Monday, July 7, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 161- Pupi Was a Naughty Boy!

Personally, I like to make sure that I get in my daily ration of Naughty Boy every single day. Whether it's screaming on walks, begging for food at the table, or hopping onto the human crate, I've just got to get a little bit of disobedience out of my system on a regular basis. Big Pupi, on the other hand, spends most of his afternoons polishing his halo and otherwise kissing up to the humans. What a total nerd! And to make matters worse, he makes me look bad. I mean, he will Sit Stay for a long long time. I will Sit Stay for as long as it takes for my bum to hit the ground and then spring back up again. So what if I don't have any attention span to speak of? I'm cute, right? Can't they look past the Naughty?

So anyway, you can see why I'd be so excited at the fact that Pupi was Naughty Boy yesterday. And me? Well, I was a little angel sent from the skies above. Sunday was a pretty hot day for us, so our humans decided to take us on a short walk to the Store of Toys and Feasting, where they picked up some tasty dehydrated lamb lung treats and a set of raw bison bones. On our way home we stopped at a little park to play with a miniature schnauzer for a bit and give our bones a little time to thaw in the heat. Then it was back home for feasting!

Our people set up our feasting cages with a plastic tablecloth to keep the floor clean while we chew, and to prevent us from taking our raw marrow bones to our favorite chewing places - the sofa and carpet. It was one tasty, marrow-ey, raw bison femur-y, treat of deliciousness!
Mom set us in there with strict instructions to stay put as long as we were feasting on femur. I was an obedient son and kept in my place, making little throaty noises of feasting ecstasy while working out all that rich marrow. Pupi, on the other hand, decided to go against the human rules and started to plot his escape.
After some time working on his bone, Pupi wasn't hungry any more and was suddenly overcome with an urge to bury his femur somewhere in the apartment... the feasting cage just would not do for a proper bone-hiding. And so, my generally angelic, normally perfect brother broke the rules! But that silly, brazen boy... the first thing he did was trot right up to mom who was sitting at her computer, and he proudly showed her his recently emancipated femur bone. She plopped him right back into the feasting cage and set up a camera to see just how this naughty boy made his escape.

Let's just say that this happened a few times and Pupi did not get the hint that femurs must stay in the cage. That bad boy had his bone taken away, and then he began harassing me while I was being Good Boy with my bone! This started an all-out barking war, and when mom came by to separate us I let out a little growl at her (oops) and promptly lost my femur bone privileges. I hate my brother! I blame it entirely on him! At least mom put the femurs in the fridge for more feasting later. My bratty brother better not cause any issues with me then! Or else... or else I'll mark over all of his territory! Ha!

Watch out for those siblings,


Ella Bean said...

Hi Stani,

Boy, your telling me. My big brother Louis is a MAJOR PAIN. Most of the time, I find him pretty fun, he is always up for a good chase around the apartment and he lets me tug on his ears like stuffies.

But this weekend, we were engaged in our usual banter when the big loser pinned me. He had me - I was squirming to get away and start our chasing over again and then he nipped my beautiful neck. HE DREW BLOOD. Of course, it was an accident, but he got in so much trouble! Heh heh.

Well, needless to say, he has been guilty ever since. He has been bringing stuffies and chewies to me and has made sure to clean my wound. I am planning on milking this for as long as possible. This morning, he even backed away from his breakfast and let me finish his meaty feast!

Siblings are such a pain.

Ella Bean

Maggie & Mitch said...

How cute that your ears are protected while you eat your yummy marrow bones! Does the marrow give you the runs? Mom pushes all of ours out and that's the best part! Please write and tell our mom that the marrow is just fine for us, okay, Stan?!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Mack said...

Siblings are the bane of my existence!

My bro Mack is a totally pain in the rear end! He gets me in trouble every day!!

PeeS: Did you get to wear the halo a little bit pretty Stani??


PeePeeS: Mom is taking me to PetSmart this Saturday to say "hi" to the lady from the Cocker Spaniel Rescue and brother is gonna have to stay home! bwahaaahaaha!!

Amber-Mae said...

What sneaky brudder you have there...Looks like your hoomans have got to get a taller cage. The video was funny! Liked the "boing" sound effect.

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Fenway said...

How did Pupi learn to be so brazen at such a young age???!!!! I am in awe.

Seriously, tell him that dogs, much like humans who play on sports teams, are liable to get traded if they underperform.

Your head wraps are even worse than the towel I have to wear at the dog shows to protect my newly groomed haunches.

Asta said...

You and pupi look so happy wif those cool bones..Mommi couldn't contain me which is one of the weasons I'm not on a waw diet..
I love the way youw eaws awe pwotected
love and smoochie kisses

Charlie Daniels said...

You have the best video soundtracks :-)



tadpole said...

Oh - do you wear your towel bonnets to protect your ear hair?! Don't give MY girl ideas!!! She keeps picking stuff out of my ears!

duo_disaster said...

...... still laughing!
Mummy's playing the 5th time now.

Girl Girl Hamster said...

You doggies look so eat to have your ears cover away while you eat. I hope Pupi is not in trouble..

~ Girl girl