Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 120- I Said No No No

Yesterday was Memorial Day and Big Pupi and I got to go for a slow hunt through downtown to the park.  Our humans sat on a bench and watched a water-spitting monster while my brother and I kept a look-out for squirrels.  I tried to be Have but I couldn't control myself and screamed the entire time we were out.  It was a hot day and my over-excitement made me one steamy boy and we had to cut our walk short so I could cool off.  Big Pupi was a good boy as usual and he even sat nicely for a photograph:

I was a savage beast and looked a little bedraggled for my photo shoot:
You can see my tongue freckle in this picture.

While we were out I overheard my humans talking about an Animal Be Have-iorist and I thought that this particular beast sounded rather dull.  Having Have just doesn't make you much fun.  But then I heard them mention that I could use a little rehab so I can learn how to be Have, stop my screaming, and to remedy my lack of Walk Like Good Boy.  My mom even shot some video clips to send to the Be Have-iorist beast so that she could see what she was getting herself into.  

I told my humans that they can try to make me go to rehab, but I say No No No!
Here's a video of my manly screams, potted plant obsession, and bizarre need to squeeze myself through anything that is remotely fence-like... even if I'm not actually fenced in.  They just don't know how exciting and scary life is from 2 feet off the ground!  I refuse to be a wallflower, and my screaming gets me attention from humans and animals for miles around.  I refuse this rehab!  A handsome, manly boy like me deserves all of the attention he can get!! 


Ella Bean & Louis Reginald said...

I think your screams are super manly and beastly! You are sooooo handsome!

I think its super cool how your humans follow you around the city.
I need to learn that trick!

Don't go to rehab! I say no! no! no!


Ella Bean

Mack said...

Paris Rain here!
If I ever had any doubt if it was true love or not..this video seals the deal!
I love you my screaming, gorgeous feaster! You are just so dang handsome! And I understand your need to be heard. While I hardly ever bark - I love to grunt!
I will have my human mom take a video of me whilst I grunt and I think you will like it!
And you don't need to go to re-hab (My mom's name is AMY, btw.. heehee)!!

Take care handsome!,

Noah the Airedale said...

G'day matie
Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's good to meet you.
My sissies and I are all on the BARF diet though we do like the occasional treat of cooked bacon.
Love the video.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah Willow Tess & Lucy

Fenway said...

Thanks for the heads up on that REHAB concept. I've heard that word spoken in my 3 floor den and could not fathom what it was all about.

Your piercing screams are something to shoot for. I just whine and whimper like a puppy which greatly annoys the humans—they say I sound like a seagull. I've perfected this at DOG SHOWS because there is a lot of standing around and waiting for god knows what to happen. I'm supposed to ignore the fact that there are 1,500 hundred other dogs to play with. Ha...so I chirp away!

You've got a gorgeous glossy coat!

Maggie & Mitch said...

You don't look like you need rehab to us, Stan! You actually look quite normal!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Fenway said...

Thanks, Stan. Yeah, I think that fishy oil gives that patent leather sheen to the fur. We are walking advertisements for good nutrition.

As far as the tap dance and the dog show judges, once I paraded around the ring on my hind legs and looked like Flipper the Dolphin. Thiat was my personal best effort to date at completely mortifying Ms. Alpha.

Beckett said...

Hey Stan,

I think your screaming is awesome, but my human is wondering if maybe wearing a dog backpack would help you not do that so much. I have a Kelty Chuckwagon K-9 pack that I wear on my walks. It makes me feel super important because I have a job.

There's this one snooty chihuahua who won't give me the time of day. When I don't have my backpack on I go nuts trying to get her attention, but when my backpack is on I'm working and have much better things to do than pay attention to that silly girl.

Plus, I get even more attention from people when I have my backpack on - and I never get thirsty on long walks because I carry water with me.

Just a thought

Niamh said...


I have a tongue freckle too! I think you look quite cute in you photo.

You may actually enjoy the behaviorist. My person is a trainer and dogs love her because there is a lot of treat feasting going on when she works with them. Maybe your behaviorist will give you lots of extra special treats so the rehab won't seem too bad.

Your friend,

Charlie Daniels said...


I think you are clearly misunderstood. You are ahead of your time! I've been talking to my humans about this ... because they don't have a finely tuned ear .. they don't hear the full quality of your voice and hence hear it as screaming. Me, I hear that as quality singing!

What I find interesting is ... how did you know they were gonna play that exact same song on the video?

Cool :-)


Amber-Mae said...

Stanley, may I ask where did you get all that energy to pull your hooman & make sooo much noise at the same time? Must be the raw diet. That's alot of screaming & whining...Not sure if my hoomans can stand those noises or not. I think they will go nuts & probably send you to rehab too. BOL! Hey, I have tongue freckle too & it's a biiiig one right in the middle.

Butt shakes,
Solid Gold Dancer

Pee/s: I've added your link to my blog so now, I'm gonna visit your bloggy everyday!

Anonymous said...

Hola Stanislaw, eres hermoso.
Me recuerdas a mi cuando era pequeña. Me llamo Ofelia y vivo en Chile, soy una Cocker Spaniel Ingles. Visita mi blog y verás a tu hermana o tía.
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I have some videos too.
Many kisses for you.

FleasGang said...

You sure are a talkative little guy. But in a manly way, of course. We say stick to your guns and say no to rehab, too!

The FleasGang