Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 18- Stanislaw Isn't Speaking to Us

Our dad did not pay for overnight shipping on that goat meat he ordered, and so Stanislaw is not speaking to him... or any of us for that matter. He vented his frustrations on one of mom's good shoes this morning, but aside for that he's just been sulking. So today's blog will be short, sweet and goatless.

I'm going to post 2 more links that will hopefully make this raw feeding thing a little more financially delicious for your human. The first is a basic list of co-ops, which are broken down state-by-state. If you join one of these groups, usually each of your orders will be placed at the same time, making one big bulk order, and significantly reducing the prices for all of you. Similarly, some places have a agreement with a supplier, and being a member can get you some great deals.

Finally, as I've mentioned before, joining a Yahoo! BARF group in your area can link you into some deals and group purchases. Click this link and do searches for your city or state, and words like "BARF," "Raw Diet," and "Raw Feeders." Better prices mean better feasting, so good luck!

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