Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Moving Movie

For my buddy Beckett~

Big Pupi and I were super helpful when we moved with our humans last October.  In fact, my humans made a little video to remember the specialness of the occasion.  Packing is super fun because there's a lot of ripping and unwrapping to do, and masking tape makes a tasty chew toy.

Good luck with your move!


Ellen & Beckett said...

Hey Stan,

I think your humans are still having trouble with the video. I'll wait patiently for your sage advice.


PS - I added your link to my blog too.

Beckett said...

Yet more proof that our humans would be totally lost without us. I hope they at least thanked you for your hard work!

I particularly like to chew on my mom's sewing scissors. They're delicious.


Mack said...

Good job guys!

Were you good in the car on the way to your new place???

Oh, Paris saw the video and we had to get the smelling salts out!

duo_disaster said...

Aww! You guys were of GREAT help!
Mummy was complaining away when she watch the v.clip -- wondering why didnt we helped her during our move. Instead we were lying around watching people come and go.

Luv your blog!
Rudolf & Goofy