Friday, July 11, 2008

Raw Food Diet, 165- It's Not My Fault

This morning mom already had her running gear on when she woke us up and let us out of our crates.  Before we knew it, Pupi and I were strapped into our harnesses, attached to a leash splitter and hooked onto the Freeleash.  We were starting our day with a fast hunt!  We had to move fast this morning to beat the rain clouds, so that meant that Pupi and I needed to cram all of our hunting in a zooming 3.5 miles.  Boy did we drive mom insane!  We couldn't focus.  We were zigging, zagging, slowing and sprinting.  Good thing our Freeleash has a bungee cord so mom's back didn't break from all of the tugging.  Usually mom makes us run really close together on the splitter because Pupi knows directional commands and he keeps me in line and makes sure I stay focused, but this time we were both disobedient and it wasn't our fault.  
It's baby bunny season!  We have to run through the public gardens to get to the jogging trail, and that makes for some seriously awesome bunny and squirrel hunting.  It would be a shame for us to miss out on any fuzzy critter that might be good for chasing (and feasting!) so we scour the territory and make it a point to yelp and scream in unusually high-pitched voices whenever we find one!  Mom doesn't mind dragging us away howling and scratching at the ground.  It's an upper-body workout for her!  And besides, those wee rabbits are teasing us, and so it's not our fault that we get so excited.

We got breakfast when we came home and it was a tasty feast of ground pork and yogurt.  Mom then retreated to her office to start work while Pupi thrashed his SingingChristmasTreeMouseToy and I pooped in the kitchen.  It's not my fault!  My metabolism is already in high gear and then you add a metabolic-boosting run to my day?  And then you feed me??  Breakfast had to make its way out 10 minutes after feasting, and what am I to do about it?  Sometimes it sneaks up on me, and there isn't enough time to ask to go out.  Just be glad I didn't clean up the mess for you this time, but as for making the mess... seriously, mom.  That was your fault.  You should know better.

After exercise and feasting, Pupi and I usually wind up a little wired for 30 minutes or so, and to keep us from driving her even crazier, mom put us in our feasting cages and gave us our bison bones to work on.
As you can see, we've worked our bones pretty clean and there really isn't much left to them.  After a couple of minutes we got sick of them so Pupi escaped from his cage (without his bone this time) and put himself in bed for some morning nappies.  I whined from the cage until mom let me out and then it was sleepies time for me too.  We were too tired to care when we saw mom tossing our marrow(less) bones into the garbage.  They were getting a tad stinky which I know the humans dislike.  She also began wiping down our feasting floor cover and folding up our feasting cages.  Mom loves our feasting cages because they're easy to clean, they can be built in any shape and size as it breaks into 6 small pieces, and when it's not being used it folds flat.  I love to see the cage put together, but I HATE it when she's taking it apart!  All I see are big pieces of cage folding and hear snapping sounds as it clicks into place and it really scares me!  I turned on my heals and leapt into the human sleeping crate to hide.  

Mom got angry because I was super dirty from running on post-thunder-storm mud and swimming in Lake Michigan, and I had hurdled my stinky wet self onto her clean, fresh pillow.  Not my fault!  That cage thing scares me!  I had to run to a safe spot to save my young life!  If only she understood.  I'm an innocent, angelic boy.

So that's been all for today so far.  I've calmed down and plan to pass out on the carpet at least until lunch time.  My belly is full, my body is tired, and my mind is certain that the next naughty thing that happens will certainly not be my fault.



Ella Bean said...

My Snoozley Stani,

You couldn't be more beastly if you tried. I am in puppy love. I can't help it!

Louis and I had a similar morning to you with morning hunting and feastings. And Louis wants me to tell you that right where North Avenue meets Lake Shore Drive, between Astor and State, there is a HUGE house with a HUGE yard and there are gazillions of bunnies. At least that was the case last year.

Oh well, happy snoozles, I am off to get my snoozles on too!

Ella Bean

Hero said...

There are tons of bunnies on my island, but besides sniffing out their burrows I don't have much interest in chasing after them. My mom encourages me to give it a try, but I prefer to chase things with wings. Maybe Azorean bunnies aren't as teasing as the Chicago variety?

Fenway said...

I've got Beatrix Potter Land right here in my yard.

Mama Bunnies, Big Papa Thumpers and Sleepy Little Baby Buns. They stand very still when they sense my prey radar engaging. So far, no feast-in-the-wild, cause there's either a pane of glass in front of me or I am on a leash. One day, I promise you, I will score my own raw food diet.

I also gifted Human Ma with some leftovers (read the blog to read the sad tale). I am ashamed.

Your mom and mine have the same routine with the gated community so they can think and clack on the computer....

Clover said...

Baby bunnies! That would make for an interesting run for your mom!
Have a great weekend!
Love Clover xo

Charlie Daniels said...

I have never seen a bunny ;-( Please chase one for me?



Mack said...

Hi Pretty Stani!
Paris here!
What fun you must have on your walkies with momma. We haven't had many lately cause its too hot.
Hey, Mom is taking me to PetSmart today to say hi to the Cocker Rescue lady that use to foster me. I'll tell her hi for you, okay?

Maggie & Mitch said...

Those nutty bunnies are running all over our yard too, Stan!
That's the most angelic photo we've ever seen! You sure look innocent to us!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Petra said...

Innocent of all accounts! Of course you are, Stanley!

I have a bunny who lives right under my deck. Right under me! I try to visit him and sometimes I get to chase him around my yard. He's a fast runner!

The Zoo Crew said...

I never get to see any baby bunnies on my walks. But I do get to see Sprint, the neighborhood pet duck, going for his morning walks :)