Thursday, July 31, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 184- Treats, Please!

During her lunch break yesterday, mom took me on a quick obedience walk to work on my anxiety problem and my manners. We strolled down to the Place of Treats and Toys and picked up some Companion Natural Pet Food freeze-dried salmon treats. They are a little cork-like and a little spongy, and they are mighty mighty tasty. There's nothing in them but salmon so they're like the transportable version of my raw feasts. They look like this:
They make me smile like this:
They smell so strongly like fishy goodness that my eyes bugged out when mom first opened the package. She broke some up into training-sized bits and gave Pupi and me taste tests.

Holy fishies. These were SO GOOD. I became possessed by the feast and actually barked at mom for more... a big Naughty in our home. Pupi was sitting nicely and so he got another treat, and when I witnessed this favoritism there was only one thing that I knew I had to do: copy him. Totally worth it. Scored another bit of deliciousness.

On the website for the treat, mom came across a picture of their freeze dried green tripe snack patties. Ooohooo! Gotta get me some of those! But mom said No because those salmon treats made her hands stink like fish all day, and she doesn't even want to imagine what the tripe treats would do. This confused me. Why not use them as perfume? She'd be the most popular human at the bark park!

If you get anything dehydrated, mom warns against feeding too much in one go. On the web page for the tripe, it says that 4 oz of the freeze dried stuff is equal to 1 lb of the real thing. This stuff expands when in water... and stomach juices. Big Pupi and our pal Fenway learned this the hard way when feasting on some dehydrated liver treats during agility class. Oops. Despite what the side effects may be, it sure sounds tasty to me!

Dehydrated feasting,


Hero said...

Sounds super tastey! I had salmon last night for dinner, but mine wasn't dehydrated. It's really difficult for my mom to find treats that I'm interested in eating so she might have to look into this dehydrated stuff.

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Ooh...those salmon treats look and sound paw-licking good! It's very sad we don't get those goodies here...*pouts* I want to live where you live, Stan!


Fenway said...

The ever expanding liver treats. Stan—they expanded right out my hinders and in huge blasts. At one point I even farted like a human.

Sooooo......Ms. Alpha is on an obedience/training tirade. She's using my meal kibble, Solid Gold Hundenflocken, as training treats. Which means that I eat my breakfast and dinner on the go. But I'm now fixated on Ms. Alpha and even chose to do my Good Walking over a dog that was strolling by about a 100 feet away. This is considered a huge breakthrough.

I've got to look for those salmon tasties! I get the salmon oil pumped on my food every morning and it's real nice a stinky.

Ella Bean said...


Your mom sounds pretty cool! Even though she won't get you freeze dried tripe, you get the real thing, which in my opinion, is even better!!

My mom says your mom would probably really enjoy the book she wrote about, Dog Body, Dog Mind - but I have to warn you, I tried to nibble on it and it tasted pretty bad. I don't know whats up with moms avoiding yummy smells and spending time with tasteless paper things...Oh well.

Personally, I really like freeze dried chicken breast. It makes me wag my little tail, which I don't do often!

While on vacation, my great aunt let me try some anchovies! Super stinky and YUMMY! I highly reccomend it. Enjoy those salmon tasties!


Ella Bean

Clover said...

Oh! Fishy treats are delicious!! My mom is threatening not to give me any of my salmon treats anymore because she said they make me stinky. :(
Love Clover xo

Maggie and Mitch said...

We're still waiting for mom to open up our salmon treats from Kirby! We're guessing she won't be snitching any of these from us! haha

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Amber-Mae said...

Oooh, I love the smell of Salmon treats! They smell mighty fishy that my hoomans can't take it. Note: Mommy tends to vomit when she smells the Salmon Oil for some weird reason. I think it smells great!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Mack said...

Hi Stani..
I've been meaning to ask you this question....
Is there any chance I may become Mrs. Slaw one day?
Woof ya,

Petra said...

Oh, Stani! A proposal from Paris Rains! That's even better than salmon treats!

I can't wait to hear your answer.

Petey said...

Hi Stani!

Just came from Jackson's blog and wanted to thank you for all the advise you've left for the Js. Most of us can only offer positive energy and prayers, but you are providing them with actionable suggestions that could make a huge difference. You're making Mommy and I feel a lot less helpless!

Your pal,