Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 170- Water + Stanislaw = PARTY!

This morning was a morning of awesomeness.  It's been super hot in the afternoons lately and so today mom got us all up and out of our crates early in the morning for some exercise and a slow-hunt.  We were treading along our usual trail when suddenly mom changed her mind and we veered off in another direction.  Little did I know that this was taking us to the back entrance of the bark park!

We haven't been to the bark park in what seems like forever because of the dog flu that had been going around.  That seems to be under control now, but we still avoid the park when it's crowded.  Mornings are usually quiet times and so we decided to pay it a little visit so Pupi and I could run about like beasts and not have to be Have like we do when we're on a leash.  It was great!  The moment we zoomed through the gates we were greeted by our friend Keagan who we haven't seen since his humans moved.  Every time he sees us he weebles a little bit on himself (oops!) but then it's super fun chasing time! 

My chasing concentration didn't last long before I noticed something new and absolutely wonderful sitting in my park.  It was a kiddie pool filled with icy cold hose water!  I sprinted towards it with all my might and from about 6 feet out I became airborne.  While hurdling my gangly body through air I assumed the belly-soaking position and landed with an enormous splash in the incredible coldness!  This was my very first time in one of these body-sized water bowls and man, was it just the best ever!  I spent the next 30 minutes crashing into the pool and exploding out of it over and over again, with a little Keagan-chasing mixed in.  It wasn't until Keagan left and a big guy named Bull Mastiff came in, that I realized the full potential for my pool.  (I call it "my pool" but I had so much respect for the pool that I didn't even weeble in it!)  Mr. Mastiff kept coming up to the edge my pool and would assume the play-bow position.  I would mirror his bow while barking my head off, and then spin myself like a whirling dervish creating a tornado of liquid that soaked Mr. Mastiff and me from schnozzle to tail.  Oh how fun!  I'm currently working on my humans, trying to convince them that we need one of these things in our home.  I would be Good Boy if we had one!  I promise!

We spent quite some time playing in the park, but before we got ourselves too exhausted mom made us leave and be Have on our walk home.  We were about half way through our return trip when we saw a black and white cocker spaniel just like Big Pupi!  We exchanged sniffs and got to know him a little.  Turns out that his humans adopted him just a month ago!  What a lucky boy.  I hope I get to see him again soon.  It wasn't long after that introduction that we met ANOTHER cocker spaniel, only this boy was black like me!  Well, he was mostly black... his face was awfully grey.  His mom told us that he is 14 years old and almost blind now, but he still looked like a super fun guy!  All of those cocker-owning humans said something about Big Pupi and me being rather "active" and "busy" dogs.  I wonder what they're referring to?  

After all of these adventures (and admittedly, a few meltdowns by me on the way), we finally reached our front door.  That's when I realized that something was missing from my day:
Big Pupi noticed the same thing:
It was feasting time!  We hadn't had our breakfast yet!
Mmm!  Ground turkey and yogurt!  Kelp deliciousness!
Mom said something about us either getting bully sticks or some tuna and yogurt as a snack this afternoon since we burned so many calories running like beasts at the park.  Yay!  Fun and feasting is always a win/win.  Except I also heard something about needing an ear-cleaning after splashing like a maniac in that pool... 

I hope all of you who have a massive splashing water bowl of your very own enjoy it enough for the two of us!  I'm jealous!

I so need a kiddie pool in my crate,


Fenway said...

Most supreme post, cockers!!! It took me back to the fun I had just the other day in my personal ocean.

Sadly, I marked my little wet kingdom which temporarily halted the mirth while Ms. Alpha did a water exchage.

I wanted you both to know I have a golden cocker living just a few houses away. Hunter is a rescue and disdains ALL other canines and scares them with his fierceness. But he inexplicable took a shine to me and astounds his owners with his gentleness. I'm glad, cause one of my favorite things is to watch his little stump go crazy with hyper waggies.

Did you guys score and official Red Sox swag?

Hero said...

I've been begging my mom for a kiddie pool for our yard, but she keeps putting it off like she keeps putting off getting some ice cream for me. Bleh! I wonder what the store clerks would do if I pranced in the store and tried to buy those things by myself. I have a lot of American Cocker Spaniels living in my neighborhood, but I don't know any of them since their owners don't let them get out and have as many adventures as your humans do with you and Big Pupi. Most of them are on the pudgy side so it would probably do them a load of good to be as busy and active as you guys.

Clover said...

Hi Stani!
Sounds like you had a fun morning! I wish I had a pool in my crate too!
I forgot to tell you before when you asked that I am not adopted... well I am, but I am adopted from a breeder. I hope we can make a difference for other dogs by supporting dog rescue.
Love Clover xo

Mack said...

Oh yeah, mom calls Paris "busy" and "active" as well as "feisty" and "hyper".

I wish you lived near us dude. Not only would I not have to hear Paris whining about missing you, but you could come over every day and play in our huge plastic water bowl. None of us really likes it...


Ellen (or Beckett) said...

I am shunning my kiddie pool. I requested an ocean, a river, and a lake in my yard and I will not settle for such a cheap imitation.

There was a guy named English Mastiff in my obedience class. He was super fun. I wonder if he's related to Bull?


Petra said...

Boy, your day couldn't have been better than this, could it? Your own water park and new cockers and bully sticks and yogurt and everything!

I wish I could have seen you attacking the water. I would have admired you from a distance but wouldn't have joined in the fun...

Sophie Brador said...

Stanislaw! You are most definitely the first cocker spaniel I've met in the blog world, but I used to live two doors down from a cocker just like you when I was a wee pup. He was an old dude and didn't have much time for me back then, but I think he'd really appreciate me now. Nice to meet you!


Charlie Daniels said...

G'day Stan

What a great post you have here. I could feel myself getting wet from all the splashing and excitement.

Good Stuff



Stanley said...

Hey, Stanley!

Stanley here. I thought I had been by your blog before, but evidently I hadn't because I would NEVER forget that gorgeous photo of all that tasty meat in your header photo!

Thanks for coming by and seeing me. My girl, my sissy Stella & I all love the look of your face, and noticed how juicy your schnoz is! Must be all that good raw eatin'!

We too are BARF dogs. My girl switched me over to a raw diet back in September, and started Stella on a raw diet not too long after adopting her in October. (You should hear her crunching on her chicken legs... she sounds like a raptor tearing up her prey!)

You can be sure I'll be back to hear more about you and Pupi! ONe of my best buds here in GooberStan is a mini cocker named Lady Bug!

By the way, kiddie pools are the BEST!

Goober love & smooches,

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Your breakfast look yummy... I bet you doggies will have a pawsome time at the pool

~ Girl girl

Amber-Mae said...

Oh, I bet you had a soooperb time at the park! Did you just say turkey & yogurt? YUM!!! Bet it was really filling...

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Hi Stan,

I'm new here, and I came upon your blog just a few days ago. I really like what you're feasting on! They sure look yummy! I talked this through with my Mom about it,and she's thinking about doing the BARF diet too! Hopefully it would be soon, coz I'm getting tired with my dry and boring kibble. She's reading your earlier posts about your humans' research on the BARF diet and the links provided...any other advice you could pass on?

Love the shiny coat you and your brother have. Keep on feasting!


Maggie & Mitch said...

The ice water sounds perfect on a super hot day! We're glad you got to enjoy it for a good long time, Stan!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch