Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 11- My Stinkhead is Gone

I'm kind of embarrassed to admit it, but I used to have this weird problem where my head stunk like a skunk and when humans pet me their hands smelled like it. Stinkhead really was a game-killer for me since my favorite thing after biting pigeons in the face is making new friends with humans. First I locate a human in the hallway, elevator, or outside. I then stare at the potential new friend and cry until they make eye-contact and pet me. I was always afraid that these new human friends of mine would notice my stinkhead residue on their hands and not want to pet me when they saw me again. But after a week and a half on the raw meat diet, I am proud to say that my stinkhead is gone! Thanks, BARF diet! Now I can make more friends and get more pets than ever! So here's some advice to my dogs out there that are self-conscious about their stinkhead:

BARF diet, apply directly to the mouth,
BARF diet, apply directly to the mouth,
BARF diet, apply directly to the mouth.

Pet me,


party animal brother comments:
The raw diet has helped many dogs with all sort of issues, ranging from seizures to food allergies and even to things like "stinkhead" and anal gland problems. I know that I was considered allergic to all poultry, beef, corn, wheat, preservatives, and shellfish. While I do not eat many of things anymore, I can tell you that now I'm enjoying my raw chicken wings and turkey necks without a hitch.

As general health improves, health issues will begin to subside. This can be attributed to many factors, with the top 4 as follows:

1. Raw foods contain live enzymes that are killed when food is cooked and heavily processed, as they are in kibble. These enzymes are essential to our health, maintenance, and well-being. They even work within our bodies to prevent cancer, arthritis, and other degernative illnesses.

2. Raw foods are lacking any additives, preservatives, dyes, thickeners... and the list goes on and on. I believe that any time you take out the "fake" stuff and stick to what nature intended you'll wind up seeing an improvement in your health. That goes for both us dogs and our humans!

3. A diet full of raw meats and veggies is chock full of vitamins, minerals and oils, all in their natural state. Many humans believe that the body is more capable of using these nutrients when they haven't been processed. I know these nutrients are tasty when they're hidden within some raw beef meat. That's all I care about.

4. Chewing raw meaty bones keeps our teeth clean. Clean teeth is an extremely important part of our overall health, as the plaque and bacteria that would flourish on a wet or kibble diet eventually builds up and causes gum disease. This is terribly painful, causes tooth loss, and has even been linked to kidney, liver and heart disease! My brother is lucky and since he's so young, his teeth were sparkling white even before the raw diet. But me, on the other hand... I was about 6 months out from having to be anesthetized and given a professional cleaning. But guess what! After only a short time on the raw diet, those delicious meaty bones have made a huge difference in my teeth and little by little they are looking more like my brothers. My humans are also talking about a sudden lack of "doggy breath." Not sure what that's about.

Man, do I love feasting on my enzymes.

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