Thursday, April 24, 2008


Big Pupi's response to all these emails from fellow raw-feasters regarding your anger at the fact that we ate cooked eggs and grains:

You have lost sight of what really matters.

There is no such thing as a diet that suits every single individual out there.  Take my mom for example.  She has a gluten intolerance and cannot eat wheat, rye, oats, barley, or anything that contains a derivative of those grains.  Chances are, your human's diet would make her ill.  She also loves peanuts, almonds, cashews, seeds and everything in between, but if your human has a nut or peanut allergy, then that would be deadly.  

But they're all humans, so they should eat the same thing!

That's a preposterous thing to say.  And saying that about dogs is equally as wrong.  There are a million and a half ways for us dogs to be fed, and each of us needs something a little different from the next.  I, Big Pupi, cannot eat any corn, soy, wheat, whey, shellfish or preservatives.  Stanislaw is allergic to sweet potato, possibly rabbit, and has issues with certain grains.  Our humans are always in the process of discovering what foods work well for the both of us, and the list of needs is always changing.

Let's take a look at my friend Henry.  He suffers from epilepsy.  While a raw diet has helped many dogs with the condition, Henry is not faring well and his humans are researching an alternative.  And that's okay.  All that matters is that he's loved and they're doing their very very best to keep him healthy.

We raw feasters can sometimes be too dogmatic.  We have seen and felt the benefits of the diet and can err on the side of rudeness while pushing it onto others.  We must keep in mind that it's not the end-all and be-all of diets out there.  A cooked diet may be the best for this dog, a kibble/raw food mix diet might be the best for that dog.  We just have to keep in mind that we all have the same goal, and that is to be as healthy as possible.  We should support each other in our efforts -- regardless of the route we take to get there. And we need to keep sight of the fact that our humans are doing their best for us because they love us and are so willing to go out of their way to make sure we have the best care possible. So I'm thankful for my healthy food, whether it's raw or cooked or otherwise.  And you should be thankful too.  We are a very fortunate, very loved bunch. 

And that's what matters.


Walking By Faith said...

Thank you, I am sorry you got such an offensive comment, but I want you to know, your words here were comforting to me.

Yes, I certainly am doing the best I can for Henry, and while some might disagree with how I feed him or medicate him or etc., I am the one who lays with him as he seizes, and the one who watches him suffer so horribly, and I am the one he nuzzles up to when he is scared. I love Henry so much, and I will always do the best I can by HIM, and not by he opinions of others.

Henry says yes indeed, we are a very fortunate and loved bunch! =D

Both Stanislaw and Henry, being rescues, have come a long long ways!

Thank you for this blog entry, it was what I needed to hear, and brought me comfort.

Hilary, Louis & Ella Bean said...

Big Pupi,

Thank you for your post on the differing needs of all dogs and humans.

As dog lovers, we need not to prescribe to a mentality of how to care for our pets only to thrust it, unwanted, on other dogs and their people.

Being single minded, no matter what the intention, is defeats any well meaning.

Every dog and person IS so different and we all must respect each others differences and offer our support to each other without judgement.

Louis, Ella Bean and I hopeful that all dog lovers will unite in our support for the ultimate 'doggie' goals: care, nutrition, education and most important, love!!!

Don't judge another dog or his people. There are so many better ways to spend your time!

wildcatsthree said...

very well put Big Puppi! Raw food is very beneficial to dogs, but I don't see anything wrong with giving a dog cooked eggs or whatever the owner feels is appropriate for their particular dog's needs. We give Abby and Rosie bits of cooked eggs also. Sometimes raw food enthusiasts can be a bit pushy, though well intentioned. I personally feed my dogs and cats an all natural kibble in the morning, and the raw food mix in the afternoon, and I have heard some adverse comments that I should be doing all raw. It's a personal choice. Thanks for posting about this.