Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 71- Spreading the Word of Raw Feasting

Sometimes I'm out marking my territory and dogs come up to me and they're all like, "Stanislaw, why does you breath smell like raw chicken liver?" And I'm like, "First of all, this is my territory and second of all I feast on raw chicken livers with yogurt on the top all day, dog." Then they're like, "How do we get our humans to feed us cow stomach and raw goat and such?" And I'm all like, "Check out my blog, dude. It's about educating the human folk on the health benefits of eating raw meat and such. Once you convince your people that eating in the raw makes you healthy and whatnot, it's like seriously raw feasting all day. Your bum smells whack, by the way." And then they tell me, "But I have no thumbs, Stanislaw. I can't access the World Wide Web of information" and I'm like, "Whoa, lucky I still have my dew claws, man".


brother on the cousins:
I have cousin dogs that make a perfect foursome with my brother and me. They're owned by my mom's parents and are also a duo of rescued black and black & white cocker spaniels. I guess you could say my humans are copycats since my cousins were around first... but I'm not complaining. My girl-cousin is named Paisley, and my boy-cousin is called Jake.



After hearing and reading all about the great results my brother and I have had on the raw diet, Jake and Paisley begged their humans to give it a try. And lucky for them... just a few days ago they took their first bites of raw deliciousness. Their humans decided to go the route of pre-made foods, and picked up some Nature's Variety chicken and beef medallions from their local pet store. Well, to my utter shock and surprise, they were extremely hesitant during their first feast! They weren't sure what to do and weren't too interested. This is about when I started to question their dogginess. Are they part cat? Perhaps chicken? Once they sniffed and pondered their meal, they finally began to eat. Paisley has learned to love the new food, but Jake is still a bit confused but chows down nonetheless.

Because they're on a pre-made diet that already includes veggies, fruit, kelp, oil and other supplements, their humans are only giving them yogurt and enzymes in addition to their food. They had a really easy start with their new diet, and didn't suffer any tummy upsets or "detox" effects like my brother and I did... until their dad decided to stop adding enzymes in their meals. Boy did he learn his lesson! The house was taken over by... shall I say... a "blue cloud" that chased them out of each room of the house. Enzymes went back in and the gas disappeared. I hope they continue to have such an easy transition.

It's just the start of their new diet, but already their humans can see a bit more energy in my cousins. They've decided to stock up on the raw stuff, and pick up a few chicken wings and some ground meat to try some bone-crunching feasts as well. I can't wait to hear how that goes! I remember my first wing like it was yesterday. I'm sure they'll enjoy it as much as I did, and I'll make sure to post all about that big event.

Happy feasting Jake and Paisley!

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