Thursday, July 24, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 178- First Flight

Hello bloggerinis.  Don't Big Pupi and I look handsome?
Just kidding.  That's our aunt and uncle (cousins?) Jake and Paisley.  I know... the four of us would make quite a troop marching our way through downtown!  But I've actually never met them since they live a few days of riding in the puke-mobile away.  I've only heard stories.  One of these stories, as fate may have it, is about raw feasting.

My grandhumans put Jake and Paisley on the raw diet shortly after Pupi and I started to notice all of the health benefits from fresh feasting.  They eat mostly a pre-made ground raw diet, but this past weekend they got to chow down on their first bone-crunching chicken wing!  Jake, who is normally the speed-feaster, oh-so carefully chewed his wing into tiny portions and broke it to bits before sending them down to his tummy.  Paisley, on the other hand, stood there frozen with her eyes moving wildly, with a nice juicy wing waving goodbye from her jaws.  She wouldn't eat it!  She also didn't want anyone to take it.  She watched Jake make his way slowly through his meaty deliciousness, but she remained statuesque with only the occasional glance in her brother's direction.  Thinking that she would eventually feel the beast inside and go to town on the wing, her humans let her be.  They thought wrong.  She remained unmoved and drooling, with an in-tact wing still dangling from her lips.  It wasn't until her mom came and grabbed hold of the protruding wing that Paisley began to fight for it.  She began to tug at the meat and chew on the bone and before she knew it she was feasting!  There was no turning back once those tasty juices hit her tongue!  Paisley pulverized the bone within the wing, and then swallowed the gelatin-like bit of bird whole.  It was gone in a belch!  

Jake and Paisley were totally fine after the their first bone-in meal.  They wrestled with joy for the remainder of the morning and then ended the day with some tasty ground beef.  Yum!  This bone crunching will help to clean years of kibble yuckiness that has built up on their teeth.  It sure worked for Pupi who was about 4 months away from scheduling a teeth cleaning at the Place of Tile and Steel.  Now he has sparkling white choppers!  In other news, Jake's stinkhead has magically disappeared, just like mine did!  He even had it way worse than me, and after being fed raw he no longer has that "doggy smell" that would get on the humans' hands and clothes.  It's been a few months since Jake and Paisley made the switch from kibble to raw, and they've both kept a healthy, lean weight, have not had one single ear infection, suffer from no allergies, and are full of energy and a love of the feast.  Now that's tasty news!

Talking about tasty news, I have discovered a new talent.  I can catch birds!  I got myself a juicy little house sparrow while out for a walk with dad last week.  I am a master hunter!
Mom is not too thrilled, however, and I just can't imagine why.  I can provide for our family!  In the true spirit of all things Stanislaw, this new-found ability has become an overwhelming obsession (add it to the list!) and now I only want to hunt birds whenever I'm outside.  And they're everywhere!  It's so great.  I'm so focused on bird hunting that I forget to do my Good Boy in the Good Boy Spot, and since I've been getting pretty good at avoiding Good Boy in the apartment, I wind up not going at all.  In fact, I held it for over 12 hours yesterday because I couldn't get myself to focus and was forced to mom before dawn with one serious potty emergency.  She was so happy to see my smiling face!  But man, I barely made it outside before I exploded with weebles.  It was some excellent territory marking.  Sometimes not even I can believe my own beastliness.  

Catch birds & mark territory,

Big Pupi has a request:

If you've been reading our blog for a while now, you probably know that Stanislaw has some.... um.... mental issues.  He is indeed a special boy.  He's prone to developing obsessive behaviors that control him to the point that he can't even focus long enough to lift a leg.  While he's improved dramatically and has lost most of the compulsions and ticks that he had when first adopted, he will still develop new obsessions and still suffers from generalized anxiety when away from his home and familiar territory.  We've been working with his "therapist" to help him get over his anxiety problems, but it's been slow going - especially when it comes to his screaming about town!  Well, mom has emailed his therapist about his new bird hunting obsession, but I was hoping to get some advice from my fellow dog bloggers!  Anyone have any ideas how to get Stanislaw out of these habits?  My humans try to treat and distract but absolutely nothing breaks though.  And if feasts don't get through to Stanley, you know that you've got one major obsession issue on your paws.  He loves the thrill of the hunt!

Thanks guys!

The obedient son,
Big Pupi


Hero said...

I'm so happy that you finally discovered the thrill of chasing birds, Stan! That is what us spaniels are specialists at. However, it seems as if you've taken this new love a tad too far. I kind of went a little mad when I first discovered birds too, but mom taught me to sit and wait for permission before flushing them. I don't know if that would work for a rebel beast like you though. I'm such a mama's boy so it was kind of easy to cure me of my madness. It's also not so nice to kill the birds. If you let the birds live then you can get near unlimited chases, which is the best part when hunting.

Fenway said...

Reading that post took me back to my breakfast banquet. I crunched on a massive thigh that evidently came off a body building chicken. Yum-O, as Rachel Raye would say. Added to this was a half cup of my special Solid Gold Hundenflocken kibble. This is human-grade stuff and Ms. Alpha thinks it's important to make sure my growing massiveness gets all the vitamins and minerals it needs. The bowl was topped off by a scoop of Nupro...again with the minerals and Omega-3's for my patent leather coat shine.

Sorry to hear about Stan's "issues". I am stumped. Are these habits connected with anxiety? If so, you could try one of those Soothing Wraps that help fraidy-cats settle down. We've seen 'em around the 4th of July—they helped some of the noise sensitive doggies get thru the holiday.

If all else fails, can you put a bag over his head when he goes out? hahahha (I should talk...I am hot-wired to herd anything with a heartbeat)

Fenway said...

Stan--Congrats on your new neckwear. I was on my way to Bad Boy Land and Ms. Alpha landed one of those prong collars. She was against it at first, too, but then Sweet Jane—Master Sergeant-Dog-Trainer—said I NEEDED one (it was deemed that I was "desensitized" to the choke chain).

The prong rocked my world. All of a sudden I got Ms. Alpha's signals about how she wanted me to walk, heel, stop, etc. She just flicks the leash slightly (almost like a horse's reins) to send a signal to the prong collar and I listen up and be Have. It's like the lines of communication are suddenly open!

If I'm being a total freak over a squirrel, she pops the leash but good to get my dwindling attention.

Trust me, Stan. We've recommended this awesome collar to many errant doggies. You will like gives massive STREET CRED, too. People who see you in it will assume you are a total bada$$!!!

Charlie Daniels said...

Sorry I can't be of any help .. I'm still a learner myself!



Mack said...

That Paisley is one lovely lady!

Paris has OCD too. Mom brought us three pooches back some delicious beef kneecaps from the dog show and Paris goes NUTS anytime anybody goes near her when she's chewing on hers. Dad says she has a screw or two loose.

Pupi if you find out how to calm Stani please let my mom know!!

See ya,

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

That's so funny that you held on for 12 hours! I can't possibly do that,I think...the most I can hold was 4 hours, after which it's 'accident'-time....=X

Sorry I can't help with the screaming...I scream a lot too. Mom has it up to her head about making me quiet when we go out,coz I keep screaming at everything and anything that comes my way...I don't bite or show my snarly face though. I just love to bark,but people don't get it. I'm quite loving,actually...=P If you get any good advice, please do post it on your blog!


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh Jake and Paisley sure look like you doggies. It'll be fun for 4 of you to take a picture. :)

~ Girl girl

Amber-Mae said...

Wow! Your Aunt & Uncle (maybe cousins???) look exactly like you both!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Fenway said...


You said once that your mom is a graphic designer, too. I'm sure account execs are the bane of her existence. Over the years, they almost caused Ms. Alpha to want to hang by her fingernails.

Please ask your mom to watch this movie. We get our revenge,