Friday, August 1, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 185- Bark Park Extravaganza

Mom actually remembered to bring her camera to the bark park yesterday morning, and so we got lots of photos of what we like to do when leash-less and beast-full.  

Check out territory.  Mark as necessary.

I'm a heavenly boy.  See my rays of light?  That's the reflection from my halo.

Every morning that we're at the park those Border Collie dogs are there.  They used to annoy me very much because they cramped my bark park style, but now I've come to really enjoy them.  They make for some sweet games of chase, and since I totally dig being chased their herding instincts have come in handy.  I make some hairpin turns and they're not able to stop me.  Instead they have to chase me around the park!
Shall we?

Seriously dude.  Herd me.  I dare ya.

I've been working on my "Border Collie Stare."


I'm so much faster and beastlier than my brother.

Big Pupi loooves to play fetch.

He actually brings the ball back to the humans!  Sucker!

As for me, I'm all about the....


Icy cold water on my belly!
I ate a beetle on our way into the park, and I made sure to throw it up in my pool!
(Mom didn't get a picture of that.  Believe me - it was awesome.)

I'll even share my pool, but Big Pupi likes to weebles in it so mom kept having to dump it out.

Once I'm cooled off, running is super fun.  So is obeying mom when she makes me Come Sit because I get feasting treats!

Gravity's got nothing on me.

Beasts on the loose!

We worked our manly muscles and sprinted for quite a while before mom made us walk home.  I whined a bit when we left because I love the park so much, but I knew it was time for some breakfeast because my kiddie pool-chilled belly had started to rumble.  We feasted, we had our 30 minutes of zoomies, then I passed out and didn't wake again until lunch time.  Ah.  Park days are the coolest.

Cold water on my belly,
Feasts inside my belly,
Please rub my belly.



Paris said...

What a beasty poet you are!!

That park looks like so much fun - I wish I was there with you to romp and play (I might let you have all the pool fun though!)


Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Omigosh! That is one fabulous bark park you got there, Stan! Love the pictures...=) Your Mom has killer photography skills! And you make me yearn for a kiddie pool too...what with our hot and humid weather all year round, I think it's a MUST, don't you? =P

Thanks for the link! Mom still wants to try raw though,coz it seems easier and she says she is a lousy cook! Haha! She says it's not really a problem of getting the meats (Do pork, chicken, beef, lamb, duck count as variety?) but just the digestive enzymes. She found probiotics at the vet place, so she will probably ask the vet if they carry those enzymes as well...=)


Niamh said...


You look like an amazingly fast runner. I'd love to play chase with you in the dog park. Unfortunately I just got spayed so no dog park, no chasing and no swimming for 10 days. Life is going to be very boring.

Glad you and Big Pupi had such a fun morning.

Your friend.

River said...

What fun! Good thing you like to be herded if you're going to see those BC every time you go. Pool looks cool. I need one of those.

love & wags,

Fenway said...

That border collie is the most awesomely spotted beast I've ever seen! We ARE great fun, aren't we? I'm glad you got in synch with how we play and I promise you will get a run for your money.

Fabulous pics, Stan. The bark park is surely one of the finest facilities around and it looks like a canine Olympic Village. Wash DC is NOT as dog friendly. Surely you have someone in City Hall on the payroll who is a Beast Ombudsman.

Geez, you two are SMILERS!!!!

Me? I am howling with grief over Manny this am.

Petra said...

What wonderful pictures; I felt like I was at the park with you! I love the one where you're marking your territory, Stanislaw.

You guys have a pawsome park!

Eduardo said...

OMD Stan! I love your blog! What a great park! Y'all look like you have a lot of fun!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

FleasGang said...

Wow! That park is HUGE. It has everything a pup could ask for - kiddie pool, border collies, wild game (beetles), and clean air. We don't have anything like that around here :-( And our favorite pic out of the group is the one where you and Big Pupi are letting these collies chase you around. Those big flapping ears are awesome! Or as you might say, beastly.

The FleasGang

Paris said...

Oh Stani,
Thank you so much for the promise collar! I love it!
I am in no hurry to tie the chew toy knot. I will wait furever for you!!

PS: We LOVE pierogies around here!

Fenway said...

I just noticed...

Did you and the border collie go coat shopping together?

Charlie Daniels said...

Yeah I don't understand that whole ball thing ... if it's such a good ball .. why do they keep throwing it away?



Jackson said...

Hello Stanislaw, thank you for visiting my blog and for all your helpful ideas on how to beat this tumour. Your kind words really mean a lot to me and the Js. J x

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

I rub your belly belly!
You had a lot of fun in the park, didn't you?
Oh I like the purple kiddie pool.

tad said...

Whoa - how awesome! I love the dog park too, but I'm a little more reserved than you are....

I like to play fetch like Big Pupi, but I don't bring it back. I just make pee-pee on it so the next human/pup can have some of my hairless juices on them!