Monday, July 14, 2008

Raw Food Diet, 168- Frosty Schnozzles

It was a toasty Sunday but our humans always make it a point to get Pupi and me outside every day.  I don't have a problem with this and so when I see my blue harness coming my way I oblige and slip my head through.  I'm a guy that likes to gamble, and despite the fact that I don't really know if the harness is going on so that I may be strapped into the puke-mobile or if I'm about to go on a fast hunt, I'm willing to take my chances.  It was well worth the risk yesterday!

Our folks walked us down to Baskin-Robbins, and we waited outside with dad while mom did some human stuff inside the sweet-smelling store.  I have no idea what goes on in there but whenever the people go inside they work their bi-ped magic and emerge with ICE CREAM!  I heard somewhere that this magical ice cream place has 31 flavors of deliciousness, but for some reason my humans only get us vanilla.  But I'm not complaining!  We walked to the park and Pupi and I were leashed to a bench while dad prepared our treat.  It was creamy cold feasting on my hot tongue.

First mom made us eat nicely off spoons and made us wait our turn for the tastiness, but Big Pupi kept trying to push my face out of the way and steal my feast!

Eventually our people gave up trying to make us feast with manners and got rid of that silly spoon.  Pupi and I polished that paper cup to a pearly shine.

It was when I actually tried to consume the cup itself that mom took it away and we made our way over to the water fountain to wash down (and rinse off) our sweet stickiness.  Our people have this handy Outward Hound bowl that comes with us every time we venture out in the summer, and when Pupi and I see it we know we're in for fun!  I hog the bowl and drink most of the water - Pupi isn't a big drinker like I am so he doesn't mind.  When I'm done with my water feasting I lie on top of the bowl to get my belly nice and wet.

With tummies full of icy water and ice cream, we made our way back home.  Boy am I thankful to our buddies Maggie and Mitch for inspiring our people to make an ice cream trip today!  Summer is a delicious time of year.

Hoping that ice cream is in my bowl tonight,


Clover said...

How delicious! You are so lucky that your parents took you to get ice cream. I am going to show this post to my mom!
Love Clover xo

Maggie & Mitch said...

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, we're so glad you guys got ICE CREAM!!!! Vanilla is just fine! We'll take it however we get it, right, guys?! I love the pink spoon!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Hero said...

I love reading about all your yummy adventures! Ice cream always sounds like a grand idea. I'm off to tell my mom just that in hopes that she'll agree.

Fenway said...

Boy, am I feeling like I live in a state of utter deprivation. I shall make it a point to show your I SCREAM post to my humans.

Do your biped like to feel your hot tongues licking every crevice of the cups? Mine do, when I am given a plain flavored yogurt to slurp and lick.

Nice work, pups. Oh, and we have one of those traveling bowls, too. Soft Bowl = Fun on the Run.

Check out my pool party yesterday (I peed in my pool and put an instant halt to all the fun.)

Petra said...

Have you tried Frosty Paws yet, you guys? The recipe is on my blog and I just looooooove those things!

I'm not lucky enough yet to have tasted ice cream.

Niamh said...

Looks like you guys had a great time feasting on the ice cream. Vanilla is very tasty but my favorite is butter pecan!

Very convenient how your muzzle fits perfectly in the cup so you can lick up all the ice cream. You don't need a spoon.

Your friend,

Charlie Daniels said...

It looks like you really enjoyed that! Ice Cream ... YUM :-)



Asta said...

I'm so happy you and Pupi got to have such a faboolous cool tweat!!!!
I loooove ice cweam, and then a nice big gulp of watew..sounds pawfect..especially in this heat...I'm hoping when Mommi gets back home she'll get inspiwed too and take me fow some ice cweam too
smoochie cooling kisses

duo_disaster said...

Oooh! We are going to remind Mummy too! We want BIGGER cups! *Greeds*

Thats a great way to cool down during summer huh?

Rudolf & Goofy

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Yummy ice cream.. Those are pawsome treats

~ Girl girl