked.

This is what I look like today. I'm really shaggy since I've grown in my winter fur and that makes me look a little bigger than I am, but I did get 8 lbs heavier than I was when I first moved in. I'm still a skinny boy and need another 2-3 lbs on me, (that's a lot when you only weigh 21 lbs!), but I'm up for the feasting challenge. I stopped gaining weight on kibble, and since starting the raw diet I've put on another 1/2 lb. Go raw meat!

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