Saturday, April 5, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 68- My Teeth Are Clean!

Eating raw bones has really helped clean my teeth. This is great because now my brother and I won't have to go to the vet to get our teeth cleaned. Even though my mom made it a point to brush our teeth with delicious peanut butter toothpaste before we started eating raw, tartar was still building up on our back teeth. My brother's teeth were turning yellow. Check out how they look now after chewing on bones for the last few months.

As for me, I'm so relieved that I'll never have to go to the vet and get put under anesthesia to get my teeth cleaned. Trust me, you want to avoid getting put under anesthesia at all costs. Eating raw bones is like a win/win situation. Awesome feasting and no anesthesia. The last time the vet put me under anesthesia, I woke up and my manhood was missing. Not sure what happened to it but I do admit feeling a little differently towards girl dogs since it has been gone. I mean I love to play with them for a while, but when it really comes down to it, I'm just not that into them.

a message from a limping brother:
I went on a wonderful "fast hunt" with my mom and my crazy brother last Thursday. Because my brother and I run and pull so hard my humans have a special contraption that they use to make their job a little easier. It's called the FreeLeash. It's an elastic waist band with a metal clip in back (if you buy it, make sure it's got the metal buckle, not the plastic one), a pouch on the side for poop bags, keys and other things, and a carabiner-connected bungee cord leash that hooks onto a collar or harness. This keeps their hands free and makes our pulling much easier to deal with. My mom and I have been running together with this thing for years. I get so excited when I see it!

I'm a very good boy on runs. I take my running very seriously and sprint my little heart out the entire way. Because I run in front of my humans instead of alongside them, I have learned to follow directional commands which makes our days out go very smoothly. Strangers always laugh at us because I look like a miniature sled dog after one too many sips of espresso, but I'll use any opportunity to show off my muscles and manliness. I have plenty of both.

Well, I say that I'm a little angel on runs. And I usually am. Until I see a squirrel. I can't help myself around those TREE LOBSTERS!! I begin to pull as hard as my little body will let me, and I scream and squeal and cause a scene. My adrenaline gets pumping and I think of how tasty one of those little varmints would be, and how great it would feel to actually catch one -- after years of being mocked by those little tree huggers. I MUST have one! I tend to get a little overzealous at times like these, as was the case on our last run. I wound up pulling against my leash and treading in place on some gravel. It only lasted a few seconds before my mom moved us along but it was enough to cut one of my pads. My mom didn't notice until later that night after I had a good chew on my foot and started limping. She snatched me onto the sofa and put some slimy stuff on my toe and wrapped me in these annoying bandages.

All I do is try to get them off. This toe needs a good nibble! And to add insult to injury, she won't take me out for another fast hunt until it's healed. I'm stuck inside knowing that those squirrels got their way, and their plan to keep me hostage in my own home worked! I will eat you some day squirrels. I WILL!!

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