Monday, May 12, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 105- Searching for Deliciousness

Some of the search terms people type into Google to find my blog are pretty hilarious.  I picked my top 10 favorites for the past few weeks.  Check them out, with my comments:

1. did Jesus ever eat buffalo wings 
(A spicy buffalo wing Communion.  That's my kind of church.)

2. my cocker spaniel stinks
(I stink too!)

3. why is it not good to stretch after you eat
(You got me on that one.)

4. must I clean a chow chow's anal gland
(If it's so bad you're searching about it, my guess is... yes.)

5. eat raw lizard
(With a dash of salt and some garlic.)

6. i got raw meat in a cut
(Suck the tasty juices out of there!)

7. what to do after eating raw beef
(Party, of course!)

8. man only eats raw meat
(This guy sounds awesome.)

9. compulsively eating raw meat
(My blog should come up first for this one.)

10. recipe chicken feet paws
(If your chickens have paws, perhaps that should be #1 on your search list before you try to find tasty ways to cook those birds.)

Can you believe that people typed in those terms and came to my blog?  I bet they were thrilled with their new discovery!  (So what if my blog doesn't actually answer their questions...)

Keep searching,


Mack said...

I typed in "Handsome Cocker Spaniel" and it took me right to your blog!!


Your lady,

Fenway said...

I eat raw, too. This morning I ate bunny rabbit for the first time. It was topped with Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil.

Some days, the humans swear my food costs more than their's, but that's the way of the world.

Gotta get me some o' them hen feet!

Fenway said...

Believe me, I have the deer scat area imprinted on my brain and fully intend to feast the next time their backs are turned.

At least I got to roll in it and Lugo'ed up the house for a while.

Raw Food Diet = Muchos dineros
Fecal Feast in the Wild = Free & Priceless

tadpole said...

Stanislaw! I found you through Mack's blog - and the lovely Paris Rain :-)

I wish I wish I WISH I could eat raw meat. I'm having a serious jealousy issue while reading through your blog. But I have an angry pancreas that gets upset when I eat yummy things like that. *sigh* However, I did see your DELICIOUS BABY CARROT VIDEO! Baby carrots are the only things I can eat besides prescription food and I LOVE them! I'm going to link to you, if you don't mind... anyone who's friends with Macky and Paris and eats baby carrots is GOOD in my book!

Walking By Faith said...


That is my favorite thing about the sitemeter, it enables me to know what people are googling, so I know what kind of info people would like to read about. 99% of our googles are epilepsy related.

Mine haven't been as funny as yours, lol!


Lindsey said...

LOL! Thanks for the laugh. I've got to get one of those sitemeters :)