Thursday, July 10, 2008

Raw Food Diet, 164- Of Feasts and Fathers

Yesterday was a day unlike any other. First off, we did not go for our morning medium-speed hunt because we were too exhausted from a night spent partying on the human crate. Second, we enjoyed day 3 of our delectable bison marrow bones and mom had filled them with yogurt since we had already eaten the marrowy goodness out of there. It's a special occasion when we get recreational bones, and this day was indeed a day for celebrating. Big Pupi could sense the energy and was on edge all day. He even picked a fight with a pair of dachshund neighbors in the hallway! Those little rascals like to bite our faces and usually we behave ourselves and only give them little growls, but on this day they did not heed Pupi's warning snarls and got themselves into trouble. Oh dear! After the tussle, we feasted on my favorite for dinner - green tripe - mixed with some beef chunks and that was totally stinky and totally awesome. It gave me lots of beastly energy for the grand event that was about to take place...

Dad came home!!!

I was so pumped I forgot all about feasts (a rare thing, indeed) and immediately began grunting with pure joy! Dad began to unpack his bag and before I knew it there was a fabulous stinky sock dangling near my face! Oh how I missed our nightly rounds of sock-tug!
He then pulled a delicious-smelling object from his bag, and even though I hadn't a clue what it was I wanted it! Anything from dad must be fantastic!
And it was! Turns out that dad caught a home run ball while in Boston at the Red Sox game! Too bad it was from the Twins and not from Manny. Despite all this, Big Pupi, a rabid baseball fan, couldn't believe the news and had to give the ball a close check to make sure it was authentic.
A very close check...
Yes. This was indeed an official MLB ball. Pupi could tell the exact time it was hit and temperature of the bat that came in contact. He knew what the hitter had eaten before the game and how many hours of sleep he got the night before. Man, I bet that humans wish they had schnozzles as powerful as ours! He is still studying the ball and gathering information for his evening blog post on his baseball dog blog. Pupi and I are so proud of dad for fetching us a ball from Fenway Park! He didn't even have one of those delicious leather gloves on when he caught it!
Well, if this isn't proof that my dad is totally magical and amazing, I don't know what is. I find it hard to believe that there are many more people in this world that can make their socks so fabulously stinky and perfect for sock-tug as my dad. And he can take toys from a whole team of people that are obsessed with baseballs! He didn't even get caught and thrashed like I do whenever I take one of Pupi's favorite toys. He must be a smart boy, my dad. I am so happy he's home.

All is well in my world,


Petra said...

WOW your dad is GOOD! I can't believe he caught that ball!

When are you going to play fetch with it?!

Renna the Princess Puppy said...

Wow you dad caught a ball!! So cool!! Guess what? I eat some raw food too! I have an mixed food routine, and my kibble is all meat. :)

slobber licks

Hero said...

I'm glad that your Dad is back!!! That's sooo cool that he caught that ball and brought it back for you and Big Pupi. Have fun snuggling with your Dad and his stinky socks!

Maggie & Mitch said...

That's awesome that your dad came home with a ball for you guys! We bet you're still carrying around his dirty sock! Have fun with it, Stan!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Yeah you sure look very happy that your dad is back. What a pawsome ball there. :)

~ Girl girl

Ella Bean said...


Your dad is a hero. You must make sure you spend the coming days covering him with face kisses to show your appreciation and enthusiasm. I would, if it were me!
If he seems to get annoyed, don't worry, its part of the fun!
Glad your dad the hero is back in the crate.

Oh, also, we added a note on Cup of Dog about chewability of the Busy Buddy, toy thanks to your heads up! Thanks Stani!

Have the best weekend!

Ella Bean

P.S. Good thing Big Pupi can authenticate memorabilia like that. Louis is working on his authentication skills.