Thursday, July 17, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 171- Barkin' in the Park

Today was another early AM wake-up call for Pupi and me, and again we were off to the bark park.  Once there we were surprised to meet a small group of pups whose people get them together every Thursday morning before they have to leave for Work.  I didn't even bother to say my "Hello's" to these dogs because right there before my beastly eyes was the kiddie pool!!!  I thrashed in there like a deep sea monster and did a few spins and belly-soaks to warm up for a morning of play.  

There was this particularly awesome black mini schnauzer that made the most ferocious growly noises but turned out to be an excellent chase and wrestle buddy.  We got to stay at the dog park extra long today since we got there so early, and this pup and I played together the whole time!  I tried my best to challenge him into a water wrestling match in the pool but he wasn't having it.  In fact, none of the dogs liked the pool so I always had it all to myself!  (It also made for a great way to escape the pups when they got to be too much for me.)  Big Pupi doesn't like it when dogs play too rough and breaks up the fun, and mom had a tough time trying to keep him away from the schnauzer and me while we were playing bitey face and tackling each other.

I was in full-on sprinting and splashing mode when all of a sudden I saw a rabbit run across the lawn just outside of the park!  I began to go ballistic and screamed and screamed my special high-pitched rabbit/squirrel scream and attracted all of the dogs in the park to the gate to yelp along with me at the moving bunny feast!  I caused quite a commotion!  Eventually our people were able to move us away from the fence and get us back to playing, but I kept glancing over to make sure that rabbit didn't tempt me again.

A male human showed up with 3 of his show dogs that looked just like Fenway.  One was a puppy and I thought he was pretty cool because he was my size, but his teeth were awfully sharp and I'm just not into that.  The man-human was talking all about the raw diet and how his dogs ate turkey necks for breakfast (!!!) and how his 2 most successful show dogs were on a ranch herding sheep 65 miles to their new pasture.  Wow!  I think I totally have the energy for that!

The group of humans all knew each other (except for my mom) and they all started chatting about certain dogs that are out of control and their owners who bring them to the park anyway.  I should have listened to this conversation because a new dog came in and I greeting him with my usual sniff and wiggle, and before I knew it I was pinned to the ground and he was biting my face!  I shrieked until that bad boy was pulled off of me and made to leave the park.  Phew!  I paid my pool a little visit to calm myself after that attack.  Water is just so zen, especially when it's good and dirty.  

The strange humans continued to talk about naughty dogs, and they said that one particular dog always preys on the little guys in the park, and when it went for one of the man's very-special show pups he actually picked the meany dog up and locked him in the entry holding pen!  The dog's person wasn't being responsible and wasn't policing their dog like they should.  Turns out that this man has also called the police on irresposible folks with really evil dogs!  No sooner did he finish this line when Big Pupi went for his puppy.  Pupi was sick of those needle teeth on his bum and after many ignored warning growls he taught the puppy a lesson.  Boy did that baby squeal!  Mom was so mortified that she yanked Pupi off and took him to Time Out for some Sit, Stay and Watch Me until he calmed down.  Naughty boy!

Anyway, it was almost 2 hours of ball-chasing, pool-soaking and general craziness before we went home.  Pupi and I were starving for some breakfast and feasted hard on some ground whole duck and yogurt and we plan on finishing the other 1/2 of our bully sticks later.  We were too exhausted for our usual, post-breakfast 30 minutes of zoomies and lunatic antics, and we crashed on the sofa for some Animal Planet and nappies.
My most favorite show, The Endless Feast, is on later today and I have to remember to set my DVR for a series recording just in case nappies lasts through my programming.  Usually I'd set my alarm but this morning really took it out of me.  I need to recharge for more fun, feasting and a game of sock-tug when dad gets home today!

Eat up,


Petra said...

Man, two hours of crazy running and playing is pawsome! I can only imagine how famished you are when you get home!

I gave you an award, Stanislaw, so come visit my blog!

Renna the Princess Puppy said...

Wow a doggie park sounds so FUN! There is not one near me. :( We are trying to sell our house and move, maybe there will be one near my new home!

slobber licks

Niamh said...


I'd play in the kiddie pool with you anytime! I like to jump in and out of it and splash around. My favorite thing is to try to dig all the water out with my front paws!!

I'm sure you had to do some serious napping after all that strenuous play in the dog park.

Your friend,

Maggie & Mitch said...

It sounds like you had a blast at the dog park! What a nice long session! We were sorry to hear that Big Pupi lost his patience with the nippy puppy! Maybe the pup learned a valuable lesson!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Charlie Daniels said...

Hey Stan

If you come to my place for a visit, maybe you can teach me to swim!



Fenway said...

I posted a comment but don't see let's try again.

I wanted to come to the defense of Big Pupi. He did Nippy Needle Teeth Puppy a service by schooling him in etiquette like ONLY ANOTHER DOG CAN DO.

Trust me, humans are clueless when it comes to teaching puppies their limits. My Dog Ma used to put my head in her mouth to try and get through to me. I'm sure Pupi didn't do anything that was out of line.

Glad you're enjoying the Deep Blue Sea. I went to my own little water world today, too.

Oh, and Ms. Alpha goes completely neurotic over Evil Dogs At Parks Who Don't Know How To Play NIcely. And she's dressed down Clueless Owners. Be real careful about any high-powered sport romping with any dogs wearing choke collars and especially harnesses. My paw got tangled up in a harness but Ms. Alpha was inches away and saved me.

Play hard, but play safe!

Boo said...

hi stanislaw & pupi,

i have added your b'day to the event calendar.

wet wet licks


T-man said...

Ooh Stanislaw, I was drooling reading your daily diet log...yum!!! My mean mom makes me stay on the special (=boring) prescription diet because I get bladder stones a lot. Can I come over to your house for dinner sometime??


duo_disaster said...

Hello Boys!

It looks like you both had a great day out! Oooh! We have started slowly on BARF but this time Rudolf seemed to have some complications -- the poop isnt looking good. She is keeping it slow & consulting Mr. Vet to see. Goofy is doing fine, as usual. We'll keep you update nonetheless.

Paws Up!
Rudolf & Goofy

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh.. Your day sure sounds fun with feasting and sock tugging. ;)

~ Girl girl

Hero said...

That new dog was lucky I wasn't there, because if I had seen him knock you to the groud and try to bite your face I would have been at him in a second! I may not be all that big, but life on the streets and in the pound have taught me a few tricks. Grrrrr. Makes me mad just thinking about that evil dog.

Mack said...

Oh what fun you have at the park!
My mom has always wanted a mini black schnauzer.
Tell him next time you see him we may adopt one of his peeps someday!
Love and cocker kisses,
Paris Rain