Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 114- We Need Sox Fans!

Big Pupi is calling all Red Sox Fans!
Hey guys!  I'm taking over Stanley's blog for today to let you all in on a little game I'm playing with Mackenzie, the Yankees pup.  As some of you may already know, I am a HUGE Red Sox fan (just like my dad), and I keep a blog on the MLB page all about the game of baseball from a dog's point of view.  Well, this Mackenzie has challenged me to put everything I've got into my team and make a wager...

It's the Yankees versus the Red Sox.  Both teams play in the American League and only one team can make it to the top of the AL East in September.  We each need our fellow baseball dogs to sign up and pledge their allegiance to either the Red Sox or the Yankees.  When the AL East winner is determined, the losing team of pups must post pictures of themselves wearing the opposite team's gear.  Oh the horror!  That means I'll have to take off my rally gear and put on a Yankees cap!
All you need is a dog with a blog and some serious love for your team.  If you'd like to participate, please post a comment here or on my MLB blog.  State your name, link to your blog, and of course - you must let us know if you're a Red Sox or Yankees fan!

This can be a great way to gain some blog readers, make some new dog buddies, and have a good laugh when your team wins and there are lots of angry pups donning your team's gear.  We'll follow-up in June with an update and some more info for you all.  And if you know of a dog baseball fan out there, feel free to let them in on the game!  The more pups the better.

And don't forget... baseball games are an excellent feasting opportunity!

Stanislaw has to make a quick note:
Holy guacamole humans!  Can we PLEEEEEASE move here?  It's an apartment/condo building developed by Amacon, that includes a dog park on the 8th floor along with a bathing station and park benches for owners to kick back and watch their pups play.  
If only I knew where it was so that I could mark it and call it my own...


Fenway said...

I think you know my position on this Red Sox-Yankees I REALLY NEED TO STATE MY ALLEGIENCE?

Love the tee shirt. I want to get one of those A-Rod Sux (you know who's you know what). These are definitely not MLB sanctioned shirts!

Mr. and Ms. Alpha think this is a disgraceful idea and I shouldn't get down in the gutter. Hmmmf. That's where ALL the interesting things are.

Mack said...

Hi Stani!

I'll ask my mom if you and I can move into one of those fancy apartments with the built in dog park. Sweeeet!

Your Paris

Petra said...

Hi Stanislaw! Thanks for visiting my blog. You sound like one energetic and interesting pup!

I am a proud CHICAGO CUBS fan, so does that count in the game you're playing?

Maggie & Mitch said...

So you're Stanislaw! We were just at Mack's blog and we needed to know who Paris was fainting over! YUP! You're a cutie for sure!
BTW, we're RedSox fans!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Chris & Mackenzie said...


Just wanted to introduce ourselves, Chris & Mackenzie here. We're representing the Yanks, yes even as we sit over seven games back. It should be an interesting season!

Love that condo, too. Our kinda place!



Tadpole said...

Oh my new friend.... To tell you the truth, I don't care WHO wins the AL Championship. Whoever it is will LOSE to the CUBS in the WORLD SERIES!!! THIS IS OUR YEAR!!!!!

Sorry, I get a tad bit excited when I talk about the CUBS and end up talking in ALL CAPS!!!!! GO CUBS!

Niamh said...

Big Pupi,

I'm a Mets fan. My person never lets me watch AL games but I'd root for the Sox over those Yankees any day.

Your friend,